Super 8 Trailer Review

It looks like someone over at Film Popper (as well as some other movie sites, as I've now confirmed) has seen the Super 8 trailer and has a pretty nice rundown of it... and honestly, it sounds pretty freakin cool.

The trailer starts with a black screen, that says Steven Spielberg is the producer. Then a small written narrative begins that reads something like this. “In 1970 [editor note: actually 1979 according to other sources] Area 51 was closed down and everything was shipped to an undisclosed location in Ohio”. Then you see a train carrying lots of cargo loads. Cut to a car driving down the road that jumps up on the tracks and heads straight toward the train. Cut to black screen and then the words “From Director J.J. Abrams”. Then back to the train and car colliding into each other, the the train derails, the camera slowly zooms in on one of the tipped over cargo cars of the derailed train, then something is punching on the walls inside the train cart trying to escape. Cut to black screen and then the title ”Super 8“. [editor note: actual text reads "Next Summer. It Arrives.... Super 8"]

So it looks like this is the announced collaboration between Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams that was announced last week. It also looks like it has nothing to do with Cloverfield as first rumored, which is totally fine by me because this sounds just as cool.

Thanks again to Yiddleja for posting this in the comments and keep this page bookmarked for more news regarding this project.


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11 Responses to “Super 8 Trailer Review”

  1. engel says:

    Sounds like it could be really good, just too bad its not connected to Cloverfield.

  2. Jayden says:

    So i took the whole day off and looked at your other site Cloverfield News. I think you did an awersome job searching for clues, treasure hunting etc. I wish i knew about this whole on line thing when Cloverfield was about to be realease, as i am told i get a lot of ideas off mysteries. I hope this movie has a treasure hunt vibe to it, so i can participate! Either way i have this site favourited and will be stoping by to check it out now and then so goodluck!

  3. Sal says:

    Im glad Im not late to get on this train! I was a bit late on Cloverfield and Im glad I got found out about it!

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  5. sj25 says:

    Its possible that this is a movie based on a true story. After all there are storys about How much of the elements of Close encounters by stephne speilberg were based on true events so its possible with his insights on some of the facts him and Abrams may have on another true story or varient of the true story. If your curious about what Close encounters are based on search Project Serpo.

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