Are We Seeing Things Now?

I know, I know, there's probably nothing there and it's our eyes playing tricks on us, but like I've said before this is all part of the fun. With that being said, take a look at the image above (you can click on it to make it larger) and tell me what you see, then read on... (I don't want my observations making you see something you wouldn't have otherwise).

Ok, now for what I'm seeing in this picture.... On the left side of the lens it looks like an upside down train car, probably from the collision in the trailer. If not a train car, it's definitely something mechanical. Now on the bottom middle to right of the image it looks like either another train car on it's side or a crate of some sort and in the very middle what could be a creature (maybe not the creature) coming out of it. The only reason I say that is because everything else in the shot looks very mechanical or possibly wooden (if it's a crate) where as the object in the middle looks way more organic with a slightly redish color to it. The rest of the image has no color, so it's clearly something different than those objects.  At first I also thought that the two little things to the right of the "redish" object were possible limbs, but after looking at it more I think they are just scratches on the camera lens, but either way, creature or not, the "redish" object is not part of the rest of the objects in the image.

Update: And of course now after starring at it for even longer it looks like the "redish" thing could just be a bent up pole of some sort, as it appears that it may connect to the beam that goes out to the right on the far end of what I thought was a boxcar/crate (I outlined it in white here). So I think we may just be looking at the wreckage of the train crash and not any sort of creature or anything. Oh well, it still makes for good discussion/arguing.

Thanks scoharris in the Forum for the screenshot.

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  1. joe momma says:

    anyone have any ideas to y that pickup truck speeds onto the train tracks n drives into the train to deliberately derail it? weve seen objects being perhaps telepathically moved in newer commercials. maybe alien took control of vehicle? just as it was able to spin open the train door lock from the outside?

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