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It didn't take long for those guys over at unfiction to rip this new HD trailer to shreds to see what they could find. And seeing as how there's a lot of information flying around now I'm going to try to keep all analysis of the trailer to one post, this one. Hopefully it doesn't get too long and drawn out, but I know I'm not the only one that doesn't want all this information spread out into multiple posts, so here we go.

First I want to start off with the screenshot at the top of the post, this is the debris field after the train has crashed. There are a few interesting things to note here, the first being the numbers/letters on the box on the left. rempas over at unfiction blew up the lettering for us so we could read it and they believe it says "AN/TTQ-1" which is:

AN/TTQ-1. (Army Navy/Transportable Tracing Equipment) from surplus stock. It was a portable equipment for air defense centers, used during World War II as the basic elements of the prominent mobile search command centers. It was then field-rate and robust built using particular equipment crates.

The second set of numbers appears on the bent pole on the right side of the screenshot. Those are a lot harder to make out and to me it looks like 21470?4 (the ? meaning I can't make it out, not that it's a question mark). Not sure what those numbers mean or if they mean anything at all.

This next shot is of the box car containing the creature that is trying to escape. What's interesting here is that it says "Bonham" on the lower left side. There were a few things I could find regarding a "Bonham" and the Air Force. One is a Missile Range Facility located in Hawaii (source) and the other is a town in Texas (Thanks AzureWolf and kosmopol for this information). The base in Hawaii was turned over to the Navy in 1964, well before our 1979 timeline for the trailer and it was located in Hawaii, so I'm not sure there's much of a connection there. However, the city of Bonham, TX is located right near Perrin Air Force Base, but it was closed in 1971 so I'm not really sure where to go from here.

And finally we have a nice clear shot of the license plate of our train crashing truck. The license plate appears to be an Ohio plate with the numbers "E 6425K". Seeing as how it's an Ohio plate this could mean that our train crash took place on the last leg of it's journey from Area 51 to Ohio. AzureWolf over at unfiction figured out this little bit of information from here:

"These baseplates were used from the end of 1975 through the end of 1980. These were the last Ohio plates to use the complex numbering system and county codes that had been in place since the mid-30's."

The black stub in the corner is the separate month and year sticker which they began issuing in 1980.

And Degravedi chimed in with a possible county for the plates: Summit, based on the formatting of county codes over here.

Also, the radio transmissions heard at the beginning of the trailer were deciphered by Wesley in the comments earlier (and Steve a little later) to say:

“Groom Lake One, Wright-Patt (something) [SITREP?] ETA. Over.”
“Wright-Patt, Groom Lake One actual. Cargo intact, ETA on schedule.”
“Copy Groom Lake One, expect your..OH MY GOD.”

Wright-Patt refers to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, which is apparently where this train was headed. Groom Lake One is apparently the code name of the train. And Groom Lake is actually located near the Area 51 base which isn't much of a surprise since that's where the train is coming from. And SITREP stands for "Situation Report".

James B. sent over the screenshot above and outlined what looks like a PDP-11 Computer Terminal, which is the computer that we are remotely accessing on the website. If you look at google images you'll see that the full PDP-11 looks like it has a huge computing unit that is also part of it, but there is also a separate terminal with keyboard that resembles what we see in the picture above. There could also be another computer in the foreground on the right, looks to be the same type of computer, whether they are the PDP-11 or not...

So I'm really not sure what to make of all of this right now, they could be clues or they could just be insane attention to detail, which we all know J.J. Abrams is known for.

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  1. Zach says:

    Ok so this is what the movie is about, an alien has crashed (most likely shot down) conveniently at Area 51??? the area is closed off, they send the body and the ship to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio, the alien can most likely manipulate magnetics (wheel turning, bolts fly,) it’s also super strong, and most likely looks reptilian or like Grey, all of this viral has to do with magnetics as well, it’s a free energy source all around us, and also has to do with indirect current, developed my Nikola Tesla, this unlimited energy source is why the E.T./UFO is kept from the public, as cited by Dan Morris(The guy’s computer you’re accessing on, now this trailer we’ve seen is NOT IN THE MOVIE, not a single scene as been shot for the movie, this is to start people off of what it’s about, Wright-Patt Air Base is also known for being underground, and many believe highly top secret operations go on there, but basically this movie is about a kid with a Super 8 camera and he captures events of a reptilian or grey alien, that has crashed and IS NOT FROM ANOTHER PLANET, it’ comes from Earth, UNDERGROUND, I’m guessing whoever drove into the train to stop it and set the alien free, meant to expose E.T.’s/UFOs and the unlimited energy resource that is being hidden from humanity, that alone to some is worth dying for.

    • Deeznutz says:

      I mean, how do you know it’s reptilian if you haven’t even seen what the creature looks like? Maybe next time you should say “The movie is possibly about blah blah blah…” instead of just saying right away what it’s about, like it’s written in stone.

      You sir, are an idiot at it’s best!

    • john says:


  2. Manwell says:

    @Steve Fratty

  3. BC says:

    There is one thing that I keep finding really weird about the trailer. Okay obviously whatever that is inside of the train is either very strong or very big in order for it to bust out of the train like that. My whole deal is why didn’t this creature just bust out of there from the begining?? Why wait for the train to be derailed?! Was it asleep or sedated or something?! Most importantly if the air force people put the thing in there why wasn’t this shipment better secured?! I mean it could have gotten escorted by the millitary or something!! Especially when this piece of shit truck can just drive aimlessly on to the train tracks and cause havoc! I digress…

  4. Steve Fratty says:

    It was more than obviously in a comatose state, whether from sedation or not. How else would they have got it in there?

    It was probably also secure, they couldn’t predict someone in a truck was going to derail them I can bet.

    Personally I think the truck was carrying explosives, as – movie or not – the train would have gradually screeched to a halt at best, not violently exploded.

  5. Rich says:

    The numbers in the first screen shot look like 21+70.64… Maybe they could be coordinates? If you use them as 20N and 70.64W the point is located north of Dominican Republic. Maybe something crash landed here?

  6. JP says:

    @ZACH well if the alien really could pull objects then why is the car light on? well looks more like someone is driving it

  7. CzM says:

    Could the audio clip have been used in the same way as the infamous melody in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind? We’re all familiar with they way those notes were used to communicate with the aliens. Maybe something similar was done with this new one, but instead of peace it triggered something more hostile. There is a slight rhythm to the sound. I also wondered if number of the beats in the audio track signified something.

  8. Hello says:

    Somewhere at the 1 min. and 24 second mark of the trailer, there is a face of a child. It could be similar to E.T in this way, if you put into that perspective.

  9. Cooper says:

    at the beggining of the scariest thing website there is a date, february 5, 1977 to be exact, which after doing reasearch, found that on this day , there was a ufo sighting in jayess mississippi;The most dramatic sighting of an UFO to be reported in this part of Mississippi took place near Jayess Saturday, February 5, and was seen at close quarters by at least six adults. Another sighting was reported in Madison County Wednesday, February 3, and was seen there by a constable and a deputy sheriff.”


  10. DjCrazybrows says:

    @Rich what if you add them like it says to get 91.64. Maybe something can be done with that number

  11. Scott says:

    So I just went to the official Super 8 website ( and before the trailer starts it looks like a sentence flashes by the camera lens. I know for a fact it is not the same as the trailer where it spelled out “scariestthingieversaw” because it looks to be a different font. Also it seems to spell out something else with other letters than the teaser. I don’t know if anyone has already established this, but if not, can anyone find out what it says?

  12. Slusho says:

    The last bit is TITLE: and DATE: I cant get the first bit, “PRO….is all I can get if you zoom in it slows it down a fraction but not enough for me to read!

  13. Slusho says:


  14. Scott says:

    @Slusho Well that’s not really a clue like I thought it would be… Oh well, thanks anyways!

  15. Virux says:

    Lol, you people are hilarious.

    The truck driver is under mind control. Which, was my initial thought. Backed up by IGN’s review of the Super 8 trailer.

    Secondly, yes a truck can derail a large train. You also need to realize that at the last possible second, the truck whips off the tracks and jerks back, hitting the train at the perfect angle. So don’t think the truck hit the train head on because it was driving straight on the rails at first. Also, since the tracks were elevated from where the truck hit it, would mean a portion of the truck would have been run over, causing the derail.

    The other impacts were caused by the train hitting itself and folding up, etc.

    Nothing is trying to get into the train. It’s trying to get out. Which is the reason the impacts come from inside the car, denting the metal outwards. It’s clear that the wheel is spinning from telekinesis.

  16. daan says:

    some one must have seen this but there is a little boy in de camera lens after the ”monster” breaks out.

  17. Deeznutz says:

    Zach, you are incredibly stupid. The movie hasn’t even come out yet, and you’re making these idiotic assumptions.

  18. Christopher Reyes says:

    the number on the pole you dont know is a 6

  19. Josh says:

    For one thing, the “Oh my…” part of the transmission is said by the train not the base, that makes no sense, and it does say sitrep for that something part of the transmission, also the aliens are from underground as stated in the firefight incident.

  20. Hunter says:

    The computer terminal your calling the PDP-11 is a Tandy TRS-80 model 3 from radio shack. Went on sale in the mid 80s

  21. I found your posting to be insightful! Thank you.

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