The Countdown Ends Tonight!

Unless my (as well as slinkydge on the forum) calculations are wrong, the countdown (or what we're assuming is a countdown) will end tonight at 11PM EST as long as it continues on it's current rate of 5 bytes a second. The file that has slowly been downloading via the PDP-11 terminal on will finally finish downloading tonight, so what do you think it is?

Based on the technology and time frame we're working with here I'm going to guess that we're going to get a bunch of text, possibly a classified document, that hopefully gives us more clues as to what we're dealing with here. I'll be pretty bummed if it just does nothing...

Here's what I did to get the end time in case you want to check my calculations:

It was 10:30AM CST (11:30AM EST) when I started the calculations and there were 126353 of 134640 bytes loaded at that point, that leaves 8287 bytes left to download. Since we know that it takes 5 seconds to download 1 byte, I multiplied 8287 by 5 and got 41435, that would be the number of seconds it will take to download the rest. Then I divided 41435 by 60 (60 seconds in a minute) which gives us 690 minutes. Divide that again by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) and you get 11.50 hrs. Now that would not mean 11 hours and 50 minutes, but rather 11 and a half hours, so 11 hours and 30 minutes, and since I did this at 10:30AM CST that would give us 10PM CST or 11PM EST.

Update: We're now on line [20]

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277 Responses to “The Countdown Ends Tonight!”

  1. Alan says:

    so, did any1 figure out anything on the device?

  2. MrRicky says:

    If you enter .PRINT RSCOM8 you can print two pages from an old newspaper with an ad about Rocket Poppeteers!

  3. Dre says:

    Yea Ben & Land,
    there’s definitely something going on with this picture. I see the alien head now too.

  4. Emanuel Goodman says:

    there something vary strange with this rocket poppeteers pic i dont know how to explain what i see but its strange

  5. Nesto says:

    Did anyone notice the tiny gray in the back of the kids shirt? It just so happens to be right above the E.T. in “ROCKET” on the Rocket Poppeteers site.

  6. Pudges says:

    someone needs to upload scans of these documents

  7. pudges says:

    i found out the device!!!

  8. Alan says:

    What is the device?

  9. tosg says:

    there is no device. an earlier post declared that unfiction decompiled the file and there is no device path.

  10. Alan says:

    Ohh. Darn. Maby on a l8r date itl come out

  11. Biel says:

    I have downloaded the pages (didn’t print them, but saved them as a pdf).
    Loaded them in Photoshop. If you look closely, you’re able to find 2 x’s on each page. Overlayed them (rotated the page with the add 180°) and you’ll see that the grey lines on the add, are now highlighting words on the other page. It seems out to spell:
    “No Certainty if live – Maybe after us – We go underground”

    Also under the bar (become a rocket poppeteer…) you can read:
    “unwilling to accept world’s slide toward final annihilation.”

    There might even be more that I have overlooked…

  12. Biel says:

    Oh, seems it’s allready posted on the site… cr@p, thought I was being smart here… ah well…

  13. Josh says:

    press tab at the end something weird happens

  14. Raeven says:

    I’m not sure if this can help but type in the rocket poppeteers site and scariestthingieversaw site and you can find info on them

  15. jimmy says:

    ver= clover?

  16. Tait1101 says:

    Whoa, on the Rocket Poppeters home page, the astronaut looks like he has a Super 8 camera on his chest!!!

  17. sami says:

    press the space bar and move the terminal to the side when it gets minimized theres three folder the audio doesn’t need a password, weird shit..

  18. Reg says:

    Just got onto this myself, but I haven’t noticed anything regarding what i’m talking about. Recently I stumbled across the STIES website and went poking around. Down at the bottom left hand corner, there are 3 icons which are inaccessible and give off error noises when you click them. However, when you click the arrow to the far left on the toolbar, another icon appears. When you click it, it gives you:

    LGC Chat Client
    Copyright 1996 – 2008
    LGCI Co. Ltd
    All Rights Reserved

    However, 2 seconds later this screen disappears and you are given a password prompt. Has anyone figured out the password?

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