The Rocket Poppeteers

The following newspaper articles are all that has been found in regards to the ending of the countdown on . I'm going to have to take the word of the guys at unfiction for this since I don't have a printer, but you can verify it for yourself if you do.

At the following screen (after the 20 lines load up) type .PRINT RSCOM8 and hit enter.

What you get when you print from this screen are the following two newspaper articles:

The only other command that works in the terminal is .REENTER and it prompts you to mount a device and it doesn't appear we can get any further at the moment. So what do you make of the newspaper articles? They do lead us to which is currently not active, but could be another site in the marketing campaign, so keep your eyes open.

UPDATE: As most of you have already figured out, there is more to these newspaper clippings than we thought. Sorry for the delay in posting this, I had some things to take care of this morning, but I'm back now, so here we go.

The first thing that looked a little out of place on the first page (with the rocket poppeteers) are the hard dark lines through the ad as well as the 2 little X's on the page. Now if you look at the 2nd clipping you will see that it also has 2 little X's... that's not a coincidence. The X's will line up with each other if you flip the first page 180 degrees (upside down). What we have is a key to a code. You see this a lot in people trying to get a message to someone in secret, one piece of paper or whatever will have random cutouts and you hold that piece of paper up to a certain book page (or in this case newspaper) and it will reveal a secret message. So basically the hard dark lines on the first page are underlining words on the second page, so if you printed them out you can cut little rectangles above each of those lines to get the message, or, since we have computers these days, you can just flip the one in photoshop and "cut out" the lines that way... which is what I did for you guys.

This first image is just the 1st article flipped 180 degrees with the X's lined up and highlighted so you can see that they do line up.

And this next image is the "cutouts" above the underlines in the key where you can see that the message spells out "No certainty if a live may be after us We go underground". Now my interpretation of this would be more like "No certainty if alive, [it/they] may be after us, we go underground". So it sounds like someone isn't sure if something/someone is alive and if it is alive it may be coming coming after them so they are going underground. I'm not sure if "underground" means literally under the ground or just off the grid, which seems more likely to me.

Captain "Coop" Cooper, as the caption to the picture in the ad says, is none other than Gordon Cooper, he has had some strange encounters with UFO's in his time and until the day he died, swore that the US was covering up things regarding UFO's. It's also kind of interesting that the anniversary of the date he was launched into space is May 15th... which some people though was the original day the countdown would end, but maybe it'll be the day that the Rocket Poppeteers website opens for business.

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  1. I think YouTube is in on this secret. Everytime I upload, they add a pop at around 46 secs then the audio goes off sync. You can see by the audio level meters in Reaper that the pop wasn’t there originally.
    This is an audio file I got from
    The beats end roughly around 5.1 beats or 8 seconds.
    I interpret this as a clue to mean the sound the film was recorded in was “5.1 surround” and 8 seconds for Super “8.”
    I played it 8 times. 8×8=64bit the new standard in processors.
    Let me know what you think.

    My other channels:

  2. wonderbhoy1888 says:

    just a note if no ones noticed on the gardening section under the rocket poppeteers it names Bruli Pantry Gardens
    if you put it into google and click on the second link
    it tells you about the train derailment
    Also typed ND 58702 which is on the coupon to join the race to outer space and brings up some maps so dunno if thats anything to do with it

  3. Superslum says:

    Have any of you guys tried to cut out and mail the little popeteers membership thing? I think that might lead to any surprise.

  4. Chris Biong says:

    Hey you guys you know that message you hear when you call the Evelyn Minker Memorial Fund, well if you really listen closely the guy speaking is talking a little wierd, kind of a robotic sound as if he was nervous… then at :14 seconds he breathes rather deeply as if he was grasping for air.

    My say is that he is either being forced to say this and he’s nervous as shit OR the aliens got his voice and tried to put words together or made some kind of voice changer so its his voice thats why the voice is a little robtronic and when they breathe deeply its because it is either adapting to part of earths atmosphere OR its in a dampt space while distracting people to make a diversion or in a dampt space like inside a train cargo?!?!?!?! Hahhahaha jk but something like that. If you guys are afraid that someone might pick-up, lol, its alright you can download it.

    And if you do download it play it in iTunes and if you like click to fast foward or click to reverse, doesnt matter but keep click anywhere in the timeline and it makes this wierd ass noise every time. The strange thing is, is that, that doesnt make that noise for other programs… If it has to do with something it is because its apple?!? — apple is the only one that happens to have the official trailer for Super 8 (Note: The official Super 8 website has an option to watch it on another website and its only apple “WATCH THE TRAILER ON APPLE”)

    Im just throwing stuff out there, and we probably all said FB has nothing to do with it but idk im still checking that out from time to time…

  5. Chris Biong says:

    ^^When i say “download it” I mean the voice message left when you call the memorial fund. the link is somewhere around here. Look for it haha

  6. Chris Biong says:

    I’ve been inspecting this for a long time and I know this a little strange but I think the letters on the pole at the crash site says this:

    Information: 21 Females 70 Males

    …yeah…look at it again…You heard it from me first.

  7. Charlie says:

    Hey I just got this letter in my mail from rocket poppeteers. I think it was a reply for the mail I sent in. I’ll link it.

    There i a secret message if you turn it upside down and read it to the light I don’t know how to mess with the image to see it clearer any help and that would be great.

    The words I can see are “texture” and “25%” something and “granite” there are some other words but it’s hard for me to see. let me know if this helps at all.

  8. Charlie says:

    yea I’m stupid apparently it’s just an impression from the paper that they use it’s from Colors and Textures collection
    “colors + textures” S Southworth granite paper. My bad. I guess it’s not a secret message. I’m sad now.

  9. Tom says:

    If I try to print that out (if I can get it) and mail the entry in, will I get that letter now like others got a little while ago? even though I’m a little late on this! :/

  10. Bobby says:

    There is an Airforce Base in Minot ND. That’s where your letter (Charlie) came from.

  11. Bobby says:

    Also if you watch the trailer and pause between scenes. they are flashing images….so far I can’t really make any of them out. I’ll have to get some help with that. If anyone else sees something……..

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  14. Matt says:

    I don’t know if someone already caught this. At the top of the screen prompt for there is the date 1977 with Acton, MA after it. Acton, MA was the setting for “The Cure” episode of the TV show Fringe, a JJ Abrams TV Show.

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  16. […] ainda mais misteriosas que o vídeo, e começaram com o site-terminal e dois artigos de jornal. A partir disso, foi descoberta a empresa Rocket Poppeteers, que oferece um formulário para você […]

  17. LiamB says:

    Has anyone seen the page that you can print regarding sales listed items from the PDP-11? If you move the input screen so you can see the desktop there is a ‘Print to Local printer’ or something like that. If you put this to print to an XPS doc it opens a page about someone who has been listing his fathers items and someone wants him to stop.

    Let me know what u find.

  18. Steve Fratty says:

    You’re quite behind, LiamB.

  19. KariSilver says:

    YAY! The Rocket POppeteers sight is up! And following on Twitter too? What did people get from the truck? I hope it’s not already been posted and I’m just behind but I read all 381 comments and haven’t found anything regarding it so please don’t kill me 😛 Anyway, I’m off to explore the site! 😀

    • Already posted, you guys should read the posts that the admin publishes before posting something.

      • KariSilver says:

        I read all the comments again and STILL no one’s said anything about the popsicle truck, or what they’re saying on the Twitter page. I only saw two people post that they got something back from the PO box, one was accepted and the other wasn’t (possibly ‘cuz of the 2 different ways to solve the maze?) Did this discussion just die? I don’t see anywhere to see newer comments but there’s no other mention of the above….

  20. Ultra Magnus117 says:

    At if you follow the prompts to the end, then type: .EXEC EXPCNV and press enter it pops up and select continue. The program will play a computer tone 8 different ones in sequential order. If you use a cell phone to match up the tones, you reveal that the tones are actually the numerical equivalent to the release date of the film!!!

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