The Rocket Poppeteers

The following newspaper articles are all that has been found in regards to the ending of the countdown on . I'm going to have to take the word of the guys at unfiction for this since I don't have a printer, but you can verify it for yourself if you do.

At the following screen (after the 20 lines load up) type .PRINT RSCOM8 and hit enter.

What you get when you print from this screen are the following two newspaper articles:

The only other command that works in the terminal is .REENTER and it prompts you to mount a device and it doesn't appear we can get any further at the moment. So what do you make of the newspaper articles? They do lead us to which is currently not active, but could be another site in the marketing campaign, so keep your eyes open.

UPDATE: As most of you have already figured out, there is more to these newspaper clippings than we thought. Sorry for the delay in posting this, I had some things to take care of this morning, but I'm back now, so here we go.

The first thing that looked a little out of place on the first page (with the rocket poppeteers) are the hard dark lines through the ad as well as the 2 little X's on the page. Now if you look at the 2nd clipping you will see that it also has 2 little X's... that's not a coincidence. The X's will line up with each other if you flip the first page 180 degrees (upside down). What we have is a key to a code. You see this a lot in people trying to get a message to someone in secret, one piece of paper or whatever will have random cutouts and you hold that piece of paper up to a certain book page (or in this case newspaper) and it will reveal a secret message. So basically the hard dark lines on the first page are underlining words on the second page, so if you printed them out you can cut little rectangles above each of those lines to get the message, or, since we have computers these days, you can just flip the one in photoshop and "cut out" the lines that way... which is what I did for you guys.

This first image is just the 1st article flipped 180 degrees with the X's lined up and highlighted so you can see that they do line up.

And this next image is the "cutouts" above the underlines in the key where you can see that the message spells out "No certainty if a live may be after us We go underground". Now my interpretation of this would be more like "No certainty if alive, [it/they] may be after us, we go underground". So it sounds like someone isn't sure if something/someone is alive and if it is alive it may be coming coming after them so they are going underground. I'm not sure if "underground" means literally under the ground or just off the grid, which seems more likely to me.

Captain "Coop" Cooper, as the caption to the picture in the ad says, is none other than Gordon Cooper, he has had some strange encounters with UFO's in his time and until the day he died, swore that the US was covering up things regarding UFO's. It's also kind of interesting that the anniversary of the date he was launched into space is May 15th... which some people though was the original day the countdown would end, but maybe it'll be the day that the Rocket Poppeteers website opens for business.

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389 Responses to “The Rocket Poppeteers”

  1. John redcorn says:

    Hahaha you caught on :p

  2. I just save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geicko!

    Oh, yeah, Super 8 stuff. I’m sure they’ll give us our next clue within the next few weeks. Obviously to create such interest and then diminish it by not continuing it would be stupid viral marketing.

  3. john redcorn says:

    all i know is this year is going to be filled with crazy shit.

  4. Desperation Jones says:

    I’m a little confused. Earlier today I tried to check up on the Rocket Poppeteers site. When I clicked on my bookmarked page it took me to a new site,, which was also listed as “under construction.” When I tried the link from this site the same thing happened. However, when I manually typed in the Rocket poppeteers URL it directed me to the normal site with the father son picture. I cannot duplicate the re-direct again. Has this happened to anybody else? Could be part of the game?

  5. james says:

    ok when you go to the scariest website and the command box opens up drag it to the side. Behind that there is a box that will be asking you to print. Print out the page and it should read…

    Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions.
    I have proof.

    • admin says:

      @james Please read through the rest of the posts on the site and you will see that this has already been found, along with lots of other things. I appreciate you reading the site, but please take a second to skim through it so you don’t repost thing that have already been found.

  6. DFig says:

    This is on the Scariest site

    Sector 9909 []
    DD09 Extract []
    CL03 Transmission []
    CL05 Extract []
    CL56 Token []

    Its late so can anyone do any research on maybe an Air force Sector 9909 or if in general a “Sector 9909” relates to aliens, ufo, secret stuff


  7. Gerry says:

    If you look at the aligned papers at the second column from the left you will see what looks like a smudge. What I see is a outline of a ufo. The style of the UFO is a Adamski one. Do a google search on Adamski UFO and you will see the outlines almost match

  8. n00b says:

    @Gerry I don’t know if it is because we want it to see, but you are kinda right. I see it to:P

  9. Gerry says:

    I was looking at the return address for Rocket Poppers. It is in Minot, ND.
    Home of the Minot Air Force Base Air Force Global Strike Command
    and also has had UFO sightings in the past.

  10. SS says:

    I think I just figured out what the 6 Rocket Poppeteers represent on the newspaper page stand for.

    There are five pointing upwards, ready to launch, or flying around out there. Within that same space in the advertisement, it mentions that there are Six of them.

    There is a sixth Rocket Poppeteer on the page. This one is laying sideways, as if landed, or more appropriately, crashed. Another interesting tidbit is that this crashed Rocket Poppeteer is pointing at, or heading into the maze. At the exit is a planet. In a maze, you are searching for a path, or means to your goal. Once the first page is inverted to decode the second, that crashed Rocket Poppeteer is angling upwards, as if ready for launch. The planet is now far overhead.

    So we have one of six ships that crashed, and whatever crashed is looking for a way or a means to get back home.

    Reminds me a bit of E.T.

    Wait a minute, In E.T. there is a child helping the alien to try and get home. Partly the alien working through the child, but hardly with malicious intent in that movie.

    In the Rocket Poppeteer logo, the child is holding a Rocket Poppeteer towards some celestial body. A child with what looks like a Grey alien hidden in the back of his shirt. The adult does not have one. And for as much as Captain “Coop” Cooper loves them, he doesn’t have one either.

    While I’m at it, the advertisement mentions that Coop loves Rocket Poppeteers. His suit also looks odd. Sure, the vertical and horizontal lines make sense, but the double diagonal lines don’t seem to make as much sense. They aren’t symmetrical.

    So I got to thinking, what if they’re a map? A series of intersections of roads, and the double diagonal line is a set of railroad tracks. This makes me think that whatever location that map describes, the relative location of the nozzle is of importance.

    Another thing to add about Coop, his helmet. The more I look at the reflection in it, the more it looks like the scene reflected in the Super 8 camera lens. This might just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but if that’s true, then what we’re seeing in the middle of the Super 8 lens is of importance.

    So given all of that, I’m throwing another theory out there. My mechanical creature theory earlier doesn’t look as appealing. And with the additional Grey references, it may actually be the outlines of Greys that we’re seeing in the flashes of the trailer.

    My theory starts with what’s going on in the trailer. A group of people, one being an astronaut or a potential astronaut, and a few kids, are contacted indirectly by five alien beings (and it is unknown that they are aliens). These aliens are trying to rescue their sixth member, which is now in an unsecured train car being transported. The astronaut, possibly the only one who really knows whats going on, drives his truck into the train to derail it, resulting in his death. One of the group of kids, after seeing the train wreck, picks up a somewhat intact Super 8 camera to film the wreckage while the others help to rescue whoever it is they’re supposed to. What those kids see and what that camera captures is the scariest thing they ever saw: the alien creature escaping the train wreckage.

    Next we fast forward a few decades to when the actual movie happens. The kids have all gone underground, being hunted by the government for the film they may not even have anymore. Or it could even be the aliens hunting the now adult kids, wanting their existence to be shrouded in secrecy.

    Knowing JJ and Steve, the aliens will be seen very little in the actual movie, and yet influence events directly or indirectly. Cloverfield had the whole movie taking place during a giant monster attack, though only showed the monster a few times. Lost managed to hook people with thousands of mysteries and questions, giving few answers until further on. Both Jaws and Close Encounters took the same approach, with Bruce barely being seen (yet causing so much tension), and the alien ships and aliens themselves being only fully revealed at the end.

    Slightly unrelated, but it almost looks like there is a ray shooting out of the adult’s finger at the moon in the Rocket Popetteers logo. Strange. Plus, it almost looks like the glow surrounding the moon edge is actually something behind the moon.

  11. SS says:

    “That’s no moon, its a space station” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The crater does make it sort of look like the Death Star, if only superficially.

  12. carlos says:

    what is the po box number. . I can’t make it out

  13. Bullet 0verdose says:

    hey i saw that thing of the black spaces and made me think about those suposed “cloverfield sequel” pics there’s one which has the same black spaces, could this be something?
    this one is a photo inside the mysterious site, please tell me if it has something to do

  14. redwolf44 says:

    actualy when i turn it upside down it looks like the earth is the big black circle an the moon is actualy right because the bright side is faceing the earth an the earth is dark so im guessing its night time an all those little lights rnt stars maby nuclear explosions

  15. Alex says:

    Has anyone sent a completed form with maze to the P.O. Box number? I will send one tomorrow if no one else has and post what happens ASAP.

  16. Ben L. says:

    Yes, I believe half of the people has sent theirs in. I personally didn’t send the maze in with the form. Even something is going to be sent back, which i hope so, it probably wont be for awhile. Since so many people have and their probably waiting for a certain date.

  17. Jasper says:

    Hey did you noticed that when you make the picture on rocket puppeteers a negative image there appears a letter G or C on the moon.
    I’m still very curious when the old data thingy is further acessable because im wasting to much time on my work tryin to figure out how to get further:P
    Can’t wait to see whats next.

  18. coma darkvale says:

    theres no letters in the negative picture by the way

  19. tyler says:

    @Desperation Jones Idk if you’re lying or not but it looks like a possible viral site.

  20. Space Mcgee says:

    ..has anyone seened my baseball?

  21. Chester Copperpot says:

    I think the hideous creature is either Oprah or Star Jones, perhaps both. Covered in pork grease, on a rampage having been fed only salads and tofu burgers. ..Anyone here remember “Dreamcatcher?” I hope Duddits reprises his role in this movie.

    Oh, “the device?” /backdoor/drky.ras

  22. Alec says:

    watch the thing in the metal safe thing on the train is eather A: John Locke or B: Chuck Norris (or secret option C: Captain America!) its a possibility folks. look at the symbol on the safe on the trailer.. reminds me of captain americas sheild.. and wasnt he a lab created superhuman… im not relying on this theory but it could be a possibility. knowing jj this whole monster thing could be a DECOY

  23. MT says:

    if anyone notices the print button if yu minimize the page in there is a file behind it with a .dat file behind it! unfortunately it cant be opened but maybe…just maybe thats it

  24. @Alec I think you’re going somewhere with the Captain America thinking. The symbol does look like the shield, it looks like something’s superhuman’s busting out, but it’s set in 1979 and “scariesthingieversaw” doesn’t relate, and aliens(?) but good try.

  25. Nick says:

    Uh… why hasn’t anyone tried signing up for the rocket poppeteers club?
    The adress is right on the newspaper article:
    Send to: Poppeteers.
    P.O. Box #1331 Minot, ND 58702

    Astonaut name_________________

    Worth a try.

    • admin says:

      @Nick many people have sent their registration in. I’m guessing it will take at least 6-8 weeks minimum to hear anything back.

  26. manny says:

    i think ppl did it wrong seeing as u also need to send the finished maze as well

  27. coma darkvale says:

    most people sent the maze at least over at unifiction but some who didnt just sent another with maze

  28. Cooper says:

    The message reads, No certainty if alive [it/they] may be after us, we go underground. The air force base the thing is being shipped to happens to be underground!!!

  29. coma darkvale says:

    this has been known sorry

  30. Cooper says:

    So there saying if whatever was in that train car is alive , theyre going to the base, right?

  31. Cooper says:

    I looked up the rocket poppeteers address and it is in the middle of a feild. this could be either a dead end or a clue, right?

  32. Cooper says:

    Found something that might be a link to the train crash in the movie:,_Ohio_Train_Wreck_of_1979

  33. coma darkvale says:

    Sorry Coop this has all been discuused including the key that appears on google map and the fields and the train wreck as well

  34. DjCrazybrows says:

    On the rocketpoppeteers article on the newspaper page. Has anyone tried to do something with the address on the send in box. Or has anybody try to send it in like it says? That address is a real place.

  35. DjCrazybrows says:

    Crap nevermind, i just saw that you guys have.

  36. techwarman says:

    Here’s something new, make sure your volume is high on your computer, then type:


    then in the windows that appears type



  37. techwarman says:

    The post above is a result of a new folder that appears on the site after loading all the windows, you can move them with your mouse. There is a folder on the desktop called “Braegen14” with the file “expcnv.dat” inside of it.

  38. OH GAWD!! I TYPED THE ADDRESS IN GOOGLE MAPS, SOMETHING CAME UP, LIKE AN OLD COMMERCIAL IN 1961 FOR ROCKET POPPETEERS!!!!!!! (going to exit out of website, putting on katy perry california vid) (masturbating)

  39. moose says:

    Theres a new print out!! on move the window out of the way and press print.
    ‘I think something may have reactivated. Need to make sure we’re still alone keep it hidden until further contact’

  40. Raeven says:

    I don’t know if this will work but on the top of the ad it says:

    “Three stores OPEN DAILY Until 10 P.M.”

    And there is a dot under open and a line under 10 P.M. is underlined so it will say:
    OPEN 10 P.M.

    Maybe the site will open at 10 P.M.

  41. Genji says:

    Guys Josh Minker!!! He’s the same guy on the cast.

  42. Iden0 says:

    The Maya used this Mirroring technique thousands of years ago they are called Maya Transformers and were not only used on reliefs and tablets but was also worked into Objects like the Jade mask of Quetzecotl and usally contain several messages not jus one line of script-Hint-Hint:)

  43. Bruno says:

    Sorry guys but I couldn’t notice that is a very simple thing that no have tried to figure out yet. If you go to and choose hide the video there are some red letters moving fast. Well I don’t know how to make em get the information but I’m pretty sure one of you guys know. Since I’m curious help me out

  44. noah says:

    hey I think this is kinda weird about gordon cooper this is a link that says that gordon cooper took shots of Area 51 with a camera and the film of area 51 was confiscated from cooper and sent to the pentogon…..

  45. Dylan says:

    I looked it up on maps and found the tri-life center. Webpage follows It wasn’t there before 2002 so who knows what was in 1979

  46. Dylan says:

    Also, I just tried to go to the rocket poppeteers website and it kept reseting itself as if I wasn’t being allowed to go to the website.

  47. Tyler says:

    omg so much trout so little time! why dont people take the time to catch up on the ARG and THEN post things….we arent going any furthur with people JUST NOW discovering things weve known forever *facepalm* If only we could get past THE FREAKING DEVICE! it bugs me 🙁 grrrrr!!!

  48. Slusho says:

    @ bruno

    the film says : processed by kodak, it took me a while to work it out and yes I do feel like a fool.

  49. Chris B says:

    Bruno( and everyone else)

    On the website there is more hidden words(red letter moving fast) before the trailer is displayed. It says this:


    Hope that helps sooo lets think ppl
    maybe the DEVICE? we are all stuck on is processed by KODAK?!?!
    hahha idk cuz they made the Super 8mm camera right?
    someone connect this somehow!

  50. Chris Biong says:

    Just a Theory here, so ima break it down:

    1. Newspaper printouts shows rocket poppeteers. Site is temporarily down but shows a dad and son(guessing) and a moom. A moon…

    2. Now, Josh Minkers blog about rare fish has a calendar that says “BEST TIMES TO SPOT RARE FISH” for this month (no year)

    3. Each day of that calendar has a diagram of different shaded moons.. A couple of those moons look an awful lot like the moon on the rocket poppeteers site.

    4. Finally, this probably might point to suggestions that when those moons meet, we will see an update on scariest thing i ever saw…

    BUT there still that date that (April) 16th, 2010 (relating on Evelyn Minker Memorial Fund or something) on Josh’s craigslist photos so maybe theres an update THIS month on the 16th. Then my theory is F*CKED UP then… lol

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