As you all know, the Rocket Poppeteers were out in full force during this years Comic Con in San Diego handing out t-shirts and popsicles. For those of us that weren't lucky enough to make it out to San Diego for the event you can now find some of those shirts on eBay. Rumor has it that when the Rocket Poppeteers website fully opens there will be a store of some sort, but if you can't wait here's your chance.

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Rocket Poppeteers Is Open For Business

The Rocket Poppeteers website has been updated. The site now allows you to register or enter the information that you received in the letter that was sent in the mail. If you did not send in the coupon that was found on the scariest thing website then you should select "New Recruit" which will take you through a registration process to enter your information. If you did send in the coupon and did receive your letter, click "Already A Candidate?" and enter the information you registered with (case sensitive). I did not receive a letter so I registered as a new recruit and did not hear the theme song, but it sounds like (based on the comments) if you enter the information from the letter you will be greeted with the Rocket Poppeteers Theme song (which Joshua was nice enough to upload here). And "Chainsaw ..." over at unfiction transcribed the lyrics to the song as well.

"Who will sieze the day
And make the country proud to say?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Whose unbeatable taste
Will win the race for outer space?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Who will answer the call
To battle the dark and save us all?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Our galactic flavor sensations
Zooming across the nation!
Rocket Poppeteers x3"

It looks as if that's all you can do on the site at the moment. There's another button on the home page of the site indicating that there will be more stuff to do once it fully launches, but when that will happen is anyone's guess.

I'm still leaning towards the fact that the Rocket Poppeteers is going to be similar to the Slusho campaign that was run during Cloverfield, it's not going to help solve the mystery of what Super 8 is, but it will add a bit of depth to the viral. Basically just a fictional product that will make an appearance in the movie at some point, but have no real bearing on anything. I know Slusho kind of fit in with the Tagruato stuff from Cloverfield, but it really didn't play a huge role in anything and that's kind of what I see happening here, but that's just my theory... for now.

Thanks to everyone that commented and emailed me about this, things are starting to pick up so it looks like I'll have to be around a computer more in order to stay on top of things. I've also included a couple more images after the jump.

Update: It looks like those unfiction guys may have dug up some interesting information hidden around the Rocket Poppeteers site. twodten found what looks like a sitemap type file that lays out some of the possible different sections of the site.

The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy
Archive Module Charging!
Blast into the past soon!

Super Space Store
The Supply Ship is caught in an asteroid storm!
Fly back soon for new Rocket Poppeteers gear!! (OMG A STORE!!)

Astronaut Program
Astronaut Program Preparing to launch.
Will you be ready?

Space Station: Freezer
The Flavor Fleets will be re-docking soon.
Have you tried them all?

Coop's Amazing Adventures
Coop is busy logging his latest mission.
Check back again soon!

Poppeteers Pride
Coming soon - show the universe your loyalty
to Rocket Poppeteers!


And it looks like she may have also found some direct links to other areas of the site, however it appears that the site creators caught on and disabled those links because all I see now is text that says "Rocket Poppeteers", but Headman managed to snag some screenshots before they disappeared.


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Take Down The Sale Listings!

Looks like things are starting to take off! A new print out was discovered on the website that indicates that the craigslist ads were linked to the Super 8 viral (I had my doubts, but this seems to confirm them in my eyes). The new text is above the original posting and image that was discovered a previously and it reads:

If you're who I think you are, it's about your father. I'll tell you more when i can, but you must take down those sale listings. Anything you found may be important.

> I've been quiet. PLEASE - what is this about??

>>I think something may have reactivated. Need to make sure we're still alone.
>>Keep it hidden until further contact.

>>>See. I have the damn thing. What is it?

So it sounds like something is up with Josh Minker's father and some of his mother's things may hold some importance, or at least important enough that this person doesn't want him selling them. It also appears that Josh took the advice and has since deleted the craigslist postings.

So take this as you will, but I think this is going to be our main source of information in the coming months in regards to the viral campaign. I know the Rocket Poppeteers stuff is also starting to move forward, but I think that's going to be more like the Slusho stuff was to Cloverfield. More of just a fictional product that Abrams and crew will insert here and there, but I'm not sure that it's going to yield any concrete clues to unraveling the mystery surrounding this whole thing.

Thanks Xeno for the comment regarding this, sorry I didn't post it sooner (wasn't near a comp till this morning).

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It looks like the Rocket Poppeteers have touched down in San Diego for the weekend to pay a visit to all of the Comic-Con goers. As many of you have pointed out in the comments, the Rocket Poppeteers website has been updated recently with a link to a twitter page. The first tweet went out 18 hours ago asking if you can find them before they find you, which was then followed up by instructions to bring your Rocket Poppeteers letter to the truck for a special surprise. It also looks like if you go to the truck and sing the theme song you get a t-shirt. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you would also get a t-shirt if you brought your letter from the Rocket Poppeteers. I can't imagine too many people were carrying around their letters so the theme song might be another way to give out the shirts. They are also giving away Super Speedflier Fleet popsicles.

There are also a few pictures posted on the twitpic account of the truck surrounded by people. So if you're out in San Diego right now, let us know if you find the truck and give them your letter. And I suggest following the Twitter account as I'm sure it'll be getting updated a lot more in the future.

Thanks again to those of you that left this info in the comments (Xeno and TheDoctor).

According to gramma over at unfiction this is a round up of what people have gathered from the Truck itself (I'm sure more people contributed to the thread on unfiction, but gramma sums it up nicely so I apologize to those that I'm not citing)

From the Ice Truck we know:

Super Speedflier Fleet:

Original - Lime - Orange

Look for these FOUR additional Fleets in your grocer's Freezer

Coop's Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Grape - Orange

Brain Fleet:

Cherry - Lime

Twin Teamwork Fleet

Original - Grape - Orange

Sonic Strength Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Orange

License Plate :


License Plate Holder:

Super Speedflier Fleet - Top Line - Bottom Line

Small grey Rocket on the mirrors

Super 8 Will NOT Be In 3D

Thank god!

I don't know how some of you guys feel about the wave of 3D movies that are coming out right now, but personally I think they are all terrible. Not necessarily the movies themselves, but the tech behind the 3D aspect of it. "Avatar" was decent, but only because it was shot using special 3D cameras and it was planned to be 3D from the very beginning. Most of these other movies like "Clash of the Titans", "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Last Airbender" were not shot using the 3D format, but rather converted to 3D after the fact in a computer... and it shows. But either way we can rest easy at night knowing that J.J. Abrams will not fall into the Hollywood fad trap and convert "Super 8" to 3D.

This information all came from the panel he was a part of last night at Comic-Con with Joss Whedon (who officially announced he'll be directing The Avengers). There wasn't really any other juicy information that we could use to help us out in the viral marketing or about the movie at all really. He talked about it being an homage to Spielberg and his work and talked about how he pitched it to him, but really the only things he said about the movie were that it would not be in 3D, they haven't started casting yet and not a single piece of film has been shot outside of the trailer footage (shooting starts in September). So everything is still a big mystery that we're sure not to solve anytime soon.

I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for at least a poster or something to leak like Cloverfield's poster did a couple years ago at Comic-Con, but there's still a lot of time between now and when the movie is supposed to come out so I'll just have to be patient. You can check out Cinematical's write up on the panel if you want to get a little more information about what he actual said and stuff like that. It's a quick read and is kind of interesting.

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