It appears as though some of our readers have gotten a surprise in the mail today in the form of a letter from Captain "Coop" Cooper and The Rocketpoppeteers! I've included screenshots, thanks to Charlie, and I've transcribed the text below in case you can't read it on the screenshot. Thanks again for posting these in the comments, at the moment nothing seems to strike as "hidden" or "significant" in the letter.

Dear, .......................

Welcome to the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Program!

Rocket Poppeteers is looking for the best and brightest to help Captain "Coop" Cooper with his biggest space adventure ever!!!

Do you want to join the fight to protect outer space? Do you have what it takes to become a certified Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut? Just like Captain "Coop" Cooper, Rocket Poppeteers Astronauts are strong and courageous. Only the most brave, true, and loyal candidates will be able to succeed. Are you ready to begin?

Remember, kids: Real Spacemen Love Rocket Poppeteers!!!

Below the jump are pictures of the front and back of the envelope that the letter came in.

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189 Responses to “Mailed Responses From The Rocket Poppeteers”

  1. wlubake says:

    Sorry if adding something already mentioned, but there is something screwy about the way this letter is written in terms of the line breaks.

    For instance, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line beginning with “brightest” could easily fit the word “his” on that line, yet it has been pushed to the next line.

    Also, 3rd paragraph, 3rd line starting with “Rocket” should be able to fit “Captain” on that line. Why push it to the next line?

    I feel like the writing style is designed to trigger some message within the letter, but I can’t crack it. I’ve been using 16 (number of stars without looking too deeply at the question) as a code key, but it hasn’t worked. Every 16th word, 16th letter of each line, etc.

    Maybe this is a dead trail, but something is off with the letter. Anyone agree?

  2. Alphonse says:

    i dont know what happened but emmm how do he get that letter?he signed up on spmething?sorry by my uncloledge, i’ve been outdated for a while

  3. brandon says:

    If you count the stars in background of the little image with the boy and man pointing at the moon and the 50 stars on the american flag on the astronaut’s sleeve there are 90 stars on the page if I am not mistaken.

  4. rey says:

    Ugh, I have the feeling that this would be a lot easier if I actually had the letter.

  5. Cocotones says:

    @rey I know right?

  6. Penguin says:

    @wlubake I agree that the letter does seem off but i cant figure out what it is
    anyways i think it is weird how saturn and the moon are behind the rocket as if it is going further past them or it is coming back

  7. CzM says:

    Has anyone thought of lining the letter up with the original newspaper articles again to see if the Xs reveal a message here as well? My printer is out of order and I can’t find my copies of the ones I initially printed. If anyone gives this a try and finds another message, let us know.

  8. CzM says:

    Anyone who wants the letter but doesn’t know how to receive it, go back to, choose “Y” until you are no longer asked for a yes or no response then type in .PRINT RSCOM8 and press enter. you wil get a copy of the newspaper article that includes the coupon that the rest of us have already filled out and mailed in to the address printed on the add. At this point though i imagine it may take a while to get a response, and probably by the time you do, further progress will have been made. But hey, if you want to be a part of the action, thats what you will have to do. As you can see, most of the leg work has been accomplished already.

  9. anon says:

    I have a friend who works for paramount (on their artworking side) and can confirm that there is absolutely no artwork at all for this title. no posters or publicity artwork…

  10. On the bottom left of my letter, it says “Super Speedflier Fleet” along side a picture of a striped Rocket Pop. Is there any variations on anyone else’s letters regarding the “fleet” names? Perhaps there a numerous fleets, Super Speedflier being only one?

  11. Reese says:

    Recap of things I’ve tried with the newest letter – Counting every 16th letter to see if they spell out a message (16 stars). No outcome. Doing the same with every 17th letter (in case the space challenge star counts). Nothing. Every 16th or 17th word? Nothing. I’ve even joined the top half of the letter with the bottom half at their folds (reminiscent of the bag page of MAD Magazine back in the day). Nothing. Drawing lines between the black stars and white stars that are the same size. Nothing. Drawing lines through the “clustered pairs” of stars on the page to see if they point to specific words. Nothing. I’m running out of ideas, but thought that a posting may inspire someone else. My next project is to join all the “celluloid” looking frames between scenes in the trailer and see if they fit together in any way. These are the bluish-white frames that look like mist or burned projector film or even electron microscope images throughout the trailer when you view it frame by frame. Who has too much time on his hands???? THIS GUY right here!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey. If you look up Gordon Cooper on Google. It looks pretty similiar to Captain “Coop” Cooper from the letter. At least to my eyes.

  13. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    Remember, kids: real spacemen love rocket poppeteers!!!
    What if this letter is a throw back to the 70’s when the super8 film was made. And is showing how they recruited the kids Josh etc.

  14. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    Just looked at the envelope I received and I see numbers on the bottom of it. All the mail I received this week doesn’t have any on the envelopes and the numbers I have are different to those on the envelope posted here. Has anyone else noticed this?

  15. axemurderer says:

    @bertmagert and @troyjackson

    I think that the both of you are onto something with that quote. “real spacemen love rocket poppeteers” I think there is some type of alien or some kind of corporation that are recruiting these kids for some kind of purpose. whether it be good or bad, I don’t know

  16. CzM says:

    I am running into something sort of odd on the website. On the last page of the site where you enter commands (.PRINT, .EXEC, etc.) I was going through them again to find out which one used with .COMT. For instance, I typed in the command A5RSR1, but as I type the number 1, it appears as the letter “Y”. Type either 1 or 2 and each time you get either Y(1) or N(2). Does anyone know why this is happening? And we still have not determined which of the commands activates .COMT. Any thoughts?

  17. gaflin says:

    I counted at least 39 stars. 40 if you include the word “stars” in the question. 41 if you include the picture of “Coop” Cooper.

  18. Mike says:

    now what do we do

  19. gaflin says:

    Sorry. I didn’t see the flag. So I get 89. Or 90. Or 91.

  20. Raeven says:

    @ CzM

    same thing happened to me and 0 = enter

  21. CzM says:


    That is very suspicious to me because it only occurs on that page. if you type 1 or 2 on any of the preceeding pages, the numbers appear as they are typed. i wonder why and if it has any significance. what do you think?

  22. Jenn says:

    Got my letter last week. I read on some random website to email your count of stars to I did it and am waiting. But honestly I think we’re supposed to snail mail our answers back, 16 or 90 depending on how you count the stars. So….???

  23. Jenn says:

    Okay, here was the email response: —-Sorry, kids!!! Captain “Coop” Cooper is out battling The Red Cozmo!Become a certified Rocket Poppeteer Astronaut and join the race toouter space!—–

    I’m with Mike…..Now what????

  24. Corey says:

    don’t forget about the star that the question is in…?

  25. hunter says:

    i was reading the news paper article from the scariest thing i ever saw website and it was talking about nikita khrushchev sighning a peace treaty with america. i researched this treaty and it happened in 1955 alaska and hawii werent part of the U.S. which means there was only 48 stars on captian coops sleeve in the letter you get when you send the thing in. i still dont no what to do with the stars though. does anyone?

  26. Raeven says:

    @ CzM

    i really dont know. but if you type .PRINT GMRF36 it says instead of an invalid request, it says read error. do you know what that means?

  27. I’m getting the feeling that Super 8will have alot of Easter Eggs, since it’s a tribute to Spielberg, we have to spot a lot of things ex. the yellow pick up truck from the teaser AND Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  28. TheDoctor says:

    The Rocketpoppeteers site has a twitter page now. Nothing big yet, just pictures of them handing stuff out at comic-con, but still, something might pop-up.

  29. CzM says:


    I have a friend who is a network administrator and I am going to pick his brain about all of those commands. It feels like what we are all looking for is right in front of our faces, but we keep getting distracted by our own overactive imaginations and all the new developments (letter, josh minker, etc.) . If I come up with anything useful after talking to him though, I will share. I have scoured Youtube for additonal tidbits but its not so easy when you don’t really know what you are looking for and I doubt that anything would be all that obvious. But it can’t hurt to keep searching. I hope that they don’t limit this to the internet. Getting the letter was a cool twist. It would be awesome if more of the bread crumbs could be just as tangible.

  30. Jenn says:

    Since the movie isn’t set for release til 2011 I think this is going to drag on for months. I think I’ll mail my “how many stars?” answer BACK to the rocketpoppeteers and wait around my mailbox for another month to see what happens.

  31. charmer1 says:

    Does anybody know how to get the coupon in order to join the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Program ? If it’s still out anymore. Thanks.

  32. @Charmer1
    Print out the pages (by typing .PRINT RSCOM8) and then cut out the coupon from the Rocket Poppeteers page and mail it.

  33. trav says:

    You guys need to look more closely. Everyone is skipping over the 2nd American flag on the rocket ship which brings your total to 189 stars. Don’t know why this number is significant but im sure well find out. Also, at comic-con when the ice cream rocket poppeteers truck came the flavors listed on the truck look as almost as if it were in a code…

    From the Ice Truck we know:

    Super Speedflier Fleet:

    Original – Lime – Orange

    Look for these FOUR additional Fleets in your grocer’s Freezer

    Coop’s Fleet:

    Original – Cherry – Lime – Watermelon – Grape – Orange

    Brain Fleet:

    Cherry – Lime

    Twin Teamwork Fleet

    Original – Grape – Orange

    Sonic Strength Fleet:

    Original – Cherry – Lime – Watermelon – Orange

    License Plate :


    License Plate Holder:

    Super Speedflier Fleet – Top Line – Bottom Line

    Small grey Rocket on the mirrors

  34. @trav FOUR is capitalized….

  35. trav says:

    @joshua Arispe Ya i noticed that too. and if you notice each flavor name that has “Fleet” in it …the flavor combinations end in orange, except for “Brain Fleet it ends with Lime. but also i figured like the license plate # could be a cipher or FOUR could have a significant meaning.

  36. @Trav yeah That’s what i meant when i said four, what could it mean…

  37. Jenn says:

    Hhm, I missed comic con, too bad. But I’m glad you posted that. I took the fourth letter from each flavour and the list of letters I got was:


    I thought maybe there was a General Green or something but google brought me nothing useful. Maybe the code isn’t as simple as that? The PN 2x makes no sense unless I’m missing something. REG as in regular? I don’t know!

  38. Jenn says:

    Oh and WHY is Freezer capitalised? Isn’t that a bit random?

  39. Chris Etrata says:

    Try writing on the page how many stars are on the page, and then send it back to them.

  40. Britt says:

    @Chris Etrata, That’s a good idea. Someone should try that. I don’t have a letter myself so I can’t, otherwise I would!

  41. Chris Etrata says:

    @Britt, Just write on the same page as the message how many stars are there, put it in a blank envolope, address it to the same address as where the message came from, and then send it in.

  42. Jenn says:

    But have we determined exactly how many stars are on the page? According to some its 16, others are upwards of 100.

  43. Chris Etrata says:

    @Jenn, There are 90 stars in the page. 50 on the U.S. flag, 23 in that image with the boy and the father, and 17 scattered around the message including one which asks you the question, HOW MANY STARS ARE ON THE PAGE. Just put in your answer somewhere on the page. It is best to put it under the star which contains the question of how many stars are under there. Then, send it to the same address who sent you that message, and then maybe you’ll get another challenge from Rocket Poppeteers (maybe get some key information about Super 8.)

  44. Anon says:

    Does captain cooper count as a star? he seems pretty famous in relation to the message

  45. Chris Etrata says:

    No, only stars as in a shape, or in the sky counts.

  46. Run4DaHills says:

    Has anybody thought about the cheesy 40’s/50’s mindset this sort of Space Patrol Fan Club is reminiscent of? Secret decoder rings must be soon to be in Cracker Jacks boxes. How about rubbing lemon juice on the letter or holding it up to a light source for watermarks? In the final count of stars, did anyone include Coop the Astronaut – and how about this cheesy approach to include YOUR NAME , as in, “You are our next Star Astronaut!”
    I’ve not gotten a letter yet. I just discovered the Poppeteers signup page today but I’m reading through all the posts here and looking at the letter image. It may all be “red herrings” to keep us busy for a year.

  47. Jenn says:

    Awesome. Mailing it Tomorrow.

  48. Capt. Jay says:

    Can anyone read the watermark on the envelope or the letter?

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