It looks like the Rocket Poppeteers have touched down in San Diego for the weekend to pay a visit to all of the Comic-Con goers. As many of you have pointed out in the comments, the Rocket Poppeteers website has been updated recently with a link to a twitter page. The first tweet went out 18 hours ago asking if you can find them before they find you, which was then followed up by instructions to bring your Rocket Poppeteers letter to the truck for a special surprise. It also looks like if you go to the truck and sing the theme song you get a t-shirt. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you would also get a t-shirt if you brought your letter from the Rocket Poppeteers. I can't imagine too many people were carrying around their letters so the theme song might be another way to give out the shirts. They are also giving away Super Speedflier Fleet popsicles.

There are also a few pictures posted on the twitpic account of the truck surrounded by people. So if you're out in San Diego right now, let us know if you find the truck and give them your letter. And I suggest following the Twitter account as I'm sure it'll be getting updated a lot more in the future.

Thanks again to those of you that left this info in the comments (Xeno and TheDoctor).

According to gramma over at unfiction this is a round up of what people have gathered from the Truck itself (I'm sure more people contributed to the thread on unfiction, but gramma sums it up nicely so I apologize to those that I'm not citing)

From the Ice Truck we know:

Super Speedflier Fleet:

Original - Lime - Orange

Look for these FOUR additional Fleets in your grocer's Freezer

Coop's Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Grape - Orange

Brain Fleet:

Cherry - Lime

Twin Teamwork Fleet

Original - Grape - Orange

Sonic Strength Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Orange

License Plate :


License Plate Holder:

Super Speedflier Fleet - Top Line - Bottom Line

Small grey Rocket on the mirrors

98 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers – Now With More Twitter!”

  1. Erik says:

    I found this i dont know if is about super 8

    <>National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    NTP Finalizes Report on Bisphenol A
    Current human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in many polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, is of”some concern” for effects on development of the prostate gland and brain and for behavioral effects in fetuses, infants and children, according to a final report released today by the National Toxicology Program (NTP).

  2. Matt says:


    That’s a quote about the NIH’s report on BPA in plastics and the potential hazard to human health. If I recall, it’s probably a couple of years old.

    Why would that be related to Super 8?

  3. /James V. says:

    does anyone find it odd that no one saw kids at comic-con im like 13 and as far as I could tell there werent any there then again I DID NOT go which sucks also no updates from

  4. […] this leads to anything or starts up the next phase of the viral, but you can check out articles on Super 8 News and MovieViral for details on the truck. They’ve even been keeping track of things like the […]

  5. 3kko says:


    Im 15 and I was there. I saw a baby dressed up as baby mario with his family. There were kids, you just had to look for them.

  6. /James V. says:

    @3kko aahh it all makes sense now… still sucks it didn’t get to go P.S. Dr.Gordon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CzM says:

    Okay so the flavors have to contain some kind of code or clue. Does anyone remember the site for the Cloverfield virals? I was lead to believe by a “collegue” that if the slusho flavors were assembled in just the right order, something was to have been revealed. I was never able to crack that one, but it made me think of this new development. I actually wouldn’t even know what to look for or where to start with the RP flavors, but I am convinced there’s more to what we are seeing here than what appears. Interesting.

  8. Horsewet says:

    Rocket Poppeteers website changed, adding “Check back shortly for your chance to join the Rocket Poppeteers!”

  9. Mike says:

    Why is the word FOUR in bold print?

  10. Mike says:

    did anybody bring the rocket poppeteers letter to the truck and get the surprise or sing the rocket popeteers theme song and get the surprise??

  11. @Mike someone mention in the older comments that they were the only ones who got the surprise with the letter, and that “they will wear it with great pride.”

    @Horstwet thank you for referring to my last comment.

  12. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    Has anyone noticed that the 2 smaller planets on the twitter background are the same?

  13. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    And a new post on

  14. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    And a new post on

    JULY 28TH
    By Josh | Published: July 28, 2010
    Sorry I’ve been so behind in answering your emails, guys. Figures that as soon as I start having fun, my “real job” heats up. I really do appreciate your questions but bills, unfortunately, have to come first right now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up once things slow down in a week or so.

  15. Troy "Wings" Jackson says:

    And twitter itself has been updated:
    Missed us in San Diego? Don’t worry! We’ll be recruiting in your town soon. Stay tuned!

  16. Raeven says:

    Hey, there is a new post on the RP twitter. They said that if we missed them, they would come to our town soon.

  17. @Raeven Troy just posted that. -.-

  18. 3kko says:

    I’m really hoping one of those locations is Seattle, maybe during PAX West… I want to try the other flavors!

  19. Wes says:

    Online registration at!!!!!!

  20. Wes says:

    Just registered. Looks like there will be a game soon.

  21. Britt says:

    The RocketPoppeteers site is now up and running. I submited my information, but when I tried to login to the site it says the registration wasn’t found on record. I tried this twice and got the same message. Is this happening to anyone else? Do you think that you have to wait to recieve something in the mail for the website to work for you?

  22. Britt says:

    I found an update on the scariestthingieversaw site. Move the main box and click print. A new message showed up. It said something about taking down sales listings(Craig’s list?) and “It’s about your father.”

  23. I may be paranoid (i may be not) but the sound at sounds EXACTLY like EXPCNV.DAT

  24. Tyler says:

    after being told to take the things down from craigslist….suddenly the craigslist items are NO MORE!!! i guess he listened. 🙂 and we were obviously wrong! it was his father who was involved not his mother!!!!!!

  25. Oh my god, I just heard the RP Theme Song!!!! After summiting the application, you heard the theme song!! Admin, where the heck are you….

  26. Tyler says:


  27. @Tyler hahaha i recorded the song, gonna uploaded now.

  28. Note: when it opens, it’s gonna say Composer Joshua Arispe, please rewrite it lol I was in a hurry because I only had 5 minutes left on the computer.

  29. Will says:

    Hey guys! On the privacy policy for the RP site, theres an email adress

    Probably just for clarification on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, but I’m gonna email just to check.

  30. Jaaack says:

    Did anyone think to run expcnv.mp3 through a spectrograph? i tried it and the results seemed like something might be there ro find. if you zoom it SEEMS like some kind of asian character but i dont know just mty guessing

  31. Jaaack says:

    I just noticed that all the links for the HLM posts (at leastthe links on the super 8 wiki) are “” and a number. Im thinking thopse numbers may be important. probably either the numbers themselves or the differences between each number in order

  32. Rixx says:


  33. juno18 says:

    wow site its running

  34. juno18 says:

    how can i get the rp theme song

  35. Rick says:

    Rocket Poppeteers is open!!!

  36. Sinamatik says:

    I saw the website and heard the theme song… and then my rocket poppeteered!

  37. Alyery says:

    Registration at has just begun!

  38. Rick says:

    @Sinamatik – That was hysterical!!!

  39. Will says:

    Can anyone get a quick screen capture of the folders and pictures on the RP site? THey might give a clue, or just a visual of something. I saw a weird mechanical thing in one picture. Could it be the previously mentioned “Red Cosmo”?

  40. Will says:

    These are my thoughts on the viral so far. Most of this campaign has been focused on the Rocket Poppeteers. If the print page says “Stop posting publicity”, and there has been so much about the Rocket Poppeteers, that might be the publicity. It doesn’t make much sense because who wouldn’t want people to know about the Rocket Poppeteers? And why? And if the “publicity” isn’t RP, what is it? I suggest looking into this.

  41. Xposure86 says:

    @will – Yeah i was curious about that too.

    I’m also curious about people who where already registered at RP since there is a validating form on the site, i registered but i can not validate.
    when i try it says it doesnt exist.
    anyone got something on this?

  42. Xposure86 says:

    Ehm just wondering had anyone looked at the Source of the hook line and minker website??
    i found some things in the source i dont get,
    ” div class=”skip-link”>Skip to content</div "
    can someone tell me what this is? or look at the source??

  43. Daniel says:

    hey ~ i saw this at SD…..Weeeeeeeee~ Rocket Poppeteers rock!!!!

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