Take Down The Sale Listings!

Looks like things are starting to take off! A new print out was discovered on the scariesthingieversaw.com website that indicates that the craigslist ads were linked to the Super 8 viral (I had my doubts, but this seems to confirm them in my eyes). The new text is above the original posting and image that was discovered a previously and it reads:

If you're who I think you are, it's about your father. I'll tell you more when i can, but you must take down those sale listings. Anything you found may be important.

> I've been quiet. PLEASE - what is this about??

>>I think something may have reactivated. Need to make sure we're still alone.
>>Keep it hidden until further contact.

>>>See. I have the damn thing. What is it?

So it sounds like something is up with Josh Minker's father and some of his mother's things may hold some importance, or at least important enough that this person doesn't want him selling them. It also appears that Josh took the advice and has since deleted the craigslist postings.

So take this as you will, but I think this is going to be our main source of information in the coming months in regards to the viral campaign. I know the Rocket Poppeteers stuff is also starting to move forward, but I think that's going to be more like the Slusho stuff was to Cloverfield. More of just a fictional product that Abrams and crew will insert here and there, but I'm not sure that it's going to yield any concrete clues to unraveling the mystery surrounding this whole thing.

Thanks Xeno for the comment regarding this, sorry I didn't post it sooner (wasn't near a comp till this morning).

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22 Responses to “Take Down The Sale Listings!”

  1. Joshua Arispe (Cocotones) says:

    “Anything you found may be important.”
    Hmm… maybe like, monster-footage-caught-on-Super-8-Camera- important?

  2. CzM says:

    @Joshua Arsipe (cocotones)

    That is exactly what I was thinking. I’m not sure if this was already touched on, but one of the things I considered about the craigslist items was if there had been a small film canister in the box, possibly containing the footage. I didn’t interject this anywhere because I thought it was one of those “longshot” guesses. By the way, did you register yourself on the RP site?

  3. Joshua Arispe (Cocotones) says:

    Wiat, what canister? Where?
    BTW: Yep! Sended the coupon (still haven’t recieved it) and resgister online.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hey, just an interesting fact idk if its been mentioned. but the rocket poppeteers namesake is captain coop.

    any relation to Gordon Cooper?

    i just stumbled onto this the other day


  5. Xposure86 says:

    Hey guy’s it maybe something stupid, but i was looking at the pictures and i remembered that in the trailer there are splitsecond screens.
    so i’m going to try if it is somesort of a puzzle.
    and i’ll let you guy’s know what i find.

  6. Dylan says:

    hey admin didnt you say you were going to make like copies of the creiglist ads are you going to post thoese up

  7. @Dylan yeah he saved copies of the craiglists ads.

  8. Dylan says:

    @Joshua Arispe (Cocotones)
    ok thank you because there may have been somthing on the ads

  9. CzM says:

    @Joshua Arsipe (cocotones)

    No, no. Sorry. Regarding my comment about the film canister. I was merely wondering out loud if such a thing was included in amongst the other sale items. Anything could have been included within those boxes that Josh was trying to sell. And the sense of urgency I got from whomever it was that told him to take down the Craigs List post made me speculate about this even more. If not a film canister then maybe pictures, or a microfilm of some sort. Or a key to a safety deposite box possibly hidden in the hat. This is all heresay as nothing of this sort has been mentioned. Again, I’m just thinking out loud. Your thoughts?

  10. Joshua Arispe (Cocotones) says:

    It won’t hurt to try, just comment that you think. You might be right, you might be wrong.

  11. jessenyhc says:

    kind of off topic, but kind of has to do with these ads

    do you guys think that this movie is gonna be filmed present day, and just revolve around an incedent that happened in the 70’s (the trailer)?

    it looks to me like this guy(josh) didn’t know or remembered about what happened that night(the train crash aftermath that he caught on a super 8 camera[my theory]) and now as an adult is selling this stuff and remembers about a film he shot, and finds out what he really has on film. and maybe what is on the film gives some answers to some kind of alien invasion or visit (in the present day)

    and regarding RP, the original news paper ads were really for that message (the underlined “went underground” stuff) and the whole RP website is just to make this all feel real, but there is no real clues to find there or anything.

    idk, thats kind of my theory so far. i read and enjoy everyone else’s theories and thoughts so i thought i’d share mine.

    i just hope that this movie involves greys and that they give off that feeling of fear. lol

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  13. janesmith says:

    i posted this in forums with a link to the audiofile but some new ramblings in my head

    This is what I hear after breaking it down a few noise levels

    Music in background fades in and out .. dig bark or sharp loud noise. end of tape is large bump you can see it when in sound file thump/ cutoff/ bumping against recording device

    Sorry dint see em back with it
    We had any of em they be on there / we had anything it be on there.
    Blue Cam , lion/Lyin on it,
    You think theres any in the back?
    Ok then

    SO are we in a camera store here? he asking for a new camera? he getting film deveolped .. he ina fish store getting somthing for his new fishtank?
    Whos recording this?.. his craiglist buddy? He was following him hiding recorded him in store as proof he found him? dunno im rambling

    • 26062 says:

      i can honestly say i don’t believe there is a fish store in the movie….but there is” Olsens Camera and HiFi” store in it….they are filming in that area tomorrow…but i will get a pic. of that store front as soon as i can for you

  14. 26062 says:

    yeah that is interesting…i can only speak of the areas i have seen and that is the downtown area… i don’t go up on the marland heights section of town…i will look again today to see if i see the pet store

  15. Peter Cambouris says:

    Has anyone thought to actually take all those images near the end and make a bigger picture…… It looks like a collage of images… a few E.T’s there… be interesting if anyone can look into that. I think that will reveal a lot.

    and by looking at those images I saw, I could only think of one thing…. this is a movie about alien races that are on earth… fighting for supremacy… Like to hear what you all think.

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