As you all know, the Rocket Poppeteers were out in full force during this years Comic Con in San Diego handing out t-shirts and popsicles. For those of us that weren't lucky enough to make it out to San Diego for the event you can now find some of those shirts on eBay. Rumor has it that when the Rocket Poppeteers website fully opens there will be a store of some sort, but if you can't wait here's your chance.

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8 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers T-Shirts Popping Up on eBay”

  1. Joshua Arispe (Cocotones) says:

    A store? Sweet!

  2. 3kko says:

    I didn’t get one of those shirts. They ripped me off with just a popsicle

  3. Chainsaw Fellatio says:

    This is such crap. These shirts are not Limited Edition! This is worse than color editions for this stupid vinyl craze going on in punk and experimental rock records…

  4. rey says:

    Well, as of right now, the only way to get them was from the truck.So until they are mainstream, I would say that they’re fairly limited edition.

  5. Chainsaw Fellatio says:

    Unless they aren’t going to press them again, they aren’t limited edition. Plain and simple. That’s a big no no in the music industry unless of course your label’s roster and name recognition allows you to simply get away with a cheap ass marketing scheme. And I’m certain they’re going to press more… this is known as “flipping” in the vinyl business.

  6. rey says:

    This isn’t the music industry. This is a viral marketing thing. Also, It’s like the map packs for Halo 3: The Mythic Map Pack was initially available only through buying ODST. If you didn’t have that, you weren’t playing the maps. People went out, shelling out upwards of $60 for these maps (and the game too, though it definitely wasn’t worth a full game price). Then, like 6 months later, the maps came out at a price of around $10-$15. So, until another way to get the shirts becomes available, people are going to pay for this stuff. Also, they probably will stop producing the shirts after the hype for the movie is done.

  7. Chainsaw Fellatio says:

    Yes, but the way these sellers are marketing these shirts is a direct parallel if you didn’t see that at all…

    End of conversation comment: It’s unwise to buy something marketed as limited when in fact it isn’t.

  8. kush says:

    It is still limited until they are mainstream, stop bitching.

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