When the site "launched" last week it only allowed us to sign up or verify who we were, but now the site has fully launched, kind of. There are still place holders for each of the sections, so not a whole lot going on, but you can still play around with the site a bit.  I've only had a few minutes to click around with it but here's what we have.

You can press all sorts of buttons on the console and make weird noises, not sure if the buttons actually do anything outside of make sounds, but I'm sure you guys will exhaust all possibilities.

If you press blast off, the ship takes off and we see a space landscape with Captain "Coop" Cooper floating around and this now gives us access to the following locations on the site:

  • The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy
  • P.M.C.
  • Uncharted Territory
  • Poppeteers Pride
  • Coop's Amazing Adventures
  • Space Station: Freezer
  • Astronaut Program
  • Super Space Store

It doesn't look like there is much going on inside each of the sections yet, the only one that does anything is the Space Station: Freezer. If you press the function switch you'll see the flavors, but that's all I can get to work. I've attached screenshots after the jump of what they all currently show. So did you guys find anything else that I may have missed? Let us know in the comments.

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111 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers is now OFFICIALLY Open, Kind of”

  1. alwayslove2010 says:

    Has anyone noticed the little tab on STIES?? It adds a speech bubble thing with a number sign in it. When you click on it, it asks for a password. Am I just behind or is this sorta new? And if i’m just behind, what’s the password?

  2. zach says:

    Has the RP website been updated? I haven’t been looking around till just lately and saw the Space Station Freezer part is differnt….Earth and a fridge of all the Rocket Poppeteers.

  3. serene1 says:

    Has anyone noticed that when you go to the space station freezer section and click on the lime flavour rocket (its the one in camouflage) then click on the function switch of the command console do hicky it brings up the ingredients the final ingredient for the lime pop is kaitei no mitsu which is the same stuff that featured on the slusho website for cloverfield.

  4. Zirus101 says:

    When I try to log in, it aske for a postal code, and then digits only, but in my postal code, there is letters,help?

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