When the site "launched" last week it only allowed us to sign up or verify who we were, but now the site has fully launched, kind of. There are still place holders for each of the sections, so not a whole lot going on, but you can still play around with the site a bit.  I've only had a few minutes to click around with it but here's what we have.

You can press all sorts of buttons on the console and make weird noises, not sure if the buttons actually do anything outside of make sounds, but I'm sure you guys will exhaust all possibilities.

If you press blast off, the ship takes off and we see a space landscape with Captain "Coop" Cooper floating around and this now gives us access to the following locations on the site:

  • The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy
  • P.M.C.
  • Uncharted Territory
  • Poppeteers Pride
  • Coop's Amazing Adventures
  • Space Station: Freezer
  • Astronaut Program
  • Super Space Store

It doesn't look like there is much going on inside each of the sections yet, the only one that does anything is the Space Station: Freezer. If you press the function switch you'll see the flavors, but that's all I can get to work. I've attached screenshots after the jump of what they all currently show. So did you guys find anything else that I may have missed? Let us know in the comments.

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111 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers is now OFFICIALLY Open, Kind of”

  1. Jeff says:

    Yes! “Fly back soon for new Rocket Poppeteers gear!” I can’t wait.

  2. You better believe this is better than Slusho!

  3. Jeff says:


    I believe! Although I still wear my Slusho! shirt all the time with pride!

    You can’t drink just six baby! But after so much Slusho! I need some change, an ice pop that dares to take me where no ice pop has gone before, TOO SPACE!!!

  4. Brandon says:

    I am having trouble registering. If you click on the recruiting in your town, it keeps saying my name is not correct. I’ve tried caps sensitive and everything and it still won’t work.

  5. Penguin says:

    have you noticed that when you press the button pad to the left of blast off, the bottom left button sounds just like the ending sound from the expcnv sound file

  6. 3kko says:

    I wonder…
    If you manage to press all the buttons that make the same sound on the button pad, do you unlock something?

  7. Juno18 says:

    i counted the stars and there are 80

  8. rey says:

    Is the “Fly the ssf1” option still there? I haven’t been on the site yet, my current computer’s kind of slow.

  9. Will says:

    If you move the funtion switch to the far right on Uncharted Territory, it makes radio static. Dunno what it means, but just thought I’d mention. Also can someone try to decipher the words you hear when you click blast off?

  10. Raeven says:

    what does P.M.C. stand for?

  11. 1dollerballer says:

    @Raeven P.M.C. = Poppeteers Mission Control.

  12. Brett says:

    This site is amazing. It says a store is opening. Does that mean an ice cream store or more?

  13. @Brett i hope so! T-Shirts, hats, etc. I just hope they might sell ice cream…

  14. Robert P says:

    As soon as the screen loads after Blast off pay attention to the first rock that flys by.

    It resembles, very closely, a ceolecanth.

  15. Raeven says:

    @ 1dollerballer


  16. Jimmie says:

    Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but, I received my letter. When I went to the site and clicked on “Already a Candidate” & entered my info, it didn’t find my info. I then entered my info as a new candidate, came back the next day, & still no recognition.
    Is anyone else experiencing problems?

  17. poopman says:

    All right I have been researching through some old Spielberg and J.J. movies and came across something interesting. You know on Catch me if you Can when Detective Henreitti is going through Frank Abignale’s wallet? One of the labels in the wallet displays the rocket poppeteers logo.

  18. […] missioni sono in tutto (per ora) otto e ve le riporto qui sotto. Su Super 8 News trovate anche tutte le schermate di risposta ad ogni missione. Inevitabile aspettarsi che da una di […]

  19. Robb says:

    Hey poopman can you get a screen shot or something somehow so we can see?

  20. poopman says:

    ugh. i wish. sorry

    • admin says:

      I’d check it out (the clip from Catch Me If You Can), but sadly I do not own that movie… if anyone does can you see if you can get a screenshot?

  21. I have the film, never seen it before, so yay! Movies tonight XD.

  22. Wes says:

    I’ve been watching the wallet scene over and over, and don’t see a RP logo anywhere. Starts at 5:59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDg2G09hjQU&feature=related

  23. @Wes Lmao i’m watching it on youtube too!

  24. @Poopman wait a sec! Abrams said this film would be a tribute to Spielberg’s 70/ 80’s film, Catch me if you can came out in 2002. Go figure.

  25. SamaEl says:

    Nope, no Rocket Poppeteers that I can see:


  26. SamaEl says:

    On the Catch me If You Can scene, that is.

  27. I saw something that looked like the Rp Logo. When Tom Hanks is alone by himself, he is taking out stuff from DiCaprio’s wallet, and after the close up shot of the ketchup and the peanut butter around 6:11 on his left hand i see something gray, kinda like the logo from the prints outs. The thing is i am not watching the film in HD so I could really get a look at it.

  28. so i couldn’t really get a look at it.

  29. poopman says:

    I am watching it on blue ray.

  30. Well i’m watching it online.

  31. where did u spot it? be more specific plz.

  32. mat says:

    hi im a kid and i like arg and i enterd my information on the rp website and my age but it wont work do you haft do be 18 years and older to register im 11

  33. @mat i’m 13 and i registered. Probably 13 and up.

  34. poopman says:

    @joshua yes that grey label is it.

  35. Juno18 says:

    guys lets count how many stars are on the background

  36. Raeven says:

    new post on HLM

  37. @poopman that doesn’t really look like the logo to me, but good try to find.

  38. poopman says:

    arrgh! I am looking at it right now and I just can’t get a screenshot.

  39. 3kko says:


    I’m pretty sure it’s not in there, but get a screenshot and post a link to it. Maybe then we’ll believe. I’m still skeptical.

  40. lirubinoff says:

    hhhhmmmmm… i wonder what the uncharted territory page is

  41. lirubinoff says:

    also, the flavor page has stopped working

  42. joshua sanchez says:


  43. Tim says:

    Hopefully the mobile website “lands soon” cuz my computer doesn’t work and I’ve been following all this from my iPod.

  44. Tim says:

    Also, has anyone tried typing something on the page where it asks if you’ve tried all the flavors? Sorta like the Y/N thing on the scariestthing website. And what’s the deal with the “blast to the past”? I just don’t see how the fish, area 51, rp, and josh’s family are connected at all. The movie might not even answer any of these questions we have(Slusho!), and it’s a big waste of time.we still have a year before the movie comes out so a lot can happen and turn the whole campaign around. Who would have guessed at the beginning of the campaign we would have been talking about Popsicles and counting stars?

  45. Daniel says:

    i love what they are doing now, making people crazy ~

  46. Marcos says:

    @Tim. I can relate to you comment. Everyday, I go online to find out any updates on the Super 8 movie. The marketing campaign is truly infectious, thus genious.

  47. Marcos says:

    I was just on the R.P. website, messing with some of the buttons, and a message scrolled across the ship’s console stating, “We’re now on the intersection of J and 5th street. Come sing the R.P. theme song and win prizes.” I believe those streets are in New York. Anyone in here from NY want to check it out?

  48. Marcos says:

    Sorry, not J street, but K.

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