When the site "launched" last week it only allowed us to sign up or verify who we were, but now the site has fully launched, kind of. There are still place holders for each of the sections, so not a whole lot going on, but you can still play around with the site a bit.  I've only had a few minutes to click around with it but here's what we have.

You can press all sorts of buttons on the console and make weird noises, not sure if the buttons actually do anything outside of make sounds, but I'm sure you guys will exhaust all possibilities.

If you press blast off, the ship takes off and we see a space landscape with Captain "Coop" Cooper floating around and this now gives us access to the following locations on the site:

  • The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy
  • P.M.C.
  • Uncharted Territory
  • Poppeteers Pride
  • Coop's Amazing Adventures
  • Space Station: Freezer
  • Astronaut Program
  • Super Space Store

It doesn't look like there is much going on inside each of the sections yet, the only one that does anything is the Space Station: Freezer. If you press the function switch you'll see the flavors, but that's all I can get to work. I've attached screenshots after the jump of what they all currently show. So did you guys find anything else that I may have missed? Let us know in the comments.

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111 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers is now OFFICIALLY Open, Kind of”

  1. Xeno Lambrose says:


    A friend wrote info@rocketpoppeteers.com explaining that hewas having problems signing in with the snail-mail coupon astronaut name and received this reply:

    “Rocket Poppeteers is unable to locate your application.

    Your application via mail may still be in transit or in process at our facility.

    Please check back again soon. You may also register online today as a
    new recruit.


    So, you can send an e-mail discussing your problem, and/or wait for your letter to come back (if that applies to you) before registering, register as a “new” recruit (rather than a “candidate”) with the same (or different name, or not register at all.

    If you click on ther “terms of use” I believe it says something about their intentions to keep ones who are under 13 off site (and I know you wouldn’t want to “fudge” about your age, would you, hee hee?)

  2. @3kk0 uuuhh holy crap somebody try that pleez

  3. danny sky says:

    cool , well i think , the sound’s of the page of scariest thing have a connection with the page of rocket poppeters in the section of blast off , well i think that

  4. Will says:

    Hey! Thee RP Twitter page background has Captain Coop on it now! Maybe he’s related to Josh? Or, as far fetched as it may seem, his DAD?

  5. Will says:

    Oh wait XD sorry he couldn’t be (Fail moment, please excuse the second half of the comment above)

  6. Will says:

    Can someone get a pic of the new Twitter background? I like using these as my desktop pics 😀

  7. Will says:

    Sorry for all the comments guys, but did anyone notice that the new twitter background, compared to the old, looks like its a picture of the same background, but farther to the right? Maybe this is a long pic that they’re taking snippets of? I dunno, I’m just posting what I think so far.

  8. Wes says:

    @will all you have to do is right click and select view background image. But here’s a link for that. http://a3.twimg.com/profile_background_images/130310335/RP_twitter_skin.jpg

  9. James V. says:

    guys found something!!!!!!!!!!! at R.P.com when u scroll over the recruiting in your town it used to say “Have you signed up to be a R.P. astrounot yet?” now it says ” Captain coop. needs your help! sign up today!!!” wierd huh?

  10. Daniel says:

    thx James V
    i m checking that out right now!!!!

  11. Oscar says:

    Idk im just thinking but there was a sound file found on “thescariestthingieversaw”….so i was thinking what if someone could match those sounds heard in the song to the control ship buttons in “therocketpoppeteers” ???? idk. theories.

  12. SITREP says:

    I was just on rocketpoppeteers.com, and after joining, I was fiddling with the buttons, and I noticed that occasionally you hear people talking, like in the teaser. I managed to make out “Continue with mission” or something and “Bravo Tango Delta” This could be just nothing, but if we put it all together it could be a conversation like on the teaser or STIES.

  13. Gerry says:

    I was playing around with the function lever, you get static but if you wait there are messages to. My ears are not good enough to make out what it is. Someone else try it please

  14. Raeven says:

    @ Gerry

    At the end I got:

    “We are clear for takeoff, stand by for ignition.”

  15. CzM says:

    Meanwhile, are there any new developments with Josh Minker or STIES?

  16. Wes says:

    Not that I’ve seen. Lot’s of things were happening on Wednesdays, so I was pretty excited to come to work yesterday and see if there were updates. I was sorely disappointed.

  17. t furons says:

    hey i went to the super8 offcial websie and i found this weird

  18. James V. says:

    After blastoff u wll ocassionally hear astronaughts (typos sorry!) talking about returning to earth P.M.C. wil respond “Proceed with your mission in a forceful tone as if they were hiding something, they are constantly refferd to as team/roster “Bravo Tango Delta” or military alpha.bet. B.T.D. will further research this but I have also realised that the rocket SSf1 / CCf1 were probes sent in the 70’s to uncover extraterrestirial life that are also related to , ( GUESS WHO!!? )… Captain Coop.er J.J. Abrams rally workes his A$$ off for this one!!!!!!!!! 🙂 P.S. My email is vanwhyj@yahoo.com BTW

  19. James V. says:

    Found acronyms for B.T.D. and got some interesting results too!!! check it at : http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/BTD

  20. lirubinoff says:

    anyone else notice the morse code message on the screen where captain coop is floating through space?

  21. Andy says:

    @lirubinoff Actually if you listen closely, it’s not morse code. You get that noise when you change frequencies on a radio.

  22. SinaMatik says:

    I was just on Netflix watching a documentary called Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact, and there is this former astronaut named ‘Gordon Cooper’ giving an interview, I figured it may be the same figure of Captain “Coop” Cooper from RP. Just in case anyone was interested in hearing what the real person had to say about EBE’s.

  23. Andy says:

    When is this movie set again? He retired on July 31, 1970. Maybe he was a sponsor for the RP after retirement for some money.

  24. james V. says:

    has anyone found anything on the website like anything different I found something interesting on a previous post/s but nothing much…

  25. Gus says:

    Is it morse code? or can you connect the bright stars to make a bigger picture? It looks like you can.

  26. Gus says:

    Have you guys read about Gordon Cooper on Wikipedia? He has a great history with Nasa and the Air Force but more interesting the chapter on UFO’s that he witnessed. He took pics and video of a UFO landing at Edwards AFB! Super 8 style!

    • RandomGuy says:

      The thing that makes it an obvious lie is the part about him having a security clearance that’s 38 levels above Top Secret.
      Things that are classified at extremely high levels, or which are extraordinarily sensitive, are identified by code word, if at all. They are not classified in terms of how high they are above Top Secret. Why? Because even knowing that something is ranked 10 or 20 or 38 levels above Top Secret is information people outside the security system shouldn’t even possess.

  27. Here is some other stuff i know, whether it’s true or not. The reports claimed that JJ Abrams wrote the script which deals with “everyday people whose personal relationships are tested when they are thrown up against extraordinarily fantastic – and possibly other-worldly – events.”

    Also I have been reading articles and several sites thinks they have the plot revealed:


    RUMOR HAS IT the film will come out in May 27 2011, since Paramount pushed Mission: Impossible 4 out of that date, leaving the slot opened.

    Hope I helped. If i didn’t , well, worth a shot 🙂

  28. Jake says:

    I was just on the rocket poppeteers site and i was looking around when i saw this radar that had a dot pointed out and i was thinking of those space rocks and maybe they found the monster from those rocks and brought it here. I dunno maybe this is playing with my mind. (damn JJ does a good job of keeping secrets)

  29. Manny says:

    Maybe the movie is about gordon cooper and he turns into a monster which is the thing inside the box. And hes the father of josh minker. thoughts.

  30. poopman says:

    @Manny what the fuck?

  31. CzM says:

    Its safe to assume that this is a fairly family friendly site, so if you don’t mind, can you clean up your language? I think you can see for yourself if you scroll through most the posts here that we all keep it pretty clean. Thanks much, and you know who you are!

  32. scottie c says:

    woah there poopman calm yo language. do you pay for that hbo language?

  33. Robert P says:

    Filming starts at the end of september in wierton west virginia.

  34. Robert P says:


    wheels are turning for the filming….secret code names…looks as if little darlings may have in fact been a cover for a casting call.

  35. Rex Ryan says:

    I didnt see anything wrong with Poopman’s language…

  36. Tony Dungy says:

    I’m disappointed with all the profanity. I think poopman can make his points without all that.

  37. poopman says:

    nuff said

  38. Teckla says:

    As a side note about the trailer itself since I have not read ALL of the posts and therefore unsure if anyone has made connections like this yet…. (also I know all of this is completely fictionalized, but we detectives must work with the data available to us)

    1. Cloverfield monster design was based on a toy that J.J.’ s son picked out while in a Japanese toy store… Was actually based off an idea of a Cthulu mythos creature of some sort. Additionally the spawning of tiny minions or Dark things is quite common to these gigantic deities.

    2. Surely the nerdiest of us have heard of the Call of Cthulu and related Lovecraft-ian lore from our friends and Gamer sub-culture in general. What some of you may not know, is that the deities of this mythos are going to awaken soon and need to be released by followers of cults, who would do anything (I.e. be a truck sacrifice to a train) in order to bring about the release of these deities upon our world

    3. Cthulu himself is said to be asleep in the SouthEastern Pacific Ocean(Cloverfield/Origins of the Slusho), and while nobody human truly recognises where they have come from or where they shall go, the Old Ones are said to have to come from deep within the hidden realms of Space-Time (Super-8)….

    If someone could find out if J.J. Abrams spent his time in college reading Lovecraft I think that would help the general idea of what he is doing congeal.

    OH! and before I forget
    4. Like the movies where we have no real concrete context to figure out what these creatures are or where they were released from, Lovecraft himself kept his true deitic structure vague and at times would completely change events around; because it is not important what the creatures are or where they come from, but that the terror of them exists and whether or not humanity could(Or should) survive it.

  39. James V. says:

    @RobertP I TOLD YOU GUYS!!!!! come on it was so obvious!!!

  40. CzM says:

    It seems, commrades, that we are at a stand-still. Other than the casting and location news, HAS ANYONE DISCOVERED ANYTHING ELSE ON EITHER STIES OR RP? I have definitely hit a wall.

  41. Wes says:

    Only thing I’ve seen is a post on HLM.

  42. RandomGuy says:

    What if…Super 8 is a cover itself? Maybe Abrahms has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and Super 8 really is just the prequel to Cloverfield.

  43. FriscoChiro says:

    Has anyone tried to figure out if the area of brown buttons in a 6×3 pattern can be used as a code for punching certain buttons? I don’t even know if that’s possible to figure out giving all the possible combinations that could exist. Just a thought I had.

  44. chazzmcc3 says:

    Has anyone seen the message that scrolls across the screen below the “blast off” button. It says something about where they are currently giving away popsicles or something. It also gives two links: twitpic.com/27yf13 and twitpic.com/27yb72 . The first one shows a room with a computer and some Spanish caption under the pic. The second link seemed to be dead. If someone has already mentioned this, sorry. If not, any ideas?

  45. Ilson perez says:

    The blue truck from the picture gallery is the truck that crashes into the train in the movie trailer!!!:0!!!

  46. Chvbi says:

    the wrong link: twitpic.com/27yf13 and the pick of the poppeteer’s truck was posted at the same date… July 23, 2010


  47. Gareth says:

    I think the white stars are some clue as to the pattern of lights on the dashboard. There is a grid of 6 x 3 white lights that you can turn on and off, and some of the stars are solid and some are hollow. There aren’t enough stars though, so I’m missing something. Also, I’m not sure if you need to press something afterwards.

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