A Few Site Updates

I finally got around to updating the backend software to the latest version and I noticed that it included some cool features so I wanted to be sure to let you guys know. Actually it's really only one cool feature and that's nested comments. So what this means is that you can reply to someone's comment and it will actually indent your comment a little bit making it much easier to follow who's replying to who. I think this is going to make discussion in the comments a lot easier to follow so I hope you guys take advantage. I currently have it setup to only go 5 levels deep which I think will be plenty, plus it'll start smashing the comments if I go much further than that. So to use this feature you will now see a "Reply" link at the end of every single comment, if you click that link (instead of just scrolling to the bottom and using the quick reply box) your reply will appear directly under that persons comment, that you wish to reply to.

Also, with the update I know I'm not going to be able to catch every little bug that may have been caused, so if you notice something not working right please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks guys, hopefully we'll get some more movie news soon!


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  1. Actually thanks for that reply button 😉

  2. Dray 8 says:

    I dont know if i’m putting this in blog right but am very new at this. Any how I got a screen shot that might be interesting, at the end of the trailer after the super 8 title, I got a screen shot of the image after it. how do I post it if I cant do it then can someone more comp savvy take a look at it. looks like alien wreckage to me.

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