New Audio File and Print Out!

A new printout and audio file have appeared on the Scariest Thing I Ever Saw website over the weekend and while it does update the Super 8 viral it doesn't really give us any new information.

Let's look at the latest print out first. For those of you that don't know where to find this, go to the scariest thing website, move the terminal window off to the side and you will see a window that asks you if you want to print all, click ok then either send the document to a printer or print it to a PDF and open it on your computer. I've attached a screenshot for those that don't want to bother printing it themselves, as well as a transcript of the new information.

They're looking in the wrong place. But I still found you easily. If you
want to find your father we'll have to be more careful. I'm working on it.

>Are you still there?? Hello??

>> I don't know who you are but I'm getting really tired of these games.
>> If you actually know anything, come out and say it. Otherwise, I'm
>> not going to respond to your crypic messages.

>>> Ok, I took everthing down. Who do you think I am? What do you know
>>> about my father?

The rest of the print out has been around for a while so I'm not going to transcribe the whole thing, but I will come up with a method for grouping information by site as someone mentioned in the comments, just give me some time. (thanks for the suggestion).

Along with the print out we also have an audio file that appears behind the "print" window. There is now another folder on the desktop called "Audio" and it contains an mp3 file called "untitled.mp3". From what you guys have gathered it sounds like an exchange between a customer and a clerk at a convenience store. Some of you guys are speculating that Josh and another man talking, I'm not sure if Josh is the one working or if he is the one looking for the product, but myfingerstink's transcribed it pretty well, since it's basically what I heard as well, but I have removed the indications of who is who because I'm not 100 percent sure that Josh couldn't be the one working the counter.

Customer -Sorry, I didnt see any back there.
Clerk -If we have any we would let you know.
Customer -Blue can, Lion on it? You think theres any in back?
Clerk -No
Customer -Okay then, sorry.

Some of you went ahead and tried to find a "Blue Can with a Lion on it" and came up with Roaring Lion, but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that Roaring Lion is not part of the viral, or at least Roaring Lion's site and information aren't going to yield any clues. Roaring Lion has been around for years as a cheaper alternative to Red Bull that bars use to mix drinks with. I mean, I guess it could just be a guy looking for an energy drink and the producers of the viral are throwing a little jab at the Cloverfield followers with the whole "it's a lion" thing, but I'm not sure.

roaring lion

So that's what we've got so far. I'm just glad something new has happened and hopefully I won't be out of town the next time they decide to drop some new information on this. And I'll work on organizing posts by website so you can see all the updates based on site. So look for that information in the sidebar later today.

More screenshots after the jump

audio file

audio file

audio file

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94 Responses to “New Audio File and Print Out!”

  1. Refrusdraob says:

    has anyone printed out the last text file on a different color of paper? just curious… it wouldn’t be hard to change the text to white and the file is two pages

  2. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else think that the voice of the man talking in “untitled.mp3” is the same voice from the Craiglist phone number? Sounds very alike to me.

  3. super8invester says:

    Anybody else saw the alien walk pass after the train crash? If you didn’t check out my vid

  4. A Leo says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m new here but have been reading. I couldn’t get the ‘blue can, lion on it’ thing out of my head. I actually find something interesting after some searching. It could be nothing though but maybe it leads us somewhere.

    It would make sense that the audio file is from a supermarket that Josh is asking something food/ beverage related. I found a picture of a limited blue can release of the brand Lion Red beers.

    When you go to the lion red website you will see that there was (!) a contest to win a fishing adventure.

    Any thoughts? I hope it’s all related…

    • Rocket Rob says:

      Notice how the sellers name is “runningman”…he has a 94 feedback rating and 3 stars in a triangle shape…just like the 3 dots…hmmm.

      He’s also selling a truck….check out his other listings.

  5. marcos says:

    notice how theres 8 tones / nosies

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