Super 8 Location Scouting in Weirton

Thanks to 26062 for posting these images from around Weirton, W.VA of the changes that are going on around town in anticipation of filming of Super 8. There's not a whole lot going on here, but this is just the beginning of the changes this small town is going to see and hopefully we'll have eyes and ears around town capturing all the details on camera for us.

For the hi-res images head on over to the forum. Thanks again 26062, glad you found a way to share them with us.

UPDATE: After the jump you can find a few more pictures thanks to chazzmcc3, thanks for all the pictures guys, keep em coming!

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

Here are a few more pictures courtesy of chazzmcc3.

I was able to snap some pictures on my iPhone of some filming locations around Weirton. The first two shots are of a convenience store that has been converted into a 70's era 7-11. They wouldn't allow photos inside the store. Btw: no sign of any drinks with blue lions or blue cans with lions at all, and no can koozies either. I looked. The other two pics are of a fictitious middle school. The building is actually a church, though I think it used to actually be a school.  As you can see, the school is Lillian Middle, because the town in the movie will be Lillian, OH.

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 shooting

weirton super 8 shooting

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27 Responses to “Super 8 Location Scouting in Weirton”

  1. Eric says:

    Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning reportedly first actors cast.

  2. Vic227 says:

    So I was thinking, I’m not sure If I’m correct but isn’t one of these a convenience store? And if not I saw that some stores give money order services so in one of the pictures there is a reflection of a money order sign. Just saying I’m not so sure

    • chazzmcc3 says:

      Yes, two of the pictures are from a convenience store in Weirton. It has been temporarily “gutted” and made to look like a 7-11 from the late 70’s. If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll see the old style labels for many of the items. I was able to walk around inside, because the store was still open as of yesterday. They wouldn’t let me take pictures from inside, but I got some from the parking lot. In the back of the store was a vintage Asteroids arcade game, which was released in 1979 (the year in which the movie takes place).

      As for the reflection, it doesn’t mean anything. There were some candy and newspaper vending machines in front of the window.

    • 26062 says:

      the window with the money order sign in it is going to be a pawn shop in the movie the money order sign is acually in the window across the entry way

  3. monochromatic says:

    If you notice on the ninth photo, theres a Rocket Popcicle poster in the top right corner.

  4. @Monochromamtic nice find 😀

    • monochromatic says:

      Yeah, maybe a few more in-depth photos will show a RP ice cream freezer of some sort…

      • chazzmcc3 says:

        Sorry, I don’t think I can get any in-depth pics of the store. They are filming there tonight, and they’ve had round the clock security since last night.

      • Testh says:

        James Locke was in East Liverpool, S & A foods was actually A&S and the store was right where the used car lot is. Marsh hawrare was down the street by Carolyn’s florist, next to Mike’s Auto repair. The set painters did an extrordinary job, The town looks better than ever, I wish they’d stay do several sequels and fix the whole place up!

  5. monochromatic says:

    oh! almost forgot, did you also notice the slush drink ad? Might be an easter egg for SLUSH-O. Or it could just be a regular 7-11 Slurpee.

  6. Ophiel says:

    Wow! It is really exciting to see your hometown in a major movie! Where is that convenience store located? Is it the one down the road from the high school?

  7. no bikes,i have one,you can use. it is a 1976 suzuki, (304)374-8768.charles truex.

  8. irishpub says:

    the whole town of weirton is exciting right now…what they have done looks just like it came out of the movies…or we just had a hot tub time machine moment….

  9. 26062 says:

    *thumbs down*

    • monochromatic says:


      • 26062 says:

        why what???..the thumbs down???….lol….that was for the post above it that admin must have deleted was someone promoting/ trying to sell their “lillian” shirts on amazon

        • admin says:

          Haha, yeah, sorry for the confusion. I deleted the posts about the t-shirts, dude has been constantly posting them all over the site and I just delete them as I see them. Didn’t mean to cause a problem by not deleting the “thumbs down” post also 😉

  10. paul says:

    the sign, lillian steel employee owned, esop didn’t happen until 82

  11. BigDickDaddy says:

    I got the biggest dick in this entire comment section pussy ass bitches come to tha ville pussy LOL <3

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