More Super 8 Casting News

super 8 casting news

Looks like the veil of secrecy is starting to lift surrounding Super 8 and the first things to be revealed are the cast. Yesterday I posted an article about Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler joining the cast of Super 8 and now it looks like we have a few more cast members.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills have all joined the cast of Super 8.

And on a side note, take this as you will, I have had multiple people email me from Weirton saying that Brad Pitt has been spotted in town. I'm a little skeptical about this, but you never know, stranger things have happened. Thanks to all those that sent in this tip and keep the pictures coming!

source: Hollywood Reporter

31 Responses to “More Super 8 Casting News”

  1. Bordatwork says:

    Was it the bearded version or unbearded version?

  2. Grohfactor says:

    i think he is referring to bearded brad pitt or non bearded pitt.

  3. kush says:

    Brad Pitt could be in town because he is taking up producing/directing and is probably hanging with J.J.

  4. petsitter37 says:

    best thing that has ever happened in this small town

  5. 26062 says:

    supposedly he is in town someone claimed he was at the irish pub last night… funny thing is at the same time he was supposed to be there he was in LA filming scenes for his new movie , Money Ball….lol

  6. CzM says:

    This casting news all well and good, but what do we do with the new puzzle pieces recently revealed on STIES?

  7. Janesmith says:

    Well like all puzzles we have bits and pieces but they will not make a match or a lead untill we get another part of ‘said” puzzle we have a Golden ratio, be it sound file or code via the numbers .. now we will need a place to input that data =)

    The rabbit leads us deeper down the hole …

  8. monochromatic says:

    A bit off conversation, but did you guys notice a connection between the voices in the trailer and the voices in the MP3? Pretty close…

  9. Hey guys!! There’s something weird that appeared on the site. Nothing serious, but when i googled, it saw time so it lead me here:
    this seems similar to the golden ratio am i right?

  10. anonymous says:

    Lol. A friend of mine is working on that set. You people are playing right into his ploy. You have your facts so messed up and far fetched that its only further shrouding the movie’s mystery. J.J. planned on all this happening and you’re seeing exactly what he wants you to see. I know that for a 100% fact. and btw…Anyone caught taking pictures on the set will be arrested and charges will be filled to the fullest extent of the law.

  11. abbbysomeone says:

    It’s amazing how many people mistook David Gallagher for Brad Pitt. He was sporting a similar look and he is an actor….but he’s not Brad Pitt and I know that is where the misunderstanding began because people in the Fairfield (hotel he stayed in) thought that was who he was.

    • 26062 says:

      just curious as to how you know it was this David person in weirton???…as far as i can see there is nothing linking him to Super 8( no im not one of those people that thinks Brad Pitt was in town)

  12. spooky says:

    aw, hell no, brad pitt being in it would just ruin it for me. nothing against him, but i couldn’t accept his presence in a movie like this!

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