Commence Filming!

You guys are awesome! I love the fact that my email is blowing up with all of these pictures from the Super 8 filming, keep em coming. I'm going to try to setup a more organized album on the site a little later today so I can make it easy to view all of these, but for now I've tagged every posted that contains pictures of Weirton with a special tag. So if you click on the link in the sidebar that says "Behind the Scenes Pics" you will find all of the images related to the filming in Weirton. That was easier than I thought it would be, check out the new gallery!

With that said, here are some more pictures of actual filming that is taking place thanks to atlas3434. Thanks again.

UPDATE: Tons more pictures sent to us thanks to Dee, but instead of making a new post every time I get pictures I've just added them to the gallery. Check em out!

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

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weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

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  1. Singularity7 says:

    Great pics. I love the “We Have Wacky Packs” sign! I used to collect those stickers back in the 1970’s myself! (although no store back then ever advertised it like this)

  2. 26047 says:

    I don’t remember Wacky Pack stickers? What did they look like?

  3. Singularity7 says:

    They were officially called Wacky Packages, but kids called them Wacky Packs as well.

  4. sonya says:

    Doesn’t that blue truck look a lot like the one that runs into the train?

  5. CzM says:

    The photographer did an amazing job obtaining these photographs because usually, if you aren’t part of the production team you could never get that close. I wonder if there’s anything here that could be useful to the viral.

    • Jody says:

      Actually it wasn’t a photographer that did these was a friend of mine that was catering the food for them and got this close to take the pictures..she did a great job….

      • atlas3434 says:

        Not to call anybody out but I took the pictures with my blackberry and I’m not part of the production team or a caterer. My family lives near where they were shooting and I along with a number of spectators were able to walk and stand in front of the convenience store that they converted into a 7-11 and watch the filming. In the picture where the guys are working on the car in the street that’s JJ Abrams standing behind them in the dark hat, white t-shirt, and jeans. A lot of local people from our area were cast in the role of extras during this filming and many people went to see their family. As long as we didn’t interfere with the filming we could get as close as we wanted to the action and to all of the props and converted buildings as you can see from my pictures. Most of the filming I watched was of the school children leaving the school building and getting on their bikes or walking away from the school after school lets out.

      • JS says:

        awesome, now she’s probably fired.

  6. monochromatic says:

    my wacky packs are bigger!

  7. JewOne says:

    There’s a camera on a crane….does that mean is not going to be like Cloverfield?

    • admin says:

      There were reports early on that it was not going to be totally filmed like Cloverfield, but may have some POV sequences. I’m guessing that those parts that will be POV will be when we are shown what’s on the kids’ camera that caught the alien in the background… (that is if early reports on the plot are true)

    • tigersuit says:

      where have you been for the last couple of months? it has been said for a looong long time that this will not be like cloverfield AT ALL.

  8. janesmith says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows Elles char name in the film… is it sarah? or if we can get that info…

    • chazzmcc3 says:

      Here’s what I heard at one of the places they were filming. Elle’s character is the daughter of the chief of police, played by Kyle Chandler. No idea of their names, though.

  9. john redcorn says:

    what makes me laugh the most is how the sign says “watch children” instead of “watch FOR children” maybe Abrams is a pedo 😉

  10. Cloves says:

    Elle’s character’s name is Alice (Allie)

  11. Jeff says:

    Just watched some close up footage on a co-workers phone! Like he is the one filming! Car comes screeching fast down hill, Elle on her bike, dude crashes, gets out and staggers up the street bloody, screaming loudly, nobody around, at night. Another scene, Elle on her bike outside red brick house, lights on inside, she’s on sidewalk, she screams and backs up, walking her bike backwards a few feet while straddling it.

  12. Will S. says:

    Um, did anyone else just get an e-mail from Rocket Poppeteers??

  13. Austin says:

    I just go an email to

  14. Mason says:

    yeah i did to, im trying to get to it but my computer is freakin slow

  15. Mason says:

    it’s some kind of survey

  16. Mason says:

    what do those last two sentences say? my computer cut them off

  17. my friend Kori lives in Wierton. She gave me info.
    she said that if u look into it the year of the cold war there was an incident at area 51. the capt of RP is 1 of the reported survivors and the contents of the train possibly another. could rp be the origins of slusho? i think sort of. she says she also have pics of things she’s not supposed to have. but she wont post them publicly till the movie comes out. there are other big names that are in town not listed as cast. could there be more surprises to come?

  18. monochromatic says:

    Anagram for Lillian Ohio; Hail Lion Oil. Google lion oil: Their products come in cans. Possibly blue. Blue can, lion on it. Lion Oil logo; Lion They have a factory in ohio. Doesn’t say what town. Pictures on site display an industrial factory matching the one in the set pics. Put it all together; Possible IG site. Your welcome.

  19. Corey says:

    What street is the 7/11 and the school on?

  20. chazzmcc3 says:

    Intersection of Elmhurst Dr. and Brightway St. on Marland Heights in Weirton.

  21. Babaji says:

    Went down to the scene on Main St this morning, as I thought they would be filming, heard Main St was closed most of today, they said that on the News and my wife took my daughter to school and said the sign on the road mentioned the road was closed into town.
    Well, when I went down there, the sign right before town said, closed from 12 noon to 5pm.
    So I went into town and parked right by the used car lot and stores they have been setting up and altering. Went into Cathy’s pie and sandwish shop right across from the used car lot they set up, to get me a coffee and see what I could find out. The whole inside of her shop had been changed and she sat with me and told me alot. She said on Monday they will be filming inside her shop and there will be an explosion. She said there is going to be lots of explosions around that shop and not just inside her shop. She said the window of her shop would be blown out, and she said this all had to do with the Train crash and explosion. So it seems this train crash is going to look like it happened right there in town or close by.
    She said JJ Abrams came in with about 20 people early Sept or late Aug. and they looked around, had a bite to eat and that he mentioned he loved the view from her front window, where you can see an empty lot across the street and part of the Steel mill. This lot is now a used car lot they set up. He then asked her if she would be OK with her shop being in the movie and she said sure. They offered or gave her a contract and I did not ask personal questions about what they were paying her. She is going to be inside the shop when filming takes place in there and her waitress is also going to be in the film, with one other waitress who will be an actress not from here.
    She said the filming going on there on Main St today from noon to 5pm is going to be with the Children and Army personel walking down the street and that was all she knew.
    On monday they film inside there and the explosions will take place. I am going to take Monday off from work and see what I can do to get close down there near the shoot.
    There are a few tanks now sitting in the storage area and I will take my Flip camcorder this weekend and take a video of some stuff, maybe get my own blog up for all this. They are filming at the cemetary right now I think and either tonight or last night they were there as well.
    There are black and white photos all over the inside of Cathy’s shop and the scenes in them are real, but they have put Lillian in some of the pictures. For instance, one of the pics is the band marching down Main St, high school band, the people are lined up all on both sides of street, lots of them, and they are wearing the clothing from the 70’s of course, but the banner two girls are carrying in front says, Lillian High School!
    She also told me that the person in charge of picking locations, or at least affiliated with the studio, is from Weirton and lots of the others are from Pittsburgh, so this explains somewhat how our town ended up being the location for this film.
    I would suggest and ask any and all people reading this who are from around here, to go to Cathy’s shop for pies, sandwich’s and breakfast, since she said her business was not doing good and that the movie has brought her some business, but that she was probably going to end her lease in October if things don’t improve. A very nice lady and her pies are the BEST around.

    • monochromatic says:

      lol sandwish. thats great news for her shop, not only she will be getting big bucks from Paramount, but in the long run she will get exceeding customer numbers for the publicity. You know, I might travel a few hundred thousand kilometers for a pie…

  22. Babaji says:

    Here is a five minute very unprofessional video this morning, showing some vehicles parked in the fenced in area just north of downtown Weirton, some video of the Steel mill on both sides of the road, route 2 which is also main st in the downtown business area, and some of the changes to storefronts, the so-called water tower that has no tank or anything at this point for water that they just built about a month ago right there on Main St, thinking this will be coming down in an explosion on Monday when they film such things that take place as effects from the train crash as I was told.

    • chazzmcc3 says:

      Word on the street is the water tower will be CGI’d in later. They just needed the bottom supports for the actors to interact with.

  23. Babaji says:

    OK, so where does this word on the street come from, if I may ask? And how can we learn when filming is going forth or when it is cancelled, since we are about to have a few or more rainy days here?

  24. Joe Leyare says:

    Judging from the cast shown currently on IMDB, this appears (despite the trailer and explosions on set) to be a filmed aimed at younger audiences/family. I’m guessing a cross between ET, Short Circuit, and a lighter version of Cloverfield… Just a thought…

  25. S J says:

    It’s kinda cool you have pictures of this. It’s neat seeing the town I live in posted everywhere because of this movie. Who would of thought our lil town could become such a buzzworthy area.

  26. Pierre J. Raisslé says:

    Seems that “Super 8″ is already a well known picture in US …

    It just came out recently in France and I went to see it right today, Saturday August 5th 2011 : Fantastic !!!!

    I like so much this American ambiance and even if quite some sequences of the picture reminds me of older ones ( such as ” Close encounters of the third type” for example, with all this huge military energy !!! ) the idea of having a bunch of youg college folks playing film makers is really nice and funny.
    Keep on going like that, friends, in having us dreaming a bit in our not so funny every day life at the present moment, be it in Europe and even worse in US …
    Tks and kind Rgds.

    Pierre-Jean from Paris .

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