More Pictures from Around Weirton

It's amazing to see how this little town in West Virginia is changing into a town in Ohio. Thanks to Faith for sending me these pictures from around Weirton so those of us that aren't from the town can get a feel for what's going on. If anyone has any pictures they want to share, send them to

Updated with more pictures after the jump thanks to Greg, keep em comin guys! And to see all the pictures from around town, click here.

super 8 in weirton

super 8 in weirton

super 8 in weirton

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9 Responses to “More Pictures from Around Weirton”

  1. JazzRogers says:

    Nice, James Locke Jewlery. Like James “Sawyer” Ford and John Locke 😉

  2. Cathy says:

    Actually, James Locke Jewelry has been around the Weirton area for years.

  3. 26062 says:

    i believe that sign came from east liverpool along with the dans liquor sign…i could be wrong though

  4. Babaji says:

    I have lived in Weirton for 51 years and there has never been any jewelry store named James Locke. Maybe in somebody’s imagination it has existed. My sister in law, brother in law and their son were extra’s at the old Marland Heights school, the adults were talking outside the school waiting for their son, my nephew to come out of the school. Not sure about how many others were there.

  5. JazzRogers says:

    Seems like James Locke never was a jewelry in Wierton 😉

    Boyd said the store sign has been changed to James Locke Jewelry.

    “We have had several customers stop by and want to buy some of the jewelry but we have had to tell them that it is Paramount Pictures. But I hope they leave the fresh paint because it looks really good and has really spruced up the downtown,” she said.


  6. Meowee says:

    I have lived in Weirton for 50 plus years and James Locke was never here, he was in or around E. Liverpool Ohio.

  7. dg1825 says:

    The Jewelry store that was downtown was a very good friend of the family’s and it was called Al Shaw Jewelers back in the day. Now, they are located in Robinson township

  8. Dave says:

    James Locke was in East Liverpool, S & A foods was actually A&S and the store was right where the used car lot is. Marsh harware was down the street by Carolyn’s florist, next to Mike’s Auto repair. The set painters did an extrordinary job, The town looks better than ever, I wish they’d stay do several sequels and fix the whole place up!

  9. Kameron says:

    Ann’s in East Liverpool, Ohio is also in this movie. My father (Kevin) and uncle (Keith) are the owners.

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