Super 8 Shooting Schedule for Weirton

super 8 shooting schedule

If you live in Weirton and you're looking to catch some of the filming check out the information below. There are no times on the schedule, but hopefully some of you can snag some pictures for us. Someone also managed to check out a scene being filmed the other night and gave us a quick rundown in the forums, which I've also posted below. It wasn't the most exciting scene, but it was something. Thanks Cam and JMack.

Super 8 Shooting Schedule:

9/21 and 9/22 Brightway between Hanlin and Euclid
9/23 and 9/24 Main St and Taylor
Taylor and Orchard
9/27 New Cumberland
9/28 Fernwood and Crystal
9/29, 9/30 and 10/1 20th St and Booker

10/4 St. Paul Cemetery and Greenbrier Rd
10/5 West St and Mildred then back to St Pauls
10/6 10/7 and 10/8 Taylor and Virgina
10/11, 10/12 and 10/13 Main St, Taylor, Booker, 22nd, 20th st. and 17th
10/14 Downtown Main Street then back to Weirton Hgts

Last night around 9 pm I watched them a film 1 of the scenes for the movie. The scene shows the long blonde haired girl riding a bike down a little hill turning right heading up the street, then seconds later a mustang or camaro comes flying down, slams on the breaks, and peels to the right (looks like chasing her) I took a few photos of the street..they had lights of all different colors to make it super white and a few to make it look like dusk...Along with cars from the 70s park all on the road.

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75 Responses to “Super 8 Shooting Schedule for Weirton”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks! If you hear anything else about extras casting, please pass it along.

  2. 26062 says:

    so much for Cams “info” being concrete….St. Paul Cemetery and Greenbrier Rd and 20th St and Booker are all within a 2 block radius and all their trucks are there right now setting up to shoot there today

  3. 26062 says:

    filming at the end of 20th right now….can’t even get close….saw military vehicles and i believe that is the house they are gonna blow up

  4. Dolphin says:

    I co-moderate a Kyle Chandler fan site … for fans who are still reeling over the news that he’s been cast in this film … for fans who are dying for new info, pics, etc. He is such a phenomenal actor and has been an under appreciated talent until Friday Night Lights where he’s finally getting the industry recognition and the opportunities he’s earned and deserves.

    I’ll come here to check for news as we have those on our site who wish to remain spoiler free. But so happy to have found this site! Thank you!!! We are excited about this project!!!

  5. chazzmcc3 says:

    I heard they may be filming some scenes at Tomlinson Run State Park near New Manchester, WV. Can anyone verify that? It would provide excellent wooded scenes. If they are filming there, and I can find out when, I may be able to get some great pictures.

  6. Janesmith says:

    !!!!! GO LIONS !!!

  7. Monica says:

    They were in Follansbee WV this morning – so they schedule may not be entirely accurate.

    • chazzmcc3 says:

      Where at in Follansbee?

      • traci wesiling says:

        Main street near dominos pizza….My niece was school girl extra last week for 2 days …abrams took group pics when done with shoot…Adjusting schedule according to weather/rain as i learned from one of the chosen home owners i spoke to on fernwood yesterday..they were planting shrubs there at house where shoot begins thur 9/30..i have random pics of niece/school and fernwood at my facebook..visiting this week from FL..used to live on street next to fernwood house shoot

      • chazzmcc3 says:

        Someone said they were filming in DeStefano’s restaurant (in Follansbee). If so, the last (and only) time I was in there, I believe it still looked like the 70’s on the inside. So, I guess that kind of makes sense.

  8. 26047 says:

    Filming now in New Cumberland on the Six family property. There’s an Air Force chopper and soon to be crash scene. The area is highly secured. Wild stuff for our little area!

  9. Jeff says:

    I believe Mendenhall’s live on Fernwood in yellow brick house that looks like one of the homes in the pictures.

  10. Brianne says:

    I got to see a little bit of the crew the other night on Orchard St. I made a small video. Nothing much.

  11. Penny says:

    I live on Fernwood, right next to the houses being used. Filming was supposed to start here yesterday but was delayed by the rain. They are trying for tomorrow. I guess the delay wasn’t a bad thing because the crews are still doing some prep work.

  12. Jeff says:

    From a friend, Six family is in Newell, they own a junk yard it seems.

  13. Jeff says:

    OK, was it New Cumberland or Newell ?

  14. Babaji says:

    Not sure why they would go to the park to recreate a train crash scene, makes no sense at all.
    I heard that they were on Gas Valley Road today, near Oak Glen High School and thought maybe this was the private property you mentioned here.
    On my way to work at 10 am, I pass all the storage area, which is full when they are not filming and empty when they aparently are filming. Tonight at 11pm, they area was only half full, but the Army vehicles seemed to be parked there, and they were not there this morning.

    The downtown used car lot they built, is now much more full of cars, then I had seen it before today. There is going to be alot of filming I believe in this area by the Bus terminal soon, they were working on the area stores this morning when I went to work. Those bars were packed it seems tonight, because there were cars on both sides of the street, Main St, tonight, and it is never like that.

  15. mattmono3 says:

    Anyone have advice on how to be called as an extra? I sent my info in via e-mail but don’t have an older car. Would really love to work on this movie!

  16. lizo says:

    I love that they’re filming a movie in Weirton. I live on Marland Heights and during the week of Sept. 21 my fiance was concerned that our house was shaking alot that week. Like a day later we relized it was all the movie trucks driving by our house. LOL.

  17. MeganM says:

    My 68 Camaro is in that movie, Last I checked it was in the old car lot for sale LOL (people only wish) But from what they tell me, my car and the red 65ish mustang are the most popular ones one sets!! Kicks butt to have a nice car past down through the family, and end up in a major movie!!!!!

  18. Jill says:

    I know several people who are in the movie as extras and one of them is the stand-in for Kyle Chandler. It is really exciting.

    • mattmono3 says:

      Hi Jill. Wow, that’s awesome. I’m a huge “Friday Night Lights” fan and thus a big Kyle Chandler fan. J.J. Abrams is also one of my favorite directors, too, so I’m dying to make it out to Weirton from Pittsburgh for a day of shooting. If you have any advice on how I can be an extra, please let me know. My e-mail is Thanks!

  19. Jill says:

    They were filming in the Salvation Army building on October 4. They had a light-colored blue paper in the windows. i wonder what they were using the building for in the movie? Has anyone spotted ant of the stars in town?

  20. roy says:

    watching them at the car lot today, across the bus terminal. i was in the car lot watching a scene where Kyle Chandler was was talking to people and turn to the street, when an army jeep and two army trucks went by, then he was walking across the street. i was right behind jj abrams filming it. 10/07 at 4 o’ clock

  21. JRH says:

    Filming taking place late in the evening 10/6-10/7 at St Pauls Cemetary. Cemetary totally lit up with spot lights.

  22. extrawife says:

    I watched the filming at St. Paul’s Cemetery last night – pretty interesting! I got to talk to the PA for awhile. Learned some interesting things! Sorry I can’t tell – I signed a confidentiality agreement – I’m an extra!

  23. roy says:

    they are painting the church across the street from the greek church right now. rumors are it is going to be a courthouse in the film.

  24. Chia says:

    Trucks left this morning and on their way back…

  25. lizzy says:

    They’re really doing to up in Weirton. Heard some gunfire about an hour ago.

  26. lizzy says:

    10pm more gunfire. This movie is really making Weirton exciting, then when the filming is through it will back to the same boring town. I love Paramont for choosing our town.

  27. 26047 says:

    A few days ago there was night-time filming done in St. Pauls cemetary in Weirton. There were some fake headstones placed in the cemetary. Here are the only names and dates that I got. I’m not even sure if these “dead” have anything to do with the characters but here they are: Tom T. Taylor 1894-1962, Kevin Malloy 1952-1979, Elizabeth Gomez 1924-1967, Neil Fenmore 1938-1972

  28. Babaji says:

    I heard that the people who run the cemetary, a man and a women and not sure if they are married or not, got to have their names on the tombstones/headstones there where the movie props were added to the scene.

  29. kristen says:

    saw one of the crew wearing a Chilly Willie’s
    Hot Dogs Stand, Lillian, OH shirt the other
    day…pretty cool. full day of filming downtown
    and back in the neighborhood near the cemetary
    on the 9th. was passing through town and noticed
    all the crew and equipment and ended up spending
    the day in town. wish I knew someone who lived in
    the neighborhood who could text me… would like
    to go back to watch more but live 45 mins away and
    would hate to waste gas if I’m unsure. very exciting
    for a small town and thankful i got to see mr. abrams
    and mr. speilberg in person!!!

    • 26062 says:

      it’s not likely that you saw Speilberg considering he isn’t in town

      • kristen says:

        U sure? I’m familiar with what he looks like…I took a pic of him on the back of
        a truck with headphones on watching what was
        being filmed on moniters away from where they
        were shooting. dressed down, golf hat, scarf,
        jeans. im 99percent sure it was him… or
        it was a deaddddd look a like.

        • you lie to me. NEVER mess with Spielberg.

          • sorry i meant to put don’t instead of you… but still.

          • kristen says:

            I’m almost ready to promise you. After
            he said that I went on google images and looked
            up pics. type in like steven speilberg working
            there’s some of him with heavy facial
            hair, some w scarves and some w those
            golf looking hats. it was him I know it…
            i was there saturday and didn’t see him when
            they were filming downtown but I did
            at night at the very bottom of the street
            on the back of a truck way behind where
            the crowd was trying to watch.

        • 26062 says:

          there is one of the paint supervisors that could pass for him. he was even in sherwin williams the other day laughing about how many times he has been asked for an autograph since he came to weirton

          • 26062 says:

            you mean this guy????….deffinatly not Speilberg

          • 26062 says:

            damnit…why is it i can’t post a pic on this but have no problem posting on the forum????

          • 26062 says:

            will post the pic over at the forum for you to check out…see if it is the guy you thought was Speilberg

          • kristen says:

            noooo he’s def more chucky than the guy I saw…
            I don’t kno why a paint guy would be behind
            the moniters w headphones doing whatever
            like he was editing. not arguing with ya…
            but I am going back down tomorrow night to
            watch… makes me really wanna investigate now!
            haha .. what about u? R u just an onlooker
            too?? I’d really like to text w someone that
            lives close so they can let me kno when somethings
            going on… I live a half hour away…. also wondering
            what the chances are they have any
            rocket poppeteer merch w therm. I want
            a shirt!!!!! 🙂

          • 26062 says:

            not an onlooker just know some that are….lol….tonight and tomorrow night they are supposed to be up here on the hill not downtown…been thunder and a few showers off and on for about an hour now…not sure if they will even set up and chance it raining tonight though

  30. Jeff says:

    That’s funny!

  31. 26047 says:

    looks like they’re filming an evacuation scene on Main Street now. Lots of extras in military vehicles and cars packed with suitcases in the trunks and suitcases on top of their cars.

  32. 26062 says:

    not exactly sure what they are doing but, in the shop n save parking lot they have 2 lifts like the ones holding their lights but these 2 have some cable contraption going between them with thick pads on the ground like someone will be on the cables….but all i saw on them was some sort of machinegun

  33. Babaji says:

    Worked the nite shift last night and slept till 3pm. Got up and went right down to Main St to have a look. Somehow I got to walk right down to Cathy’s shop and was shocked there were no others standing around gawking like me.
    Only movie personnel were out there and one guy, Martin, was being interviewed right on the street in front of the camera store. Seems they were still filming inside the store, but I was able to walk right past.

    When I went into Cathy’s shop, she was sweeping and said I just missed all the action. The girl that works for her told me that it reminded her of the movie where a asteroid was going to collide with Earth and a couple astronauts saved us by giving up their lives and crashing into the asteroid. She this because the scene today was with lots of buses and army vehicles, lots of extra’s all Screaming and being held back by soldiers, people with suitcases either getting off buses, or more likely getting on like an evacuation scenario. She said the kids, or teenagers, Elle included were right outside her shop and they could here them real good and all they were saying. They are getting ready to do whatever they are going to do with the blue structure and have a huge crane set up there over it. Guys were getting things ready on top of the building next to this lot and structure.
    I think the next day or so will be filming at night and maybe some during the day too. But Cathy’s shop window or storefront will be blown out on Thursday night, or so it seems from what she knows or has been told.
    She has some newspapers in her shop that have the headline Lillian Daily News, or something like that and she said they are first come, first serve, for those who want souvenirs like that.

  34. Rex says:

    I was watching as well. The car coming down the hill was one of the ’67 Buick Skylarks that are used for crash scenes. They have an excellent, restored Buick for the close ups and there are two used for the rough stuff. The scene on Taylor & Orchard streets ended with the Buick crashing into a AMC pacer.

  35. Rex says:

    I have posted clips on Youtube of the testing of the huge light package. They hang it from above with a huge crane and I assume it is the “spaceship” by the way they use the super bright lights and the spotlights. This is from October 12.

    This is almost surreal as the spots are moving over the street, catching people and vehicles as they pass on by. When they light the whole thing up it is blinding.

    On October 13, 14 they filmed the tanks and other vehicles firing up at the lights. The whole street is strewn with various objects from the stores. It looks to me like the spaceship is trying to rescue the escaped alien.

  36. Rex says:

    I can also verify the filming off of Rt. 8 near New Manchester (last week?). They took over an abandoned farm for use as a military camp. They even had a black, “U. S. Air Force” Huey flying around. I think they were using this area as the original containment of the escaped alien.

  37. Jeff says:

    Filming tonight again ion main st, all day tomorrow on 17’thThe ship will be full bore tonight

  38. Rex says:

    Here is a link to Sunday night’s gunfire. They fired off salvos at about 10PM, 11:30PM and 2AM. It was heavy machine gun fire and the last featured dummy rounds for the tank cannons. I got this info from the guys at the ordinance truck, which was parked on the street (West St.) in front of my house!

    Earlier scene with the spectators:

    This is from two days earlier:

    Check out my youtube and you will see all of the clips!

  39. Rex says:

    Heads up! We have word that the movie crew are coming back to Weirton at the end of January and/or the beginning of February!

  40. Derek says:

    Rex, that’s interesting news, where did you here that? I loved the clips you got when the crew was there last time.

  41. Rex says:

    Thanks for the compliments on the videos. We have had repeated rumors that they are coming back. This started just as they left in October and has lately intensified.

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