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A few days ago "gramma" on unfiction posted a screenshot that showed a new icon in the bottom tool bar on the STIES (Scariest Thing I Ever Saw) website, but I couldn't get the icon to appear for myself so I didn't post about it. After reading a comment from Jason here on the site I decided to dive a little deeper into this new icon and see what I needed to do to get it to appear. It turns out it was pretty simple, all you have to do is click the left arrow in the bottom toolbar and the icon appears. Now, a lot of people on unfiction still claim that the icon does not appear for them after clicking the left arrow and that may happen for a lot of you, but rest assure that we're not really getting any further into the viral than you guys since the button doesn't do anything that I could see.

The icon itself resembles a chat bubble with a hash tag in the middle of it. Most of you are probably familiar with the hash tag symbol from using twitter (#), but many of you may not realize that it's also very prevalent in the IRC world (Internet Relay Chat). If you're not familiar with IRC, it's a chat tool that was very popular in the 90's and even into the early 2000's, but it seems to have died off these days with all the other means of online communication. Within the program there were different "channels" or chat rooms, that you could could join or create to talk to people within. These channels were always proceeded by a "#". So for example if you wanted to join a channel about music you would have to type "/join #music" which would then open a new window for the music channel. Now I'm not even sure that IRC has anything at all to do with what's coming from the Super 8 viral, but I'm going to guess that this "chat" bubble that's now appearing will launch some sort of IRC simulator within the STIES site, what it will do I'm not sure, but as usually I'll keep you updated on everything surrounding it and if you notice something before I do, please leave a comment.

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  1. yeah you probably have to put
    but what could it be?

  2. btw Josh Minker is such an 90’s kid.

    • monochromatic says:

      yeah, the way he talks and all… but what I was wondering was; Josh Minker was born in 1963, right? so that would make him SIXTEEN if he were to be a character in the movie, which takes place in 1979. So either he failed 2 years of school, is a minor teenage character in the movie, or he has nothing to do with the viral whatsoever.

  3. JediShepp says:

    Well, trying to log into through mIRC yielded no results. Same with and also

    But that doesn’t mean they won’t have a server up and running soon. It doesn’t take much.

  4. JediShepp says:

    Once again, I tried playing around with the ports, which sometimes works. Went through the usual 6665 to 6669, also 5555 and 7000. No results.

    But if the site does launch an irc simulator, port 6667 may be of interest.

  5. Jason says:

    I tried getting onto
    Irrelevant information I’m sure, however, near the search bar, where there are usually the dashes (—– -), its now #ari85. If you were to try that with any other code such as or #Braegen14, the dashes would still appear.

    By the way, thanks for putting my name in the post. Dunno why, but it’s pretty cool.

  6. monochromatic says:

    I was doing some snooping around and found this;
    whaddaya think

  7. James V. says: j.j. abrams blogspot doesnt “reveal” anything but is interesting…..

  8. CzM says:

    As interesting and exciting as it is to see this new button added to the site, it just seems like there are a lot of loose ends that have not been resolved.

    1) The .REENTER device command
    2) The origin of the sound bite
    3) .COMT command
    4) . BAS, .WRK, .TXT files

    I’m assuming at some point everything will fall into place, but it just seems like with every new puzzle piece we receive, the other ones are pushed farther and farther to the end of the line. Or have I missed something?

  9. Pariah says:

    Has anyone entered “.REENTER” when the prompt comes up where you can enter “.EXEC EXPCNV.” I get a new prompt that says “MOUNT CONTINUE? Y/N.” When you enter “Y” you get a New prompt that asks “DEVICE?” after that I’m lost.

    • Jason says:

      @Pariah yep, old news, we’ve been working on that device code forever. no offence meant.

      @CzM Your’re probably right. It’s probably all going to fall into place soon enough.

      Personal Notation – I can’t get onto STIES right now, but I had an idea. In the same way that we use .exec expcnv to open the expcnv file, has anybody tried .exec untitled yet? Who knows what/if that will open.

  10. monochromatic says:

    I think I have discovered why Josh’s email consists of 1963 instead of 1967, 1963 alphabetically converts into AIFC; Audio Interchange File Compression or something like that.

  11. Dinosaur says:

    If Josh was on a Mac, would that be why we’re using an emulator?

  12. super8invester says:

    Macintosh Classic was a mack brand in the 90’s……but who knows how long they held it back from the public

  13. Jason says:

    why does it matter if hes on a mac?

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      Say, if we’re really going to over anal eyes things, maybe the “mac” has nothing to do with what type of PC he uses, but his favorite food…

      Didn’t the “get to know you better” form want us to rate whether we would eat hamburgers every day?

      So, it’s not the type of pc, it’s the type of hamburger…

      a Big Mac!

  14. monochromatic says:

    wow, people sure don’t like commenting.

  15. Shayan says:

    I wonder why Josh Minker isn’t posting anything on HLM lately its been like 1 month. Any ideas whats goin on?

  16. Janesmith says:

    What did I miss while I was away?.. Oh .. I see no updates to the game…ummm they must want me to go crazy >=(

  17. monochromatic says:

    New STIES printout admin, 4D and 5O’s last leg.

  18. Xeno Lambrose says:

    Passsword is now required for the chat icon.

    Let’s coordinate our efforst so that we can crack the password faster.

    I’ll start wih the following that I’ve tried:

    4D&5O’slastleg – wrong
    4D&5O – wrong
    ford&5O – wrong
    IVD – wrong
    IVD&VO – wrong
    IVD&VO’slastleg – wrong
    lastleg – wrong
    LIFEISSHORT – wrong

  19. Xeno Lambrose says:

    If Mysterio set this up, and if this is intended for Josh and Mysterio and we’re just spectators, and Mysterio came up with the password, he must have conveyed that to Josh in some way easy enough that Josh would understand. If Mysterio is behind this and allowed Josh to come up with the password, what would he have used?

    Following have also been tried and failed:


  20. Good stuff. I even agree with all of it!

  21. Xeno Lambrose says:

    Password is:


  22. Jimmy says:


    But it tells you I.P. not recognized then just sites with an open chat window grayed out

  23. Cocotones says:

    I wonder what’s on the chat, maybe the convo from the print outs?

  24. Janesmith says:

    Ahh yes toadfish that seemed to be on our minds the otherday =P… and his embarrasing .. web note / proclamation of love =)

    Im guessing the 25th …but there is no logic behind it >=)

  25. Xeno Lambrose says:

    chat conversation is as follows, read from bottom up:

    ***chat session ‘2010-10-21’ terminated***
    ***Guest1 has left***
    ***Host has left***
    [Guest1]: buthow will I know it if I find it?
    [Host]: please look now. i’ll be back when it’s safe
    [Guest1]: I didn’t understand what you sent before. This is
    [Host]: i’ll share more of what I have and maybe it will help
    [Host]: please look again. I believe he may have hidden
    something that will help us find him
    [Guest1]: I think so
    [Host]: is there anything inside the cylinder?
    Cand a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
    [Guest1]: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks
    like a hangar?
    [Guest1]: that scrap of film from the canister
    [Host]: tyell me exactly what they were
    [Guest1]: important how?
    [Host]: Those items you were asking abou: the ones your
    mother left you: some of them may have belonged to your
    father they may be important
    [Guest1]: is hein trouble or soemthing?
    [Host]: I’m here to help you find your father
    [Guest1]: how do you know him?
    [Guest1]: ive mever met him
    [Guest1]: that doesn’t make sense
    [Host]: he needs your help
    [Host]: I can help you find your father
    [Guest1]: who are you?
    [Host]: good. this is more secure.
    [Guest1]: hello?
    ***Guest1 has joined***
    ***Host has joined***
    *** chat session ‘2010-10-21’ initiated ***

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      Edited this section:

      [Host]: is there anything inside the cylinder?
      [Guest1]: and a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
      [Guest1]: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks
      like a hangar?

  26. dray 8 says:

    I dont know if i’m putting this in blog right but am very new at this. Any how I got a screen shot that might be interesting, at the end of the trailer after the super 8 title, I got a screen shot of the image after it. how do I post it if I cant do it then can someone more comp savvy take a look at it. looks like alien wreckage to me.

    • Walyson says:

      Craig Posted on I don’t know if 8 hours of utility there’s much or not. But I wdloun’t buy a HP mini laptop, because first of all it’s more expensive than a normal dimensioned laptop.Not running modern games on high detail settings is a bad point also.

  27. Janemsith says:

    dray 8, if your refering to what looks like a alien sticking out the window.. arm head sideways.. at the end of the reel.. yes we have thrown around that idea ..

    we dont know what it is .. most think its the hitch from the train.

    You can always post a link from a free image file account

  28. Janesmith says:

    Here is a link to a few “we think we see’s” add your shot Dray8

  29. manny says:

    no one has figured out the password for the chat thing yet?

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