User Anarchic Mind in the forums posted a few images of a Rocket Poppeteers poster that he picked up at the NYC Comic-Con this weekend. It's a mini poster that shows Captain Coop Cooper, a woman named Cassie and a monkey astronaut. I can't tell you much about the poster other than what you can see in the image (close ups can be found on the forum), but Xeno Lambrose had some observations that could warrant discussion. He questions the legitimacy of the poster due to the fact that the Rocket Poppeteers Logo has changed, Captain Coop is missing a star on his uniform and there's no Copyright message anywhere, which we've seen on other RP stuff.

Personally I think that this is legit and is just a stylized poster. It's definitely not the style we're used to seeing on the Rocket Poppeteers designs, but I still feel like it's not a fake. It's hard to imagine that someone would get away with handing out fake merch at the NYC Comic-Con, but I could be wrong. So check out the poster and let us know what you think, is it real, is it fake? Did anyone else snag one of these at the Con? Let us know!

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42 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers Poster Pops Up at NYC Comic-Con”

  1. Shayan says:

    It’s a matter of time, before everything comes together.

  2. Jason says:

    Hmmm, obviously thats red cosmo in the background. But the rp radio hour… Are we missing something?

    • admin says:

      I’m guessing the “radio hour” thing is referring to the fact that there may have been a Rocket Poppeteers Radio Show in the 1950’s, in the movie’s universe. Obviously Rocket Poppeteers is a made up company (like Slusho) for the movie so in the world of the movie it’s a real product that could have been around for a while and could have had a radio show in the past.

  3. TSTRAUT says:

    I dunno. I hope it’s real, but i doesn’t look like it.

  4. Poppeteer says:

    People are saying it must be fake why the logo font not exactly the same as it has on other media that’s because it’s obviously a different medium than the pops it’s a cartoon andthe font has been used because there’s a cutout in the set photos can’t find the link but u should be able to find it

  5. jessenyhc says:

    the red cosmos in the back look like eyes….anyone else seeing this??

    • Shayan says:

      Yes, I also noticed this;. If this is a real poster then I it could be a possible trait of the monster in Super8.

      Monster has red eyes?

  6. …maybe RP WAS a popular show or something like that and then turned into ice cream popsicles, cause by the look on the logo and the ships it looks like Power Rangers or something that was seriously popular.

  7. Matt says:

    Anyone else notice that the “red cosmos” look a pair of red glowing eyes, maybe that of some space monster or whatever was in that train car. There is always that life imitates art apsect, where the show and the brand and everything are based on real events to a certain extent. It’s just that the majority aren’t aware of said events. I don’t know, just a thought.

  8. Jimmie says:

    The eyes in the background are the only things thats pop out.

    • Shayan says:

      And that girls boobs :p

      • Janesmith says:

        Silly boys those boobs are there to distract you while the Kladrog comes to take your planet…..

        Or she drinks alota hormone filled milk..

        Either way…the outcome cant be good =P


        • UR MOM says:


          • admin says:

            Because yours have absolutely nothing to do with the poster and your user name makes them that much more pointless. At least in Shayan’s post he’s making an observation about the poster… I’ll leave your comments up this time, but when you reply to multiple comments with the same thing I’m going to take them down.

          • Kaleb says:

            Way to be mature……but I seriously think that this legit because why would someone make a fake poster?

  9. Steve Kidd says:

    I was at the comic con, no posters of rocket poppeteers (I looked). It’s a fake.

  10. Tom says:

    I understand it looks fake, but noone has that much time on their hands to create a fake poster like that, i.e. creating new characters and actually working in the SSF units. Idk maybe they do.
    I seem to think that this whole rocket poppeteers thing, in the movie, has just recently come back, by the government, maybe originally was an actual T.V. show, and radio show, but then the government brought back a fond childhood memory and a new thing for kids as a disguise to find what they are looking for. Idk just some thoughts

  11. DFig says:

    Looks fake, plus look at the type of paper, looks like it was just printed out on a 11 x 17 paper, also he has the white border where the printer can not place ink. fake fake fake.

  12. Kaleb says:

    Is that a monkey on the right of the Capt.?

  13. monochromatic says:

    Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me, or does that ginger chick’s nametag say Coop?

  14. Wes says:

    There’s a new post on HLM. Enjoy.

  15. Roberto says:

    toadfish112 is the pass to the IM thing on STIES!!!!
    it popped up today!!!!!!!

  16. Roberto says:

    my bad theres a scrolly thing

  17. Eric says:

    The red in the background:

    The “Super 8”-monster or The Fallen?

  18. Jdam says:

    Holy cow! In “Cloverfield” when Rob ran into the electronics store, there was a single TV not showing the news and was instead playing a cartoon. It appeared to be Spongebob or something. A monkey in a spacesuit or seadiving suit (he looked just like the monkey on the poster shown above) pointed up toward the sky. Man, these guys are good!

  19. CzM says:

    Could this poster be an “updated” RP for the 70s? Obviously it looks nothing like the logo we are used to seeing on the RP website, which is definitely animated to resemble something from the 50s. It looks a bit like Ralph Bakshi animation that was quite popular back in the 70s/early 80s. Just a thought.

  20. Anarchic Mind says:

    This is real. If you need more shots of it i will go home and post more pictures. I got this on sunday, the last day of comic-con. I know there are other people out there who got this at comic-con. Has to be. What other proof can i give you guys. And the eye in the background are eyes.

  21. Spagett says:

    The poster is real, I have one myself. I actually talked to the people at the booth. It was a toy shop booth if you’re wondering. They said a person just came dropped them off told them to hand them out and gave them no back story or anything. When I mentioned that it was a Super 8 thing they knew what I was talking about but nothing more. I was expecting the truck from the SDCC to show up but that didn’t happen.

  22. ReeseBadman says:

    I came home today to find a big “confidential” envelope in my mailbox containing offficial recruitment materials from Rocket Poppeteers. To my surprise, it contained an official certificate congratulating me on being accepted into the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Training Program! Very cool little reward for keeping on top of things. AND, it contains my username and password for the RP Website. Admin, if you’d like me to provide scans of the materials I’m happy to oblige. Take care, all!

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