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super 8 chat log

The chat icon that was found a few weeks ago appears to have been made active in the past 24 hours. To view the chat icon simply press the arrow on the left side of the task bar on the STIES (scariest thing) website and it will appear between the printer and the sticky pad icons. Once clicked it will now prompt you for a password, that password is: toadfish112 . The password comes from the hook, line and minker site where one of the pictures on the right side indicates that the toadfish makes a "foghorn" type sound, which corresponds with the clue we were given the other day in the printout: "Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title.", the 112 part of the password comes from post #112 on the blog ( which starts with "well, that was unexpected.". (Thanks Janesmith)

Once you enter the password, after clicking the chat icon, it will tell you that your IP is not recognized and while push you into read only mode where you can then see the chat that went down between who I'm assuming is Josh and the person that has been contacting him through the printouts on the STIES site. The chat transcript reads as follows (thanks gramma on unfiction)

***chat session '2010-10-21' initiated***
***Host has joined***
***Guest1 has joined***

Guest1: hello?
Host: good. this is more secure
Guest1: who are you?
Host: i can help to find your father
Host: he needs your help
Guest1: that doesnt make sense
Guest1: ive never met him
Guest1: how do you know him?
Host: I'm here to help you find your father
Guest1: Is hein trouble or soemthing?
Host: Those items you were asking abou: the oney your mother left you: some of them may
have belonged to your father they may be important
Guest1: important how?
Host: tyell me exactly what they are
Guest1: that scrap of film from the canister
Guest1: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks like a hangar?
Guest1: and a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
Host: Is there anything inside the cylinder?
Guest1: no it's empty
Guest1: why?
Host: is that everything?
Guest1: i think so
Host: please look again. I believe he may have hidden something that will help us find him
Host: i'll share more of what i have and maybe it will help you
Guest1: i didn't understand what you sent before. this is crazy
Host: please look now. i'll be back when it's safe
Guest1: buthow will i know it if i find it?

***Host has left***
***Guest1 has left***
***chat session '2010-10-21' terminated***

So I think it's safe to say that the hook, line and minker site is connected to all of this "officially". I had been holding out posting about it as I wasn't too sure it was all connected, but I think this seals the deal for me.


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  1. Janesmith says:

    Hello admin.. the unexpected title is his drunken smitten rambling ..starts with

    Well, that wa unexpected…. posted August 21, 2010 entitled 112

    he refeers to it again saying he was “little embarrassed about it”

    I think hes in love =P


    • admin says:

      Awesome, thanks!

    • MicMagellan says:

      J~~~Smith… Im a bit disappointed. I assumed you guys/gals would have seen the actual trailer this weekend, but…
      Josh had to meet him/her at the school with the fish and the money; at least thats what i assume from the CLUES ~ 4D & 5O’s For Device & 500k or 100k or Grand… The last Leg was the news paper clip concerning the cross walk in front of the school. Shelly post of her Dogs Clothes was a CLUE i assumed as well… The scrambled letters, and ; , . Cap. Phrases led me to believe the meet would take place on the 6th Sat between 11:49-12:39 seeing the that the run time of the teaser was 1:29 and at 45% or 40.5 sec/frames into the train wreck you see a blue flash strike the train like a preditor missles from a RP assigned to protect the passenger in the truck which once again i assume is still alive… Also if you look along the side of the rail just before wheels fell off a small lighting fast blur wizz’s past the scream like a lil grimlin. Anyway… LIFE IS SHORT!

      • Janesmith says:

        ROTFL, Oh my god Mic, I laughed so hard my head exploded from all the details I missed =P

        I must say this is the scenario i had assumed all along, but because of the constant mind sCrAmBIinG *twitch* I couldnt type it out.

        Although I must correct you in 1 thing you see where you said ” the” Pronounced THUH, yeah uhh your going to want to change that to *garlsnarb.

        MicMagellan, Your my new favorite hero =)


  2. JM6687 says:

    That was a great read now we just need to try to decipher the items left to him from his mom. Im especially curious about “a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks like a hangar?”

  3. Xeno Lambrose says:

    What is wrong with Josh? Is he suffering from some diminished mental capacity of who knows what form? The reason I ask is when you look at the transcript, Mysterio asks questions, and gets responses from Josh.

    But notice the questions Josh asks, and Mysterio’s evasive non-responses/answers:
    who are you? Mysterio merely says that he/she can help find Josh’s father, and that he needs help. A non-answer
    how do you know him? “I’m here to help.” Help him/herself it seems.
    Is hein trouble or soemthing? Mysterio infers items left Josh will help
    important how? Mysterio wants to know “exactly what (the objects Josh possesses are.)
    why (is the cylinder being empty important)?

    And then the coup de grace:
    Mysterio says: please look again. I believe he may have hidden something that will help us find him

    Mysterio even has the gall to tell Josh, “i’ll share more of what i have and maybe it will help you” [What in the world has Mysterio shared of any consequence?]

    Josh finally asks, “buthow will i know it if i find it?”

    And the informative answer to Josh’s question?
    Mysterio hangs up!

    And what is Josh supposed to do if he does find anything? Is the PDP-11 console configured to recognize Josh’s IP address and allow him to initiate chat? Is Josh computer savvy enough to know that?

    I mean, if you were Josh, how would you react to Mysterio’s questioning?

  4. Jay0407 says:

    Is there any way we can use his blog to get his IP? Maybe we can go deeper into STIES if we have his IP.

  5. Jay0407 says:

    Hey I just found something weird. On HLM if you add /?cat=4 you are brought to the coelacanth journal and if you enter /?cat=1 you are brought to his modern post. I bet that another number put in place of 4 or 1 might get us something. Note: cat = Category

  6. Shayan says:

    The metal canister is where 8mm film is, the footage of the monster. Maybe “Guest1” ‘s Uncle, Grandfather, Brother, Dad was Cpt. Coop? Everything will come together!!!!!!!!

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      When Mysterio asks Josh to tell him the items his mother left him, Josh begins by saying, “that scrap of film from the canister.”

      The fact that he says “that scrap” infers that what Josh has in his possession is perhaps one of numerous “scraps” of the STIES film, and there may be more characters involved who have pieces of jigsaw to bring to the game.

      Obviously Mysterio knew when he saw the photo (as seen at STIES) of the “scrap” Josh possessed that he (Mysterio) was on the right track in (pardon the pun) “tracking” down the pieces of the STIES puzzle.

      Hopefully we can stay on the right track as well.

    • esesolo says:

      But Captain Coop Cooper was a real person,
      “Gordon Cooper”.

      • Xeno Lambrose says:


        With all due respect, Paramount, Rocket Poppeteers, nor Team JJ are in no way, shape, or form, identifying their fictitious Capt “Coop” Cooper with former astronaut Gordon Cooper. If that’s the conclusion you, or anyone else arrives at, so be it, but the legal morass that the abovementioned individuals would find themselves in (and a case could be made that they are skating on rather thin ice, as it is) is something that I’m sure that they want to avoid like the plague.

        Using someone’s likeness without due compensation, in what the bottom line, is for all intents and purposes, an advertising campaign, is a place in this reality and universe that I’m ceratin that they care to avoid like the plague!

        So, consider “Coop” to be Gordon Cooper if you’d like, but if I were a betting individual, I’d lay “whale-bait” odds that you won’t see in any of the promotional material his first name identified as “Gordon.”

        P.S. This is to take NOTHING away from the remarkable and groundbreaking career of Commander Gordon Cooper!

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        No one in Team JJ has identified Capt ” Coop” Cooper as being that of astronaut Gordon Cooper. The legal morass they would find themselves in for failure to compensate the estate of a real astronaut, Gordon Cooper for using his likeness in their marketing campaign is something that I’m sure they would want to avoid as much a meeting with the nefarious Red Cozmo!

  7. Lee says:

    so… is it possible the storyline will span 30 years?

    • trex says:

      @ Lee, i don’t think the storyline in the actual movie will span 30 years, it will just take place in the short time period of the events taking place. this stuff we’re getting now is just icing on our jj abrams cake.

  8. trex says:

    also, i think it will be alot like the cloverfield viral in the sense that we’re getting a storyline that is relevant to the movie, but not really interacting with the main plot of the movie, you see just a little crossover in the movie, a token for the fans who followed (i.e. that cloverfield viral with the girl who sent the videos to her boyfriend and ends up eating some seaweed, then you see her passed out on the couch at the beginning party scene)

  9. Lee says:

    It’s so intriguing though, i wanna know what happens to Josh and his host lol i never followed the cloverfield marketing, was it as gripping as this?

  10. Lee says:

    It’s probably nothing anyway but has anyone been looking through the links in the photo slider for clues? I been looking through them and they’re probably nothing vital but there is some really amazing photographs, someone else might see connections better than me. someone’s likely to have been through them with a fine tooth comb anyway, just thought it worth mentioning

  11. larkinlink says:

    im imagining that josh was born in 1963 from his e-mail address, and the dates state 2010 on the chat, so he just seems to talk and type very childish for being almost 50. any thoughts?

    • 26062 says:

      not if his age goes along with the date for the movie…. the movie takes place in 1979

      • 26062 says:

        don’t really know though this is my first viral so i am just kinda goin with the flow on this one…lol 🙂

        • 26062 says:

          ok disregard anything my dumbass posted above…i see on the chat log , it is dated 2010….lol…silly me

        • Janesmith says:

          26062, Larklink and those new to the game .. Hello =)

          I may be totally wrong but others can add and correct

          So the movie and the viral game should not intertwine to the point where we will either get answers for the Viral via movie shots videos on set etc or really know what the movies final plot is all about via Josh and Mysterio’s interactions
          Josh and Mr Mysterio are in our current time, the movie is MAYBE” mostly in the past ?? maybe.

          For us gamers… we might find “soup her ates”and monsters form the black lagoon, Jokes and fun things placed in set pictures, but again those things should not have a major impact on the “game”

          Just for instance NOT PROOF.. But Rocket Poppeteers might just be a few seconds flash in the movie or a poster in the store etc the Pd 11, the fish store ,the hat etc…So even though THEY are allowing us to relate coelacanths to deep sea creatures to Clover 2 is the monster on the train…

          I will just say this…we don’t even know if 1. There is a monster alien etc.. 2 if the CGI train wreck is just a diversion from a totally “unexpected” Plot.

          Ever see a trailer and when you see the movie those parts are not in it?

          Ps thanks for gaming with me and I may be totally wrong =P

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      This is my first ARG, as well, though I used to write online sci-fi/mystery novels for nearl a decade (and if my health continues to improve, I’ll resume), but getting back to your question, namely, “he just seems to talk and type very childish for being almost 50. any thoughts?”

      I’ve expounded on another web site dealing with S8 about Josh’s naivete regarding his fixation of having his very own coelacanth, but I’ll simply say here that scientists who are even more “gaga” than Josh recognize that the coelacanth (though there have been numerous attempts) cannot be kept alive in aquariums.

      He either has not done his due dilligence in learning more about this fish than he should have, or he is–sorry to say–mentally deficient, so who can figure this (fictional) fellow out?

  12. Tunk says:

    Maybe a silly question: but has anyone tried contacting this Josh through the email?

    • admin says:

      A guy named Rob emailed me earlier in the week telling me he got a response from Josh’s email address:

      Dear Dr. Rob,

      Thanks for checking in! Just a few hiccups in my personal life – but I’ll try to post again this week. Still trying, as always, for the Coelacanth. You never fail unless you give up, right? What are you a doctor of, by the way? A lot of my family are doctors.

      Thanks for visiting the site.

      J. Minker

      • Tunk says:

        Cool. I wonder what “dr. Rob” actually wrote. I tries myself actually last night. I didn’t know what to write to him actually. Anything would be strange , I think /:-) I ended up asking if he was ok, haha.

        Thanks. I guess I’m pretty late om posting, but I have been lurking in the shadows for a bit 😉

  13. BuzzMan says:

    A metal cylinder with three dots? During Weirton filming,I saw red tractor trailers with USAF on the back and three big white dots on the side.

  14. Nice man. I had the feeling you weren’t gonna be able to chat. But this is still awesome!

  15. Jim says:

    Has anyone posted a comment on Hook line and Minker’s website and got a response?

    • larkinlink says:

      i left a comment a while back, and it never posted. has anyone had theirs posted? there are some comments, maybe people that play into the movie somehow. possibly worth a look?

  16. Lee says:

    Someone should tell him we found his fish

  17. Lee says:

    Does anyone else think that the Macropinna Microstoma video on youtube is part of this campaign some how?

  18. Lee says:

    NVM that’s probably rubbish, just thought it looked a little too CG to not be CG lol

  19. Bakkaboom says:

    But at least this is poor.

  20. Tunk says:

    I just Googled coelacanth (why haven’t I done that before?), and I can easily imagine that mean looking sea beast as a huge monster on foot :O It really looks hidious. Loving the dead eyes of it.

    BTW: Can we be sure that this is NOT a Cloverfield prequel?

    • Lee says:

      earlier, i spent a hour or so trying to find out what kind of new technology/pressure system i’d need to house a coelacanth when all of a sudden it struck me…why the hell am i doing this?!!!lol

      We can’t really be sure about anything at all can we?

  21. Jason says:

    Well, okay, hlm is definitely in this. Could you imagine how awkward minker would feel if hlm wasn’t part of the arg?

    Anyway, I think, to me, the main questions this poses, are:

    What is the cyllinderr and the relevance of its contents?
    What is the host looking for that Josh’s mother left behind?
    Who is Josh’s father?
    And if this is dated 2010, when is this taking place?

    Where I live, it is now 2 in the morning. so i’m sure I missed some obvious questions/////but yeah.

  22. Rowan says:

    There was some footage of the movie on October 18’s SUP video on machinima’s youtube channel at 2:10.

  23. Shayan says:

    My brain hurts, if this takes place in the 70’s then why does it say 2010? ugh is he older now, maybe when he was younger he saw the monster and he didnt want to believe what he saw. Whoever it is wants to stay secluded from life and reality because he doesnt want to believe what he saw. And somebody contacted him saying he knows and will tell him what happens. I know this sounds weird maybe you can make sense of it.

    • Lee says:

      Isn’t it more likely that his father was one of the children making the super 8 film? Maybe Mysterio was one of the other kids…

      Can some one explain where the name Mysterio has come from? is that something that’s been discovered or is it just something to call him/her?

  24. Hey guys, they finished filming. My friend says that the stuff they did in the ending was awesome. Ufo, houses being blown up, military trashing stuff, and other stuff. This is starting to make me so crazy I want to see Super 8 so badly.

  25. travisM says:

    ya i found a clip from them filming it contains military and explosions.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Don’t you guys think this is all related to a big fish.. or something?
    The site gave me that idea. Fishes, fishes and more fishes. Maybe, this “monster, alien or whatever” is an extraterrestrial fish that Josh caught somehow (i dont think he could do that with a fish pole) and the Gobernment took this monster and transported it to the Area 51 and also his father thinking that he would tell the news and all this alien teories would finally be revealed to the people (you know, gobernment is obssesed with hiding rare info to people), Josh is looking for his father, but at the same time, this monster breaks free into the city and blah blah blah disaster here, big boom there.

    I know. my theory is weird and almost nerdy. But i don’t know. i don’t give a…

  27. MicMagellan says:

    Did anyone log on to the SITE on the 23rd. 12:14-12:59 window which was stated on the strange calendar. The only date with the same time frame of 45mins?

  28. Will says:

    I registered for updates at super8 trailer site opened my email they sent me a confirmation I clicked on link in emaik back to movie site the trailer doesn’t play but a wave form is showing……..weird

  29. JonT says:

    hmmm this is just a thought… maybe this entire movie is a prequel to cloverfield??? the more all of you good people figure it out the more it starts to make sense… think about it…

    This mystery guy john has his own website about fish… the monster from clover field was definitely aquatic…

    also on there is a picture that you can flip that says “don’t forget who takes care of you” – J… could J be John???

    this rocketpoppeteers is what confused me for a long time, but i think i figured something out… at the end of cloverfield the moster can clearly be seen dropping in from the sky, maybe even from… HELLO space!!!!

    it sounds stupid i know, but again the more i think about it the more it just makes sense… the monster in cloverfield is relatively a baby…. 30 years from super 8 to cloverfield is not a long time… one more thing

    on the 1-18-08 website there is a picture of a japanese man holding sushi, or something but it looks a lot like some kind of seafood… you flip that picture and there is something written in japanese or chinese, but nobody ever decoded it… maybe now is the time… im fully confident this super 8 movie is a prequel, and instead of trying to look forward maybe we need to look back a couple of years.

    the more people start to figure out the more it makes sense, and the more i get excited to even start thinking this could be a prequel, but it is JUST a guess.

    • kush says:

      “this rocketpoppeteers is what confused me for a long time, but i think i figured something out… at the end of cloverfield the moster can clearly be seen dropping in from the sky, maybe even from… HELLO space!!!!”

      For one thing, that isn’t the monster its a satellite that fell outta orbit.
      JJ already said this wasn’t related to Cloverfield.

  30. Brandon says:

    hey guys, i kinda just getting into this stuff but i was checkin out the pic from the web posting from guest to host it alows you to zoom in on the photo to the left of the letters on the wall is a pink hat box sitting on a cardbord box with half a address and a sticky note stuck to it could be completely off but this could be some thing let me no if anyone finds something out

  31. dray 8 says:

    Ok Guys go along with me for sec. on hlm website the names of commenters their initials spell out ARDEM, cause for some reason Division didnt fit with them. I put that directly in my address window and took me to a site by a R david Middlebrook, he was a power player in the field of electronics up until his death this year. i got a number for Val his wife and called it but was to chicken shit to say anything. I was reading his site and came across garrett neaves, whom has his own site, also with a letter from val and a different telephone number, I am convinced that this is tied in with super 8 some kind of way, if not for the simple fact that garretts web site has been around since apr 2010. about same time campaign started. since my brain is about to burst can someone look into it.

    • Janesmith says:

      Ahhh dray.. its nice to have someone else to go crazy with..come join me in all things that make your head explode, we will go crazy together 😉

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      The site has a Creation Date of 11-may-1995, making this well out of the realm of the web sites we’ve found so far that have been created for this viral marketing campaign.

      Interesting that there have been other comments from others that just have not been listed on Josh’s home page.

      Also interesting to note is that ardem can be configured as “dream” or “armed.”

    • Jason says:

      I think its irrelevant, Xeno is right, it also spells out oother things.

  32. Court Simas says:

    Has anyone brought up the fact that the posts from the hook line and minker site go back to february? Post one is almost 9 months old.

    But if you look up the site domain “whois” -> it was first created in May.

    So the admin faked the dates of the posts. Interesting. most definitely a part of the movie buzz.

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      The thought is that those earlier post(s) were “dated” as being prior to the creation date of the site. I’m not computer savvy, but from friends I know who are, this is no big deal to do this.

      You raise a good point relevant in determining whether websites are IG or not, and that is this: if the website has been around prior to when the HLM, STIES, and RP sites came on line, chances are great that the site is not IG, and ALL Facebook listings of Josh Minker, or anything seemingly related to the game is anything but.


  34. Val says:

    Hello, admin.
    Maybe Im crazy but i saw some mistakes in the chat and I put a letters (i mean which are necessary to use) in a line.
    I got I Y T I N.
    Tried to make a word, but seriously, it looks like a Chinese name or something. 😀

    I wish my ‘discovery’ will be helpful is the future.

  35. Tim says:

    This is less about the above clues, but I thought it was pretty interesting..

    In the video clip of the military vehicles going down the street, you’ll notice before the tracer rounds are going into the sky one of the vehicles turns right and is shooting “level” in front of them (just before the explosion). So are we talking about a full scale invasion movie here?

  36. Janesmith says:

    I wonder if Josh got his new aquarium yet….

  37. bob says:

    there is a picture of the creature on the dam web!!!!!!!!put the dam picture up gom dam it!!!!!!!!!

  38. bob says:

    the creature is here!!!!!!!!there is a picture of it on the web!!!!!!!post it up you need to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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