3 dots on truck

If you've been following the last post on the site regarding the chat log that recently appeared on the scariest thing I ever saw website then you may recognize a symbol on the truck above. During the chat log Josh mentions a canister with "3 dots" on it. Some people have left some comments saying that they have seen trucks driving around Weirton (where the movie is/was being filmed) with 3 dots on them... and now we have photographic evidence thanks to "BuzzMan". There also appears to be a shot showing JJ Abrams in the back of a truck as well as Kyle Chandler walking through the street.

BuzzMan sent quite a few great pictures so head on over to the gallery to see the rest of them!

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40 Responses to “Pictures from Weirton Show “3 Dots” on Truck”

  1. Janemsith says:

    ARGO… seem to remeber argo standing for somthing in the military
    Areo space or water vehicles..have to look it up later

    137 of 137 is interesting a big hidden canvas of somthing in the back of the truck

  2. Janemsith says:

    dammit this brain …. maybe im thinking of Operation Argus… ok really time for me to stop

    or argo jason and argonuts..or …or maybe i need help…

  3. Jay0407 says:

    ARGO is the name of a deep sea observation program. I don’t know if this is in game or something that a group is actually doing but on the site it does mentions “robots”. A reference to JJ’s company?


  4. jessenyhc says:

    anyone heard of the new movie “area 51” from the guy that did paranormal activity?
    it’s supposed to be found footage style…..super 8 film….i wonder if there might be a connection, or hollywood is making it look like 2 movies, but there will only be one? idk, just a thought.

    • admin says:

      Yep, I’ve heard of “Area 51”, but the difference is “Super 8” isn’t found footage style. That was the rumor when the movie was first announced, but JJ came out and said that it would not by shot in that style, the movie just revolves around a group of kids that are filming a movie and when they go back to look at the footage they see a creature/alien…. The whole movie isn’t going to be found footage, but I would imagine that we will be shown their footage, which would technically be POV/Found Footage style.

      • jessenyhc says:

        i feel you on that, obviously from the set pictures, this is gonna be a movie-movie. i was just thinking the “found footage” might be what josh or what not shot with the super 8. idk. i’m sure it has nothing to do with it, but the premise seems a little familiar.

  5. Janesmith says:

    @ Jay0407 Ive seen that argo.. I do belive its been around for a few years ..Not 100% sure but I belive I saw it in a Climate documentary. Again .. maybe not =P

    @ Jay0407 Ive seen that ARGO.. I do belive its been around for a few years ..Not 100% sure but I believe I saw it in a Climate documentary. Again .. maybe not =P

    @jessenyhc yes I’ve seen that movie as well it’s still as far as I can tell was supposed to be filming and has not of yet..So dunno but the premise is interesting

    “Area 51, which according to Variety will have the “found footage narrative structure of his last film and tell the story of three teens whose curiosity leads them to the notorious Area 51 part of Nellis Air Force Base in the Nevada desert”

    Strangely familiar.. =D

  6. Will says:

    Have ya been to actual movie trailer site I looks like there is a new message on Lens of cam…. Can’t make out I’m on I phone sorry not home to research

    • Pokey says:

      Yeah I’ve been wondering what it says.

    • Tunk says:

      Yeah, I visited the official site just now – and it definitely looks like a new message. I can make out “…lite…” I think. Not the handwritten style of the first message. But someone with the technical abilities should absolutely “decode” it for us. Fast!

      • admin says:

        Pretty sure it still says what it’s always said, “TITLE:, DATE:, PROCESSED BY KODAK”. The text all looks the same to me. This isn’t where the “scariest thing i ever saw” text was found if that’s what you’re confusing this with. That text was found at the end of the actual trailer not on the lens behind the trailer on the official site.

  7. super8investor says:

    Is It Me Or Is http://www.scariestthingieversaw.com/ Is Not Responding?

    Just Asking

  8. super8investor says:

    Or Is It Just Me?

  9. 26062 says:

    it’s just you

  10. super8invester says:

    Hey I Think I Figured It Out Okay

    Meet Me At 4D & 5O’S Last Leg

    5O:The 5O or more appropraitely, 5-O, refers to the police forces, usually by parties that do not like them.
    Here comes the 5O, run!
    So It Is An illegal group aginst police forces

    I’m still working on 4D Get back to you guys when i get somthing

    Okay This Is What I Got

    A four-dimensional being

    Think of it this way. Consider a two-dimensional world resembling a sheet of paper. How would you appear to the inhabitants of such a world if you tried to interact with with them? The 2-D creatures would only see cross-sections of you as you intersected their universe. Your finger would look like a flat disc that grew in size as you pushed it through their world. Your five fingers might looked like five separate circles. They would just see irregular shapes with skin boundaries as you entered their world. Similarly, a hyperbeing who lived in the fourth dimension would have a cross-section in our space that looked liked a bunch of skin blobs.

    A 4-D being would be a god to us. It would see everything in our world. It could even look inside your stomach and remove your breakfast without cutting through your skin

    I Still Think That Person In The Van Was Undercontroll Of The Alien
    Or (4D Being)

    So I Think It’s A Illegal Group That Are Against The Police Forces( Or Gov) That So How Now About The 4D Being

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      Looking at the October rare fish calendar, from the first week go down 4 rows; from the left go over 5 and you come to October 21. The “last leg” of the rare fish sighting for that day began at 11:09 pm.

      That’s when the chat went live between Josh and Mysterio on the STIES site.

      • MicMagellan says:

        what about the 23rd..? strange that the 45min. single window was the only time frame of its kind on the calendar.

        • c9urk says:

          may be nothing but if u do the 4 down 5 over again from the 21st of oct it gives the 23rd of november. i dont have the oct calander anymore, is the moon phase and times the same? if they are it could be an important date. just a thought.

      • jahlifted says:

        So true 4D- is 4 down, 5O- is 5 over

  11. Justin8r says:

    They should have a Theater for all of us Super 8 geeks and we can all watch the answers unfold together LOL it would be hilarious but good at the same time!!

  12. johntomas says:

    This is a movie adaptation of a book called Revolution. Search Roswell on authonomy .com

  13. maz says:

    if you check out the local newspapers website they have photos on there too

  14. Lee says:

    LOOK!!! Forget about it!!! Fuck all this nonsense, like people on this site have said in not so may words or maybe more (who cares?) judging by the Cloverfield campaign, this is gonna have the slightest of a slight connection to THE ACTUAL MOVIE!!! so fuck it. JJ Abrams is leading you all on a wild goose chase! Pointless.

  15. Lee says:

    The icing on our JJ Abrams cake? Gimme a break. I say everyone just stops and leaves THEM hanging. Just wait for the film to come out. you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Trust me.

  16. Janesmith says:

    3 dots on the ID cards Printed form sties as well

    Listed under Clearance level of autorization

  17. Janesmith says:

    Well we certainly seem to be “Connecting the Dots” >=)

  18. There is probably no connection but I found this coincidence pretty funny.
    Three dots corporation in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/Three_dots

  19. Janesmith says:

    I think the problem with the 3 triangular dots is there is so much significance and relation throughout history.

    Obvious ones are UFO, pyramids, Masonic symbolism.

    Possibilities are Egyptian, Syrian or Phoenician coding or letters

    Closer to logic, mathematical ties, therefore ∴ and because ∵

    OG gang related, predator and my alter ego Sarah conor.


  20. Xeronex says:

    The three dots are a mark that aliens had left on the skin of an abducted man, a real life story. I’ve read about it through researching aliens my whole life. :3

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