Super 8 Release Date

super 8 release date

Paramount made an announcement today regarding the release date of Super 8... and that release date is June 10, 2011. So keep your calendars clear and I'll see you at the theater!


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  1. Tom says:

    Interesting fact found on the web about toadfish:
    It has even been kept in aquariums by NASA since this fish has fluid-filled aural canals that are similar to those found in other vertebrates. NASA has therefore used the Oyster toadfish to study how microgravity might affect the balance system and the development of otolithic (balance) organs. Two Oyster toadfishes from Woods Hole in Massachusetts participated in a shuttle mission that also brought Senator John Glenn and five other astronauts into space. The fluid-filled aural canals of the Oyster toadfish have linings covered with cilia. These cilia are sensitive enough to sense when calcium carbonate crystals move. When the cilia detect a movement, it will pass this information on to the brain

    Here is the website:

  2. Tom says:

    found an interesting thing on toadfish (this may have posted more than once):
    One of the most well known toadfish species is the Oyster toadfish, Opsanus tau. It is not an appreciated game or food fish, but will make an interesting aquarium inhabitant and is sometimes sold as “Ugly toad”. It has even been kept in aquariums by NASA since this fish has fluid-filled aural canals that are similar to those found in other vertebrates. NASA has therefore used the Oyster toadfish to study how microgravity might affect the balance system and the development of otolithic (balance) organs. Two Oyster toadfishes from Woods Hole in Massachusetts participated in a shuttle mission that also brought Senator John Glenn and five other astronauts into space. The fluid-filled aural canals of the Oyster toadfish have linings covered with cilia. These cilia are sensitive enough to sense when calcium carbonate crystals move. When the cilia detect a movement, it will pass this information on to the brain.

    • SYSTEM LOCK says:

      what do the toadfish have to do with the super 8 viral campaign? i know theres is a clue that accesses the STIES site but you might be onto something please post your theory as iam curious as to where are you going with this

      • Tom says:

        Like maybe Josh’s dad was a NASA guy who knew too much and he was also a fish enthusiast, where Josh becomes a fish enthusiast. I am pretty sure John Glenn was on the Mercury program with Captain Coop and if he worked on this study of fish he could have been working on getting people into the “Red Cosmos”- aka Mars, in my opinion. Idk too confusing cant figure this out. My whole idea was based off Rich, if that is even real. WE NEED A NEW TRAILER ALREADY!!!

  3. Vanwhy J. says:

    Is no one else confused by the comments I was gone for 3 days and the place went to friggin hell Wtf? I have “hint” that No One has suggested myabe, just friggin’ maybe the trailer Is Out!!! It’s simple Rich if he is real or not said we Have To Find It ,the trailer not the object the trailer’s out already but yet it will Officially realease after thanksgiving come on!!! 3 days man, 3 days… if anyone else agrees help me out!! Me, I’m looking into 4-5 things at once all imvolving a certain Josh Minker.. and his calenders…

    • admin says:

      There is a “TEASER” out, but there is definitely not a trailer… there is a difference. The train crash “trailer” that you’re thinking of is just a teaser. It was shot before a single frame of film was shot for the movie and it was just to introduce us to the idea. The trailer is probably being cut now that the film has been shot so I’m guessing we’ll get another clue from the actual trailer.

  4. Vanwhy J. says:

    No go on the “trailer” in addition I searched for other blogs which may be ahead…. go ahead guess…. Nope there is No other blog/s that appear to be ahead of us we are all Stuck, Rich if you were real I would punch you in the mouth… i checked the calendars and guess what… Zip, Nada, NOTHING!!! Every blogger is stuck and the 3 dotted truck won’t get us out of this rough so again: Calendars = uselss, other blogs = not ahead/behind us , and lastly well NOTHING were stuck please Mr. Abrams SAVE US FROM this nightmare!!!!! I have scoured everything from 4 a.m. to 11:59 P.M. I NEED SLEEP there is nothing that can help us may the Red Cosmo save us from this Nightmare…

    • Janesmith says:

      Yes…YES… that what they want.. come my little minion come with me and wear your foil cap and sit in front of the computer for days…YES…

      **Janesmith adds another player to her lets go crazy together pile =)**

      *TWITCH*~~~Jane *TWITCH*

      • SYSTEM LOCK says:

        go ahead and add to that list as i have no intentions to go to work and stare at the great master that is the internet O-O

  5. Lee says:

    Is anybody else tempted to just give up on this and just wait for the movie to come out? That would be the healthiest thing to do in my opinion…

  6. CzM says:

    My comment is regarding the validity of Rich. Now, I used to work for a trailer house (that’s a company that produces the teasers/trailers/tv spots, posters, virals, etc.) and I know for a fact that I as well as all other employees were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we could even access our parking spots, let alone switch on a computer terminal.

    An NDA is a confidentiality agreement that basically forbids a person from sharing any information regarding any of the projects that their company is working on and it does, without any mencing of words, state that termination and/or legal action could be taken against you if you were found divulging any information in any form regarding the project (s) the company is working on.

    So my issue with Rich is this. Why in the world would you risk losing your job and credibility in the film industry by violating this agreement? Because I can guarantee you and everyone else on this blog that he had to sign one of those documents. I can also guarantee you that Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams as well as Sumner Redstone (who I think is still either head of production or even acting President of Paramount) would hardly stand by and allow an “exec” to reveal sensitive details about one of the potentially biggest movies of summer 2011 – including the viral – to their target audience on a site as heavily visited as the very one we are on at this moment.

    I could be wrong, and I’m totally prepared to eat my own words, but to all of my fellow Super 8 investigators…Question everything!!

    • SYSTEM LOCK says:

      i am starting to agree with your point about rich (if thats even his name) and i bthink i will stop listening to his so called clues i applaud at your NDA argumet but its time that we stop with the rich discussions and get back to finding other websites containing info on super 8
      ON A SECOND NOTE: what happened to yesterdays comments?

  7. c9urk says:

    click older comments at the bottom left.

    i was watching the teaser trailer again and also somevids on youtube ppl have posted about the images throught the teaser. I defo think that there is something with the 1st quarter moon phase as one of the stills has this phase of the moon in it, as well has the RP moon too.

  8. Exodia says:

    Hey guys anyone investigate what the guys says over the radio in the teaser trailer?

    It sounds like “Blue leg 1, white patch, sitrep and DA over”

    does that have any significance or meaning?

  9. Exodia says:

    Actually its “Blue leg 1, white cat, sitrep and eta over” & “White cat, blue leg 1 actual, cargo intact eta on schedule”

    Anyways if theres anything there let me know…dont know if it helps.

  10. Matt says:

    Pretty sure it says “Groom Lake 1, Wright-Pat. Sitrep & ETA, over” followed by “Wright-Pat, Groom Lake 1, actual. Cargo intact; eta on schedule”

    At least that makes more sense then blue legs and white cats

    • SYSTEM LOCK says:

      groom lake is a codename to area 51
      wright-pat in my opinion are the guys in charge of the mission which is why it seems that they are reporting to them
      dont know the last two though hope this helps

      • Tom says:

        wright-pat is wright patterson airforce base in ohio. Just saying thought we figured that out like day one the trailer was out. sorry not trying to be a jerk but

        • Tom says:

          and in recent years it is thought wright pat is really where our government is hiding alien craft and what not and area 51 is becoming a red herring with a lot of stuff being moved out, makes sense with the movie trailer.

  11. Exodia says:

    lol yeah I guess so thx matt

  12. CzM says:

    If you are asking questions about the dialoge from the teaser, you should definitely look through all of the topics covered on this site, because that was deciphered a while ago.

  13. Janesmith says:

    Dont forget the forums folks..pop in from time to time.

  14. jessenyhc says:

    I’VE GO IT!!!

    my plot theory:

    Josh’s father (Rich) was an actual Rockett Popperteer (works for the ice cream company). One day (1970-whatever) he is leaving work and wants to bring his son, josh, some of the new flavors, but isn’t allowed to take none home. In a fit of rage he kills everyone at the factory but then is apprehended by law officials and taken to prison. After many attempts and escapes from prison, with the determination to bring some ice cream home to josh, he is then taken to a secured facility (Area 51) where the law presumes he will never be able to escape. To their demise, he is able to escape his cell and makes a run for it. Rich accidentally comes across the section of Area 51 where extraterrestrial beings are being held captive. After conversing with the alien life forms and discovers that they are held against their will and being tested on, he feels sympathetic for them and decides to help them escape. In trade the aliens can take the last remaining ice creams to his son from the cosmos. The government gets wind of their plans and decides to separate them and send the aliens to a new facility in Ohio. while the transportation of the aliens is under way, josh’s dad escapes again. He soon finds out that his son was murdered (he never delivered some items that he sold on craiglist). Rich sees no other reason to live but to free the aliens. So in an act of heroism he collides his classic truck into the train that is transporting the aliens. the aliens, who agreed to help josh get his serving of ice cream are not out to get revenge on Josh’s killer….

    idk. just my theory

  15. James V. says:

    go to S.T.I.E.S. right now!!!

  16. james v. says:

    okay so when the website first unlocked each update was represeted by the changin of #s and letters recntly (today) the text changed again i.e. the website updated….

  17. super8investor says:

    i’M Taking A Post On Till Midnight

  18. Avilen Procom says:

    Just Don’t Tell Them The Clue Like I Told You Just Meet Me In The Chat Room Tell Them The Clue Later

  19. Super8investor says:

    Why Not Me, You, And Jossssssh, Know

  20. Avilen Procom says:

    Stop Posting Publicly Meet Me In The Chat Room

  21. Ryan says:

    ^ you are very clearly the same person. I am not amused.

  22. Jake Banks says:

    So… I don’t want to be that one guy that points out something that everyone already knows but…

    Cloverfield monster was from the water, correct?
    That sketchy ass website “Hook, Line and Minker” is all about fish, correct.

    Soo………………. connection?
    Even though J.J.A already said no to that, seems peculiar to meh, i dunno

  23. CzM says:

    Admin, would you consider posting a summary/timeline of what we’ve uncovered so far? At least it would be a point of reference for newbies to the site as well as those of us who have been following since the beginning.

    I don’t know about any others on here, but there are times when I get a little confused by all the clues. And it may prevent some of the posters who at times express a desire to give up from throwing in the towel.

    “Rich” may have been an imposter, but his posts got me thinking about how most of us are keeping track of clues and how we use them.

    Just a thought…

    • Janesmith says:

      Czm, I agree I PMed admin about this a few days ago, I think hes away for a few days at a time but its good advice=)

      • I said it once and I’ll say it again: We need TWO admins.

        • admin says:

          I’m here, I get all the PM’s and read all the comments so there’s no need for 2 admins. I’ll look into a “recap”, but essentially a recap is just “go back to the first post and start reading”… but maybe I can figure something out that’s a little more compact.

          • CzM says:

            Thank you, Admin. Even if it was something with bullets that were links to the pages on your site for full details. Let me know if you would like my help 🙂

          • admin says:

            If you have the time and want to throw something together I would be much appreciative, if not, no worries I’ll see what I can come up with. I just can’t promise it’ll be done this week (have another damn wedding out of town this weekend 🙂 )

          • CzM says:

            Absolutely, I will? I’ll start working on something this week. Would a word.doc format be alright? Can I copy and past some of the pictures from your site to add as small icons to the bullet points?

          • admin says:

            word doc would be fine and of course you can use anything you want from the site considering this is where it will be posted, it’ll just have your name attached to it as to give you credit.

          • CzM says:

            Sorry. That first sentence was supposed to have ended with a “!” and not a “?”.

          • MicMagellan says:

            I sent this to J~~~ this morning a repost that i wanted your advice…

            Im a bit disappointed. I assumed you guys/gals would have seen the actual trailer this weekend, but…
            Josh had to meet him/her at the school with the fish and the money; at least thats what i assume from the CLUES ~ 4D & 5O’s For Device & 500k or 100k or Grand… The last Leg was the news paper clip concerning the cross walk in front of the school. Shelly post of her Dogs Clothes was a CLUE i assumed as well… The scrambled letters, and ; , . Cap. Phrases led me to believe the meet would take place on the 6th Sat between 11:49-12:39 seeing the that the run time of the teaser was 1:29 and at 45% or 40.5 sec/frames into the train wreck you see a blue flash strike the train like a preditor missles from a RP assigned to protect the passenger in the truck which once again i assume is still alive… Also if you look along the side of the rail just before wheels fell off a small lighting fast blur wizz’s past the scream like a lil grimlin. Anyway… LIFE IS SHORT!

          • CzM says:

            Thanks for letting me help! I’ll try to get a rough draft out to you by or before the end of the week. 🙂

  24. James V. says:

    Scanned STIES’ flash again definatley a change for once the source code had had major overhaul in laymen’s terms (portal reference) they are adding things I checked follow-up links (the equiv. of a /something in the bar except it’s invisible) but they all aren’t complete their mising sections but RICH was deffinately on to something what ever it is its either reeeally long or really short they are uploading bits and pieces at a time hard to tell… also ready to be pumped? I crossed my fingers,prayed and double,no triple checked the DEV. prompts links theres some progress but I won’t ruin it….

    • Jason says:

      This would be a lot easier to understand if you used punctuation.
      Nevertheless, please, by all means, ruin it for us. This blog is for progressive purposes. If you aren’t going to share what you’ve discovered, then I’m not sure the point of that post.

      No disrespect meant, and I appreciate that you spent the time checking all of those liinks. However, I think that if you discover something related to the game, then you might as well tell us.

  25. kush says:

    As the post above says, there might be new stuff on STIES tomorrow, the HL&M moon phases shows rare fish to be spotted for tomorrow.

  26. Shayan says:

    Do you think the times on the calenders are times when something big happens? Like maybe on STIES?

  27. Tunk says:

    Anyone else got a blank STIES website?? I´ve refreshed, but it stays the same. Could there be something going on?

  28. Troy 'Wings' Jackson says:

    Hi was looking around on things about Weirton.Don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet. And sorry if it has. They have a newsletter through their museum. At the end there is a piece about Cathy’s snack shack which mentions about a hero’s table which features in the movie.
    Here’s a link;

  29. Troy 'Wings' Jackson says:

    It is written as hero’s not heroes suggesting one!
    There are other pdfs with info on the production team looking at old footage of the steel company in Weirton and also looking at photos with Carter in them. They also were looking at a 1977 beer can (but its not blue with a lion on it).

  30. James V. says:

    Ok but beware of spoilers…sort of.. the DEV. is using a format ( as in audio or video) the format is one that can work both ways meaning it could be either. although i doubt its video there is still a possibility so far the length is about :30 seconds but each day more is being added not sure when exactly the website will update for all the timezones but I do know somethings happening by my estimate it could be from 1-8 days. as for Rocket poppeteers there is something going on with the flash to looks like those buttons on the spaceship will be activating some new toys soon… only think is I don’t know when or what they will do. CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR SOMETHING BIG!!!!!!!

  31. C9urk says:

    Can’t remember the cloverfield arg being this slow with the next piece of the puzzle. Hope something happens Soooooooooooon!

    • Jason says:

      I liked the cloverfield arg, though I wasn’t even around for it. But I think the reason it went quicker is because it had so many more websites. While so far we only have Hlm, Rp, and STIES, Cloverfield had Slusho, Tagruato, jamieandteddy, tidowave, 1 18 08, and I think thats it.

      • admin says:

        It also seemed like it went faster because the ARG started in July and the movie was out the following January (6 months) where as the Super 8 ARG started in May and the movie doesn’t come out until next June (13 months). So there is a lot more time to spread things around as opposed to Cloverfield. I think things will start picking up after the new year when the movie gets closer.

  32. DemonG says:

    I’m watching cloverfield again and getting real amped for super 8 .

    One thing that’s struck me as weird is why are there always these lions , remember with cloverfields clip they thought Hud said it was a lion hehe and now with this blue lion .

    Maybe jj should just go ahead and make a lion movie.

  33. Vics says:

    Am i going mad but wasnt the old Brylcreme can blue with a lion on it – and if someone else has already suggested this then im sorry, i did think i was having a moment of genius but the more i think about it the less likely my genius becomes lol

  34. super8invester says:

    Okay I Think I Got The Update it says

    0955655d fd= open (Dev1 O_ Wrongly)

    then It says xst a3 File Libary

    Then Status= icot fd fiodskinit, 0;

    The D.Morris I Heard This Name Somewhere Just Got To Try And Remember May Have Been One Of HL&M Photographers

    then it says unprotected system

    then set TT:noscope



    after that i’m lost

  35. The Observer says:

    I think Super 8 will be attach to Super Bowl XLV (I Made It) C.M.H. 2/6/11 so GO CARDINALS and DEATH TO STEALERS!!!!!!!! And don’t worry, I’ll have to do… is wait

  36. James V. says:

    OK SORRY IF I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPS BUT I AM REALLY EXCITED!! SEE I COULD NOT “HACK ” THE WEBSITE BECAUSE I HAD TO WAIT FOR A ADMIN TO GET ON. SO AN ADMIN GOT ON IT, I LATCHED ON TO THE WEBSITE AND POURED MY HEAD INTO THE VOID (SO TO SPEAK) ITS VIDEO!! I DO NOT KNOW WHY BUT ITS DEFINATELY VIDEO, ITS ABOUT 1:00 LONG (COMMERCIAL LENGTH). UNFORTUNATELY IT ISN’T UPLOADED ALL THE WAY SO I COULD ONLY VIEW A FEW FRAMES BUT ITS DEFINATELY VIDEO!! sorry just had to let that out “whew” but continuing on while I succeeded i also failed, I failed to record it(stupid stupid stupid!!) I knew i was forgetting something I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to record the video BUT I can tell you exactly what I saw of course it is only three frames but it may help 1st: a moon 1/2-3/4 a fish looks like a colecanth? and lastly a can film canister i think. so once again sorry i could not record it ill keep trying though good luck!!!!

  37. C9urk says:

    Maybe the can with the lion on it will be a logo for a type of film canister? Jst a thought

  38. James V. says:

    if i remember right MGM had a lion’ss logo but it wasn’t blue mayble the canister was blue and had the MGM logo on it but no what I saw had no lion but it was cyon colored!!

  39. James V. says:

    Guys its not gonna be a couple of hours ill post if I find anything could take about 1-7 days I check every 12 hrs midnight and noon other than that every once in a while I do have a life right? but ya ill post just checked (apparently tonight I cant sleep what a
    hilarious problem) do not worry keep chasing that dragon…keep chasing that dragon! can you guess what that is from? lol

  40. Jason says:

    Jeez, one comment today? Can you just post an update saying that there hasn’t been an update in forever. I hate constantly logging in to the same post. I mean, 202 comments?

  41. Janesmith says:

    I have officially gone crazy waiting around for this game to kick into gear.

    On an up note… if you look at the times between posts for HLM we are either a day or two away or a few days late.

    New thoughts in my head run to biomechanical, but that’s just crazy talk.*twitch*

    “Goes back to twiddling thumbs”
    ~~Jane *twitch*

    • MicMagellan says:

      I was rollin around Warner Studios and saw this restaurant called Serrano’s or something, and it had this Dolce subtitle… Needless to say my foil cap was on so i parked and had a chat with the owner.
      After chewing the rug (cruise ships, missile launches, convo’s, Black Op, etc.) the convo swung in to left field. He had a lot to say about the “game” and flicka pictures from the 70’s. He reminded me of a Dr. Jones quote… “To be a good archaeologist you need to get out of the Library.”

      on that note, im quitting cold turkey. This isn’t fun anymore. I feel D.U.M.B. cus the answers are right in front of US.


      • Janesmith says:

        Phil did not give up .. tll they made him, you should’nt either.

        Having said that, Taking a break untill some one helps me put all these little crazy POTP together. =)

        See you on the crazy side

  42. Janesmith says:

    OK I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  43. Janesmith says:


  44. Janesmith says:

    PS.. i have to go for a bit but before others go into what are those files..

    Mysterio sent files to josh.. ok have fun

  45. Vics says:

    im here! Whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the files???

  46. Vics says:

    Jane your a genius! My husband is USAF, i shall quiz him when he stops playing golf! x

  47. Monochromatic says:

    Admin is now a dried up skeleton. he died a few weeks ago whilst waiting for progressions in the game. Now we have to vote for a new moderator? PS: I NEVER had to wait this long with the Black Ops Zombies viral!

  48. Jason says:

    Yay go Jane!

  49. Jason says:

    Hey James V., search within our new files for the video files you were talking about, maybe they are within our new files!

  50. James V. says:

    I don’t know i keep checking updates for new DAT. no videos so far so I’ll keep lokking uupdates are at a % where it seems to keep stalling!! GARRGH!! WHART! WHART! WHART!

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