new dat files

Over the weekend some new files appeared within the terminal in the STIES (scariest thing I ever saw) website. The .dat files that appeared were printable files that contained what appear to be scans/copies of 4 ID cards from Nellis Air Force Base, which is currently located just outside of downtown Las Vegas, NV. Each of the ID's has the "3 dots" that we've seen and heard about before in association with the Air Force, they appear on all of the military container trucks that are seen in the set photos as well as the metal cylinder that Josh Minker found and mentioned to the mysterious man in the chat conversation. The ID's are 4 males, 2 of them are Researchers and 2 are Technicians, there are no names and the pictures have been worn off but it's pretty easy to tell that they are males. There is also another dat file, EXPCNL.DAT which doesn't appear to do anything, although it is very similar to the previous EXPCNV.DAT which was an audio file, so maybe this new one is also an audio file...

File: RSOA01.DAT (.print RSOA01)



Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-42
Duty Assignment: Technician
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-536-RD

Image: Male ~6'2", African American?, "TROGL"
Image ID: 07-CES-8RB

File RSOA02.dat (.print RSOA02)



Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-47
Duty Assignment: Technician
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-046-BM

Image: Male ~5'10", Caucasian
Image ID: 23-MHC-2BR

File RSOF01.dat (.print RSOF01)



Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-49
Duty Assignment: Research
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-827-SM

Image: Male ~5'7", Caucasian
Image ID: 42-ELL-4LA

File RSOF02.dat (.print RSOF02)


Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-45
Duty Assignment: Research
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-233-DK

Image: Male ~6'1", Caucasian
Image ID: 41-T0L-6OP

If you have any other information regarding these print outs feel free to post in the comments, this was all the information I could get out of them for the time being.

86 Responses to “New .dat Print Outs on “Scariest Thing” Website”

  1. xano50 says:

    what could this mean

  2. Shayan says:

    What is up with the 3 dots…

  3. Janesmith says:

    Here is the newest print out for you that have missed .. stuff

    This is a basic timeline of events to catch up .. 3 dots are some kind of code found on varied game items and movie props.. we dotn knw where it will lead yet. Not complete but a bit of background for the game.


  4. C9URK says:

    It may be nothing but the 3 dots are aligned different on the files. the techs are different to the researchers……hmmm :/

  5. kush says:

    Don’t know if I read it wrong but isnt Area 51 apart of Nellis AFB? Also looks like the first guy is caucasian might be a tan/bad lighting for his picture.
    Could they be trying to reverse engineer something? I think so.

  6. Big Mike says:

    Well, the authorization for the reaserchers look just like the one one on the truck only aligned pointing to the left so maby the truck was a different type of person like millitary or somthing

  7. xano50 says:

    i asked the airforce ROTC teacher Major Takahara at my highschool he said that the printouts look like line badges basically they give someone access to classified areas and that where the 3 dots are there should be logs and the technician is a flight technician who would with the badge fly classified planes in this case super 8 the plane would be a UFO and the area from my guess would be area 51 and the researcher would from my guess research the UFO thats all the information that i have for right know.

  8. Jason says:

    So Rich…any information we are missing now?

  9. khriz zpicer says:

    nobody knows the meaning of the letters and the numbers on the expiration ????

  10. Mitch says:

    just wondering but has anyone figures out the .REENTER command yet?
    Or the rocket poppeteers site?

  11. Damian says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the “3 dots” is a secret symbol representing Area 51. It’s also under Authorization, so it might be a way these people are allowed into Top Secret stuff.

  12. C9urk says:

    The three dots remind me of Predator’s laser sight lol

  13. Kidjim25 says:

    Is it just me or are the dots in different positions a sideways triangle for some and a point down triangle for another. I wonder if this could mean anything as well.

  14. Eric says:

    Who is the man at the picture that we cant see??? I always think “Jack” when i see a face like that. Hmm…

  15. Eric says:

    Is it from Fallout: New Vegas (i mean Nellis Air Force Base)? Link:

    • admin says:

      Fallout: New Vegas was created based on real places… since it takes place in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas it would make sense that Nellis would be included in the game since it’s a real place….

  16. James V. says:

    Checked again still uploading (and stalling) also I think this may not be connected but the unexpected title may be reffering to the Colecanth its self I was reading my science book and just happened upon a page about the colecanth sailors used to call it “Old Four Legs” not sure if this IS it but theres a chance it could be it! 🙂

    • Melodyman says:

      Several weeks ago, it was determined that the unexpected title was referring to Josh’s blog post on HLM from Aug 21st when he was drunk and instead of marking his post by date and time, he in his drunkness marked it 112…he also starts the post saying ‘Well, that was unexpected…’
      just wanted to help you out since I see you are still trying to figure out what he was referring to..

  17. Douche Wayne says:

    It looks like the Researchers are not in uniform (dark tie light shirt). Is this important?

  18. skyraider says:

    The supposed UFO crash in Roswell, NM happened in 1947, and Philip Corso wrote a yarn (published as non-fiction) about allegedly reverse-engineering technology from the crashed saucer.

  19. marcos says:

    OMG i know this is random, but i think i found something….

    From the 1st trailer, nothing much but i thought it was kinda cool

  20. DemonG says:

    I think that if we can find out the shape of the dots in Josh canister we can match it with one of the i.d cards, and possible find out which one belonged to his dad . I think the last id is his dad’s. One with tie.

    This makes me think of one of the history channel shows that was on a couple of weeks ago aboot this guy that signed away his rights and things to do research on a ufo and maybe reverse engineer it. He talked aboot a base that was well concealed with some kind of ground camo.could be something thou , he had a kind of card like these guys.

  21. Big Mike says:

    On a side note.
    Lost=Apollo Candy bar
    Super 8=Rocket Poppeteers

  22. Janesmith says:

    I think its time to “ASK” is there is a discernable pattern to the release of clues to the GAME. If there is, I’m sure the anticipation of a known upcoming event would be better to facilitate discussion on our end.

    I dont think people will “just go check sties” to find clues, and things may get lost.

    Any ideas from anyone?

    Any *CLUEs from RICH?* lolzzzz<


  23. Jenkins says:

    The first ID tag has something written where the photo should be, it might be some sort of air force slang us Australians wont understand but i did find this:
    TROGL=Greek > Latin: cave; thriving in caves; cave dweller

  24. bshaw says:

    The only one who has a name is “TROGL”
    Maybe thats a clue.
    Or important character.

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      You’re assuming that the handwritten “TROGL” is a name–it could be anything from what happened to the individual at the time, or his present assumed status = he’s gone underground?

  25. C9urk says:

    As anyone else seen the trailer for big SS other alien movie? it’s called COWBOYS & ALIENS. I’m on the fence with this one I think watched the trailer and looks good but at the same time looks a bit out of place with cowboys fighting aliens. There was nothing in the trailer I could see that any remote hints or Easter eggs to do with Super 8

  26. James V. says:

    Just a couple of notes: 1. sorry guys whatever was uploading is gone. 🙁
    2. The computers in fallout new vegas look and are like a PDP-11 and the one on the main menu of black ops does to except the font is white not green
    3.James Cameron has worked with J.J. on some of his projects, James Cameron also helped develop the idea of the Predator’s mouth!
    I.E. 3-dots may be a reference to James Cameron and his ide!
    4.J.J. abrams has 2 J’s is one of them James? bc My name is james so itd be funny like, James Cameron, James J. abram, and then me James Vanwhy! that would be sweeeet!

    • Shayan says:

      Number four is unnecessary 😛

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        Haven’t you heard that the number 4 is the answer to all numbers?

        Take any number; for example 95. Spell out 95: ninety-five. Count the letters in ninety-five; 10. Spell out 10: ten. Count the letters in ten; 3. Spell out 3: three. Count the letters in three; 5. Spell out 5: five. The answer is 4.

        You’ll find that in english, I believe spanish, and in german, this works with any number.

        4 is the answer.

        • NOF8 says:

          you won’t find it in russian, but 44 is great miracle, not answer, but question (for me). Mark Twain knew smth, so one of his book is called №44 or Mysterious Stranger.

    • Grohfactor says:

      Jeffrey Jacob “J. J.” Abrams

  27. from my friend who posted this on facebook:

    hi Josh! i was reading your posts about the new super 8 clue…wanted to tell you they did a super secret scene at the state park by the lake. and i believe that even tho its ohio in the movie minkers has to do with wv. wv n oh border eachother. i can see oh from my window. and a fog horn is used to guide someone thru the fog or other weather conditions with no visability. wether it be a boat or person. please keep me updated on the viral…im having trouble keeping up on my mobile.

  28. will says:

    its been bothering me wit what rich said about the answer is right in our face at the hlm site….so since this is a arg i thought i could hack into josh’s
    yahoo account…………mysterio had to introduce himself maybe by emailing his personal account…..tried a couple of the clues on hlm but to no luck…….maybe someone more savy can get in……just a thought

  29. DemonG says:

    A quick question , has anything been posted in the chat window yet ? Since I think mr mesterio will explain the ids in the chat window.

  30. James V. says:

    #4 was nessecary for ME
    🙁 the J’s don’t stand for james oh well I still have Cameron’s first name so beat that! muahahahaha! *hickup* right when we thought we would get more light from STIES we only got more troublesome darkness although this is a great time killer if your pumped for the movie 🙂 🙁 : /

  31. idkbut says:

    idk but if you go to and close the movie so it doesnt play so your looking at the camera… it looks like it says something other than “the scariest thing i ever saw” idk I could be wrong, it could just say that, but it looked different to me.

    • Jason says:

      We’ve been over this. I forget what it was, but I remember it was something like; Processed By Kodak.
      Either way, old news.

  32. janesmith says:

    **PEEKS IN**……sigh…

  33. Shayan says:

    What is Josh doing. He hasnt made a post in 32 days… he needs to pull his act together…

  34. DemonG says:

    Is everything already off loaded from sties .

  35. 3kko says:

    If “Rick” really was Rick, then we should have our new clue either on thanksgiving or whenever the new trailer is released. The trailer may be released before “Faster”, but that would be unfortunate. Who even wants to watch that movie?

  36. RAJdeBoer says:

    as a reply to joshua arispe:

    “Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title” ring a bell?

    • Jason says:

      We already solved that dilemna. THis was the password to the chat. Bring the foghorn- Toadfish makes foghorn noise. Unexpected frm his 112 post, starting in the first sentence with “Well, that wa unexpected.” Toadfish112.. We need not worry about Bring the Foghorn and the unexpected title anymore.

  37. CzM says:

    Admin, so sorry! I have not intentionally been MIA lately. Work has come alive recently. I haven’t forgotten the timeline, promise! 🙂

  38. jmaes V. says:

    has anyone considered that SUNNY D AND RUM may solve this ENTIER arg I’m just sayin’

  39. 3kko says:

    This is odd:

    If you google TROGL, on the search it brings up All it says is “it works”. Could this be something?

    Oh, and new hlm post.

    • Jason says:

      Dont think it’s anything. Says it was registered December 09. Most likely a guy who typed in some random letters to make a website, wanted to see if he could publsih that website, and when it turned out he could, he types: It Works!

      My best guess. Aergo, not ig.

  40. CGB Spender says:

    There is much controversy surrounding groom lake. That was the plan. Divert the publics attention. Same with the base in Ohio. But if people were to know the things I know, it would all fall apart. Luckily for the project, they will never know. The people believe in authority, they’ve grown tired of waiting for miracle or mystery. Science is their religion, no greater explanation exists for them. They must never believe any differently if the project is to go forward.

  41. Paul says:

    I think that the ruler in the background might be a clue to a code or something. Notice how on the first pic it shows the numbers 2 and 5 and on the second it shows just 2 the third shows 2 and 6 and on the last its 2 again. Maybe there is a code of 2-5-2-2-6-2 that is supposed to be entered somewhere on the scariestthingsieversaw site. I dunno could be nothing but it seems odd they would go threw the trouble of changing the background for nothing.

  42. Brandon says:

    Someone said something about a status that read “gone underground”? Isn’t that part of the very first viral stuff from the Rocketeers? The ad you end up lining up. Doesn’t one part read, we have gone underground?

  43. CASEY says:

    Did anyone else notice the shift in the dots from the Technician to Research badges? They aren’t lined up the same. Could be insignificant but I thought it looked funny.

    • SL says:

      Big time notice – looks like the 2 techs have the same type of stamp.
      The researchers on the other hand have the same offset or different angled stamp.
      I was looking at the photos taken from the sets and the 3 dots on the trailers are in a completely diff position –
      Possible that each type of dot position has a different meaning-
      Maybe Ranks or clearance levels-

  44. SL says:

    Has anyone looked into the image ID numbers as a possible cipher or a hex string code tumbler?
    The sequencing is in line with the general idea –
    I know AJ loves this kind of stuff and its pretty much right there for everyone to see – possible new code for entry?

  45. […] appears in the upper left of the page, which is the same word/letters that appear on one of the ID badges that were discovered a couple weeks ago. There is also a word circled in the text of the book, […]

  46. supervIII says:

    Maybe its not TROGL but TR0GL ( TR zero GL )

  47. Zappex says:

    i did some research on the name “Trogl”, and i found out that its a latin phrase for a cave dweller.

    So… Trogl lives in a cave? no clue.

  48. sdfsdsdfs says:


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