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The scariest thing (STIES) site has been updated with a new chat log. It appears that Josh missed the memo and was not in the chat room at the correct time, but the mysterious person on the other end was and he really needs that book. He also promises to upload a picture of Josh's dad as a showing of good faith, but at this time I can't seem to find a new printout or picture on the STIES site. So while this is an update, it doesn't really offer us too much in the way of clues. Obviously that book is important to something and I'm going to guess that the blacked out and circled words that we can see on the page are important. Maybe there are other clues hidden throughout the book...

I guess the 3D 5O (3 down, 5 over) in regards to a new chat appearing based on the calendar on hook, line and minker needs to be read a little differently. When those instructions were first posted a couple days ago I had determined that the 26th would be when we'd see a new chat, but since this new one appeared yesterday, the 16th, I realized that I've been reading the code wrong. 3D starts in the upper left of the calendar, whether there is a day there or not and moves down to the third row (week of Dec 12th) then the 5O is 5 over including Dec 12th, which lands us exactly on December 16th, which is when the chat was recorded. Hopefully from here on out if there are any more codes I'll be able to correctly pinpoint when the chat logs are going to come through.

Transcript thanks to gramma on unfiction:

***chat session '2010-12-16' initiated***
***Host has joined***

[Host]: I need that book. I hope you haven't changed your mind.

[Host]: I can still help you find your father.

[Host]: I can't stay. In the good faith, I'll upload a picture. You told me you wanted to see him.

[Host]: We were co-workers. A long time ago.

[Host]: he trusted me.

[Host]: when others didn't

[Host]: he knew I understood what he went through

[Host]: i'll be here next week. same protocol.

***Host has left***

***chat session '2010-12-16' terminated***

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22 Responses to “New Chat Log, Someone Really Wants The Book”

  1. Ryan says:

    Minor details to the campaign! I want moooreee. I guess well wait it out till nxt week

  2. Grohfactor says:

    It would be interesting if Minker also thought that it was 3 down from where a date was on that square… if so, then same time next week would be when the Mink man sees this message AND gets to chat directly with his dad’s fishing buddy.

  3. Mr. Y.W. says:

    [Host]: he knew I understood what he went through

    I will say that even though we have little or no new clues, they keep bringing up new questions, like: What exactly did Father Minker go through? Some sort of experiment/transformation or more mundane like a divorce.
    And where was Josh? What’s he doing and why’d he miss the chat?
    Lots of unanswered questions, reminds me of “Lost”. 🙂

  4. cul8r says:

    …***Guest1 has joined***

    We know that someone saw the chat… We just dont know if it was Josh

  5. DemonG says:

    I just want to ask what was the password for the new chat window ?

  6. Jason says:

    Alright. Best theory that I can come up with is that the people in the ID cards include Mysterio and Josh’s dad, because apparently they worked together.

    Now it’s time to look for that photograph…..

    • snackman says:

      Yeah maybe your right, maybe one of the Id cards IS Josh’s dad because it says TROGL. Also since TROGL means something underground or in a cave, maybe thats a sign telling Mysterio and Josh he is underground. This is all my theory. (thanks for the idea starter!)

  7. Joshua Arispe says:

    I agree with Grohfactor. Josh probably got the calendar wrong and he’ll probably check back on the date he got. We’ll just have to wait…

  8. PrestigeWorld says:

    Maybe it’s to late and something happened to Josh. Maybe someone who wanted the stuff found him first.

  9. DemonG says:

    Thanks .

    Yeah it does seems like something happened to Josh during the time hlm was down .

  10. marcos says:

    *UPDATE* “NEW PHOTOS” ON SCARIESTTHINGIEVERSAW WEBSITE,, sorry for caps, lol im exited but needs a passcode

  11. marcos says:


  12. marcos says:

    the little blur in the back looks like the blanks in the trailer, by the way it is a folder behind everything

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      After moving everything out of the way on STIES, the “Photos” marcos is referring to is a folder to the right of the Braegen14 and Audio folders.

      At this time there is only one photo, that of A. Minker, and African American man who looks to be in his late 30s to mid 40s, and presumbably Josh’s father wearing a lab coat with a badge and what appears to be a three dot pin(?) on his lapel, sitting at a table with what appear to be petri dishes in front of him and a hadheld bunsen burner in his right hand, and another gentlemen in a lab coat standing off to his right-hand side.

  13. MicMagellan says:

    Has anyone found the title of the BOOK, and why is it so important? It looks like a old better home and gardening… “In the GOOD faith” Who gets the family bible.

    I know what he went through, he trusted me when no one didn’t…

    some how this guy had info only the two where able to [ D ] code, and for some reason the choice to keep the Gov. out of the loop was made. It seems they leaned on the two men, and a decision was made to escape before the transfer of materials by mr. M… Look at the ID’s some guys where put on after Minker to take over i assume.

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