rocket poppeteers certificate

Many readers have reported receiving a large envelope containing a certificate from The Rocket Poppeteers, but RocketMan22 was nice enough to send over a picture of the certificate as well as the envelope. He did mention that he still cannot login to the rocket poppeteers website so it doesn't appear that anything has been unlocked by this certificate at the moment.

rocket poppeteers certificate envelope

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190 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteer Certificates Begin Showing Up”

  1. FriscoChiro says:

    How do you know what # you are and has anyone been able to log in for candidate verification yet?

  2. Rick says:

    yep I got Twin Teamwork Fleet, Grape

  3. KathyBean says:

    Agent Bean, Super Speedflier Fleet, reporting

  4. Gypsy says:

    Did anyone else in qld Australia get theres yet?

  5. Marcelol L says:

    Not to sound so newb…but could someone please post where they went step by step to identify themselves…I went to where the applications are, and I tried to fill in the form for “Already a candidate” with the information from my certificate, and nothing doing… didn’t give me a place to enter the code itself, just a place to enter my information, which I did. And then it said it couldn’t find me.

    Help !

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      We’ve not been informed as to where to go to enter the requested data. It will undoubtedly require a change to their web site and a notification to the recruits informing them of such.

  6. Marcelol L says:

    FWIW…..Who else is part of Super SpeedFlier Fleet. Glad to be part of the team ! I’m Marcelo, #192.

    Agility and Optimism, the Super SpeedFliers motto !

    What’re everyone elses mottos ?

  7. Jasper says:

    Agent Jappie superspeed flier reporting from Holland

  8. Will says:

    I got mine yesterday! I’m so happy! 😀

  9. Nate says:

    550 Captain Nate of the Sonic Strength Fleet reporting. ‘known for its stamina and strength’

  10. Valerie says:

    #297 Astronaut Kelley reporting for duty with the super speedflier fleet!

    Does anyone know the names of the other fleets?

  11. Jenn says:

    Halo Jet #474 Sonic Strength Fleet

    I too couldnt find anywhere to enter my ID code. I feel a bit in limbo.

  12. CzM says:

    I have been designated Brain Blast Fleet, if there are any other BBF trainees out there. Like everyone else who got their certificates, I’m at a loss as to where we are supposed to enter our Astro name and codes.

    FYI…in case anyone is interested, Gordon Cooper was the answer to one of the questions on Jeopardy tonight!

    Hi Admin! I failed to put that timeline together, that I had previously mentioned. Work has finally died down though, so time is now on my side. Not sure if you are still interested in having one on the site. Let me know!

    So happy to be back among my Super 8 Commrades!!

  13. chris luciano says:

    sonic strenghth!!!!

  14. Tyler says:

    #256, Tygonjinn of the TTF Reporting in!

  15. Memphiszr says:

    Even all the way to The Netherlands

    Cadet Twin Teamwork Fleet Signing in for duty!

  16. Mikey says:

    Just got mine today! Brain Blast Fleet all the way!!!!

  17. Alexsnake says:

    I’m Spanish and I have also received the letter.

    My Fleet Designation is:

    Twin Teamwork Fleet

  18. CzM says:

    Hey Mikey! Welcome to Brain Blast Fleet 🙂

  19. Bart says:

    Cadet n00b is reporting for duty in the Super Speedflier Fleet Orange
    Does the color matter?

    I’m from Holland btw

  20. Endy says:

    Even all the way to Holland! Twin Teamwork Fleet
    Happy new year 🙂

  21. Franky says:

    hi, got mine today (i’m from germany) i’m on the sonic strenght fleet known for stamina and courage

  22. 214 says:

    Captain Kirk of the Super Speed Flier Fleet. Singapore.

  23. 44 says:

    #44 Cos Mick from the Twin Teamwork Fleet Canada Branch

  24. Erode says:

    Hi Im Erode from Germany.Im in the Sonic Strength Fleet

  25. C9urk says:

    Got mine today 🙂 Twin Teamwork Fleet all the way from SCOTLAND! I didn’t think I would get one 🙂

  26. Laura says:

    Captain Murphy of Brain Blast Fleet (Cherry) reporting for duty from Nottingham, UK. Eeeeek, how exciting! 🙂

  27. Midas says:

    I got the Twin Teamwork Fleet with Grape. Sounds sort of stupid.

  28. Midas says:

    How did y’all find your number and team motto?

  29. rx says:

    Got mine today, Brain Blaster Fleet initiate #28. ‘Unbreakable’ is my call sign. Can’t wait to be able to use this to unlock something.

  30. rx says:

    Midas, your number will be on the top line of the address box on the front of the envelope, right above your real name, and to the left of the call-sign you submitted when you signed up. As far as mottos go, I dunno, since the Brain Blaster Fleet don’t seem to have one listed on here, other than “…known for its creativity and resourcefulness.”

    Seems like we’re the science geeks of the Rocket Poppeteers. As long as we’re not redshirts, I’m cool with that.

  31. marcos says:

    YAY, got mine today, Marcos197, SUPER SPEEDFLIER FLEET reporting 🙂

  32. Kyle says:

    Brain Blast Fleet here, name is “Interplanetarian” 🙂

  33. Kyle says:

    Oh and my flavor is Cherry 🙂

  34. Kyle says:

    Lol. Reporting from Guam 😀

  35. Erun says:

    Call sign “shortround” #336 brain blaster fleet grape flavor! From Oregon, nice to meet you all!

    • Xeno Lambrose says:


      You stated that you’re #336 in the Brain Blast fleet and grape flavor. My certificate is also Brain Blast, but Brain Blast is cherry. Are you sure of what you wrote?

      #356 Agent Xeno

  36. Erun says:

    Hey as anyone put the address these come from into google earth? It takes you to a empty field with storage looking buildings all around it…kinda strange that its not a town or city.

  37. Erun says:

    not just the city and state put in the zip

  38. SITREP says:

    122 Captain Willis, Twin Teamwork Fleet, England.

  39. Dru says:

    #134 – SpaceManDru – SONIC STRENGTH FLEET – LIME
    I’m from England, and I’m proud that Rocket Poppeteers spent $2.08 on first class postage to ensure that I received my ‘Cadet Recruitment Material’ 😀

  40. Brandon (Mega Moose) says:

    I did not recieve a email of a survey or a certificate. This concerns me, I really wish to be part of this adventure.

    • Brandon (Mega Moose) says:

      Also, I sent in my mailed letter and recieved the induction letter stating that my name had been taken. Don’t know why the rest hasn’t been given to me.

      • Xeno Lambrose says:


        After receiving the letter stating that the astro name that you chose had already been taken, did you send in another letter with a different name, or did you sign up online so that you could get the email stating that they “wanted to get to know you better” with a link to the survey?

        You then take the survey, and based upon your answers, you are sent out a certificate stating which of “Coop’s Fleets” you’ve been assigned to.

        Follow those instructions and you will no doubt get a certificate!

  41. ChrissB says:

    Receive mine! I’m french and i’m in sonic strength fleet! We are all connected!

  42. #81 Skyryder says:

    #81 Skyryder of Brain Blast Fleet – Cherry. Hailing from Norway.

    Nice to meet you all 🙂

    “Creativity and resourcefulness!”

  43. Hiten says:

    #123 Tactics of Sonic Strenght Fleet – Hiten, from England.
    Seems like there really going out there way to get these out. postage stamp shows they paid $2.08 to get it to me and im sure theres loads more out there.
    – Email is if anything updates let me know.

  44. CzM says:

    Are we all still pretty much waiting to activate our astro names and i.d. codes? I just checked the site and I still don’t see any place where to enter either, unless I’m missing something?

    • ChrissB says:

      The website works at your home?? Because for me it isn’t!When I enter there is nothing… just white board…

  45. jordyn says:

    i got mine today, i live in australia 🙂

  46. sweep says:

    me too, jordyn. i’m in Perth, West Oz.

    25 Captain Sweeps: Sonic Strength Fleet.

  47. Jenny says:

    Got my certificate today in England!
    Twin Teamwork Fleet

  48. Anthony says:

    lol im in aus and my girlfriend and i both did ours at the same time but she got hers first grrrrr

  49. Justin says:

    Super Speedflier Fleet #470 KalEl77 checking in!! Nothing on the website yet – still getting the log-in error. Can’t wait for this to take off (pun intended)!!

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