Did Something Happen To Josh??

did something happen to josh

It seems as thought the mysterious man in the chat room/print outs has lost contact with Josh. There has been no response to any of his communication over the past week and he's starting to worry. There is a new post in the print out as well as the chat room from the man which leads him to believe that something may have happened...

did something happen to josh

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  1. James V. says:

    oh and over at unfiction some were sayin’ it might be Tr0gl rather than trogl so i found this website when i looked that up…


  2. Hopefully something amazing happens on STIES by my birthday (17th.)

  3. xneonxmaniacx says:

    my wifes is today, and my sons is on the 17th as well! 🙂 idk, just thought id jump in

  4. wonton says:

    Finaly, today I received the rocket poppeteers questionnaire.

  5. Slusho Poppeteers says:

    Rocket Poppeteers just wrote on their Twitter for the first time today January 7th written at 9:30pm, they haven’t wrote on their since July 28th. They posted “Captain Cooper salutes all new Astronaut Training Program recruits! Stay tuned for further instructions from Poppeteers Mission Control!”

  6. xano50 says:

    i can`t stop waiting for the next clue what has happened to josh???

    can somebody do me a favor and copy and paste this link its a clean link please do me this favor.

    *edit by admin* : Link has been removed, please don’t try to get our readers sucked into a pyramid scheme, thanks.

  7. Zappex says:

    hey i know this isnt part of the Josh Minker stuff but havent u guys noticed that u cant enter the Rocket Poppeteer website now? its been uploading and reuploading for 3 days now. something is up with it.

  8. wonton says:

    Could the website loading be a clue in itself? Maybe it is code.

  9. Shayan says:

    There is a new twitter message

  10. Jason says:


    Thats a confirmed gamejack

  11. Huni says:

    Remember http://www.trogl.com? It´s kinda working now. Nothing to do with the ARG though…

  12. pixieg says:

    Hello! Just hopped back onto the ARG wagon after watching Cloverfield again tonight. Really enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts – and thank you for the timeline – it really got me up to speed.

    Been mulling over Hook, Line and Sinker, and it is killing me wondering why he mentioned the Bobbit Worm. It’s clear that Josh isn’t putting codes in his posts because, really, why would he? But apparently he’s getting “snide” comments about this particular aquatic creature and I MUST KNOW WHY.
    I’ve searched around on the different forums but noone seems to have really discussed this mystery in much depth. Any ideas?

  13. Rolo says:

    they should definalty release a new trailer soon, even if its another teaser trailer ill be happy! come on we’re getting closer to july 10th and a trailer or poster should appear soon, (thats what they did with cloverfield a new trailer was released about 8 or 9 months after the first trailer)

  14. Joe McAwesome says:

    has anyone noticed that in the RP logo the man is pointing to what looks like a screaming face on the moon?

  15. John31 says:

    Abrams told Collider in an interview that we can expect to see a proper trailer sometime in March!


  16. Jenkins says:

    Something has happened to Josh, he hasn’t even updated his calender, it is still for december.

  17. FriscoChiro says:

    This is really starting to lag. There has to be a website we’re missing somewhere. Cloverfield had the myspace accounts, youtube videos, tagruato, the activist group. Mr. Abrams needs to step it up or throw us a friggin’ bone if we’re missing something.

  18. Reese says:

    Minker’s last post on HookLineandMinker mentions going to meet someone to get his hands on a Cealocanth (spelling?). If you wanted to do something to this guy, it’s clear from his online presence that luring him with a promise of his “must-have” fish would bring him right to you. I don’t think it’s coincidence that he hasn’t posted since. The G-men (or whoever) got to him. He’ll either return and start acting squirelly (because they got to him and want him to shut up) OR he’ll never return at all. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the STIES site because our mysterious chat session guy is wondering where Josh is too. Someone’s been posting on the Josh Minker Facebook site, but I’m only about 50% sure that one’s even connected to the ARG.

  19. Dany says:

    His facebook is going crazy!

    idk about his blog, but there’s been tons of updates.

  20. Janesmith says:

    Well.. Josh just got out of confinement..

    Hes not a happy camper

  21. Steve Kuma says:

    I just got into this viral, and have just discovered that chat window with ‘Guest1’ and ‘Host’… dated 27/1/11… WTF?? lol

    Also, those photos… ? Whats the map?

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