Josh’s House Was Broken Into!

josh's house was broken into

Since we found out Josh was alive this morning based on an updated blog post we were anxiously awaiting the chat that was hinted at... well it's here. It seems as though Josh's house was broken into and someone was looking for some information. They found his father's canister, but it didn't seem like they were able to access the files on the computer. The mysterious chat master has advised against calling the police because it would only make things work, but it seems like he's getting nervous. He also gives us confirmation to the fact that Josh's dad was working on some sort of top secret energy source project for the government and that's apparently what was in the canister.  Along with that, it seems that the Moby Dick book is important in deciphering some code so he needs Josh to upload the rest of the book... \

So what else is interesting about the chat log?

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  1. Monochromatic says:

    lol I like how Josh reacted when mysterio changed the subject: No! You answer me!

  2. Damian says:

    Quite interesting. Wonder what that “alternate energy source” could be.

  3. cul8tr says:

    what does upload using the D12 entry mean? Could that be what the .COMT command is for?

    • Janesmith says:

      Well D12 entry could mean a codeword or password…or….

      A link again back to Mr. Minkers blog Dec..Down 12 etc…

      I guess it could mean a device,although I thought the devices were; DX DX0 and DX1

      Binder/ Trogl…just guessing there

      Or cheese cake…wait thats just me wanting cheesecake there…


  4. Jason says:

    Oh mah, so much here, I don’t know where to start researching!

    To the PDP-11, ya!

  5. Spark says:

    biospeleology:The Biology of Caves, Karst, and Groundwater

  6. Jenkins says:


  7. RoquePokey says:

    What if Josh’s dad is hiding in a cave living off of this alternative energy source! 😀

    • snackman says:

      I agree, maybe josh’s father is living underground with the energy source so that he can hide away from the government. Remember the newspaper with the message that says “No certainty if a live may be after us We go underground”?

  8. xano50 says:

    what could be the foreign matter could it be from space its just like slusho getting the ingredient for the drink from the bottom of the sea floor wait could the scientists have woken something up like in the cloverfield monster theories but this time its an alien life form???

  9. DemonG says:

    Great . I think this resent update was kinda small but we haven’t got anything in a long time that’s why it feels so big .

    I know of a unlimited energy source scientist has been looking into and that’s magnets .
    Maybe his dad build a magnetic monsta .

  10. Danny says:

    the man said his father was a Biospeleologist. A biospeleologist is a person that studies organisms that live in caves. Question what would this scientist know about alternative energy sources? some cave organisims can have Bioluminescence but that engery would not be enough.

  11. super8investor says:

    Good To Hear This ( Now We Just Need To Figure It Out)

    I’m Back To Research

  12. Joshua Arispe says:

    We are starting to go deep into the monster/alien.

  13. Eric says:

    I think it was the monster!

  14. Grohfactor says:

    A caveman/woman or troglodyte is a stock character based upon widespread concepts of the way in which early prehistoric humans may have looked and behaved

    • Grohfactor says:

      In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the troglodyte is a fictional race of primitive reptilian humanoids.

  15. Grohfactor says:

    I think Trogl, short for troglodyte, is what his father has become, a hermit/recluse who now lives in a cave. I think his history of studying life within caves has armed him with the ability to hide for a significant period of time.

    This information allows us to build on the story of what happend to his father, and allows us to speculate that the “monster” might be some sort of creature related to his studies… perhaps a monster/alien species that has been hidden in caves- or the caves are a passage to a hollow earth where beings are- and this “alternative energy source” is the reason for his father going in hiding. We can push further and say he is hiding in self-preservation, or he is hiding the energy source from the government in an effort to protect all mankind… or to protect the species that created the energy… wow this is fun.

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  17. Melodyman says:

    i’d like to know how you get this color chat screen as well as how you get the whole chat in one long window with no blockwriting across the front?

    • admin says:

      It’s a tedious process. I take screenshots of the chat window, then scroll the text so that I can now see what is behind the writing, take another screenshot and go through until I have screenshots of the whole chat log, then I bring them all into photoshop and layer them on top of each other, removing the red writing so all that’s left is a clean version of the chat log as it’s seen on the page. A little pain staking, but well worth it to get rid of those watermarks so it can be viewed cleanly.

  18. DemonG says:

    So this energy matter is alien matter that’s obvious . Anything uploaded from mr mesterio yet ?

    His dad worked with this piece of matter , found out it was alien probably met the alien . Try to disturb the governments plans ‘ train crash ‘ probably one of dads other employee friends KAPLOWEE!!! .

    And dad went to into hiding with alien hardware and his e.t buddy .

    • David says:

      I think you are right. The ID tag that says trogl is the same guy from the pics. In the newest trailer he is sitting in the truck bloody with a shotgun. Perhaps the truck that hit the train?

  19. Armondo Williams says:

    Any News on the new map found?

  20. Y’know… I bet since Josh’s dad studied cave biology, Trogl was like his nickname or something. Just sayin’, maybe

  21. me says:

    there is a civilization of cave dwellers that believe they are ruled by alien gods from a star only visible at certain times…heaviest but smallest star…star recognized by govt around the time as the study by minkers dad? im not sure if the dates add up.

  22. Bladeedge says:

    Is there anything significant about Mysterio’s spelling mistake? Because his grammer has been pretty good so far.

    • KillBunny says:

      I believe there’s been spelling mistakes in previous entries. Maybe if we put all the spelling errors together it would form a sentence?

  23. rvngzpt says:

    what if all this really has to do with Cloverfield, and Abrams is saying that’s not, but from what i read it seems this could be a prequel.

    maybe it’ a nonsense, but anyway, minker’s “father” is a biospeleologists (study live in caves, some like that), what if he discover the cloverfield monster, buried beneath earth, and it’s actually the thing that was moved in the super 8 trailer, that’s all

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  25. Hey guys I just learned that there is a Super 8 Video camera that so happens the model number is D12 I know it may not be anything but what if the upcoming trailer will hold a clue about the map,.. You know like the clue from the teaser trailer,… that “said scariest thing I ever saw”,.. you know because they kind of made it look as thought it was shot in Super 8 the model is called……..

    MINOLTA AUTOPAK 8 D12 Super 8

    I dunno maybe nothing I just thought is was weird??

  26. GreysonM says:

    I typed in 7r061 which is trogl in leet and I found this:\Plats\Books+07+A-Z\7-R\7-R+061.pdf&Type=f
    dont know if it helps but I thought id post it

  27. Carl says:

    Hey Y’all, my father works for a train company called Norfolk Southern. He also works on the same division where the train crash occurred in the 1st trailer. Today, a crash similar to the one in the 1st trailer, actually occurred in real life. Check out this link of the crash and it occurred in the same area (Toledo). Coincidence? I just found it funny that the two crashes are similar and happened in the same area.

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