Super Bowl Super 8 Trailer

Here it is, the latest trailer for Super 8 that premiered during the Super Bowl. I know we had some downtime after this aired, glad people are finding the site, hopefully it stays up for a while and we'll work on optimizing things so it doesn't happen again. Let us know what you find!!

And below are a few screen grabs that were sent to me via Twitter. (I've since added more after the jump) Thanks to those that found these and keep em coming! Also, in the event that the site goes down again follow us on Twitter so we can keep in touch!

Updates (2/8/11) After the jump!

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

The word/numbers in the above screenshot appears to be either November, September or December 19, (1962?)... what's the significance?

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

Update (2/8/11): If you head over to you can check out the Super Bowl Trailer, but with a slight twist. It appears that some of the images flashing through the camera at the end differ from those that were seen when the trailer aired on TV. The guys at Unfiction have worked their magic and pieced together what they think is a quasimoto doll, aka the hunchback of notre dame. The new trailer also completes the date we were looking for and it's now definitely  September 19, 1962. Check out the images below and I've added a bunch of hi-res screenshots to the gallery from this trailer.

trailer puzzle

september 1962

trailer 2


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120 Responses to “Super Bowl Super 8 Trailer”

  1. S.V. says:


  2. Bobafejj says:


  3. Jenkins says:

    all i got is number 19 so far

  4. Skyryder says:

    Ah, at last up and running!

    The guys over at Unfiction are going totally ballistic, and has already torn the trailer apart and found several new “hidden” images. Haven’t seen the trailer myself except from still images. Will be seeing it when I get home from work in the morning though 🙂

  5. S.V. says:

    member 19


  6. Bobafejj says:

    Say that its ….. ” noveMBER 19, 1962 ”
    Fidel Castro accepts to the removal of soviet weapons…
    this could be intresting…..

  7. Barom says:

    My girlfriend and I saw this picture on Twitter and she got the idea of it being a date. I looked up a 1962 UFO Chronology, and the only one I found was on November 19, 1962. Three star like lights were sighted over Tampa, Florida. When I saw “three lights” I couldn’t help but think of the three dots, although I couldn’t find a picture of it.

    There is the link to the chronology

    I wonder if this helps heh

  8. Teejay says:

    In one of the frames toward the end it shows a map with a line tracing a path. It also shows several dead bodies in camera lens. Very close to the end it shows what looks like a body of water with islands and beachs… If you freeze it early on i saw something that looked like an explosion, but in the middle of it there was a classic saucer looking ufo. Hope this helps.

  9. Irish Astronaut says:

    Nov. 19, 1962; Tampa, Florida
    Three star-like objects approached horizontally, hovered. “Impression was that objects were under intelligent control at all times.” Unidentified. (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.)

    In the gallery pictures 15, 16, and 17 are of a red 18 wheeler with three white dots? Could be a connection?

  10. Irish Astronaut says:

    Also at 1:19 in the trailer the cops notice the light flickering, and it looks like something is standing in the next room, i can’t make out what it is?

  11. Robb says:

    The second picture talks about lost dogs and has info on a dog starting with the name etc

  12. Bobafejj says:

    @ Barom
    this was in the new trailer in the projector in the end… I think that your gf and ur idea is logical

  13. bobafejj says:

    Lol sorry here is the link

    • alwayslove2010 says:

      So what do you think the image is? I want to say that if it is related to the Cuba Missile Crisis then maybe it’s a missile silo or something of that nature.

      Also, and maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but does the green image to the right of the actual lens look sort of human like? It’s like a green blot, and it’s outside of the actual lens, as if it’s showing a reflection of someone or something coming towards it.

  14. bobafejj says:

    At the bottom right corner are the three dots

  15. Andy says:

    If anybody watches Fringe, the comeback after the fall break, the premiere was advertised as “November 19 is August.” No connection probably, but I thought that was interesting.

  16. Mike says:

    could this the creature’s mouth or is it tearing up something?


  17. Bobafejj says:

    Whatever it is its cool!

    Notice the three “dots” maybe its a information video

  18. bobafejj says:

    Almost all the pics in the projector have the three dots

    The one with the paper…. Far right
    the wierd looking dark pic…. Bottom right corner
    the other one with paper and a man…… Far left

  19. Johnny says:

    If you pause the video at 0:10, the scene with the camera on the floor.
    you could see a bright light, obviously.. but maybe the shape signifies something…
    Also at :20, when the family is looking through the camera, there is a (maybe) military helicopter flying by from the upper right corner.

  20. bobafejj says:

    And what about the only words that were said in the trailer…..

    “Do not speak of this… Because if you do, they will find you.”

    Josh Minker… Sties…. Stop posting….

    • Irish Astronaut says:

      It actually was interesting because it said “Do not speak of this……Beacause if you do, IT will find you.” They also mentioned in the teaser trailer “next summer……IT arrives.” Personally I think that means that IT is a single entity! Maybe held against IT’s will, and the movie could revolve around the fact that IT could be being extracted by IT’s allies! Food for thought!

  21. Jenkins says:

    The time that the movie is set could mean that Josh could be one of the children???

  22. Shane says:

    Would a kids movie really show “the scariest thing they ever saw”? I’m still not buying that this is a kid’s movie.

    • SteveFratty says:

      Probably not a kids movie but I bet it’ll be family friendly at least, though I have a feeling this creature/alien is gonna be quite hostile, so we could have some nice scary moments for the older fans/moviegoers.

  23. Andy says:

    @Shane I don’t think any kids have caught up on ANY viral marketing campaign, save for myself (I’m 17.) It’s not gonna be a kids movie, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a horror film or a drama a kid couldn’t pick up on. Just a movie meant for people in general to relate to.

  24. Justin says:

    Guys! I think you’re missing the bigger picture the November the 19th 1962..

    Alicia Christian “Jodie” Foster (born November 19, 1962)

    The inhuman creatures identity becomes apparent!!!


  25. JazzRogers says:

    Why shouldn’t the kids get to see the scariest thing THEY ever saw? That doesn’t mean that this has to be the most disturbing shit WE ever saw. We’re sitting in a safe cinema and know that this is a movie, but the Kids saw a “real” monster in a dark and cold night.
    No one of us had an encounter with the third kind (i guess) and I bet we all would be scared as hell even if we just met ET.

  26. bobafejj says:

    So I wanted to know who was talking in the new trailer….

    Went to imdb and looked up super 8…. uncredited was an actor by the name of Glynn Turman….

    Looked him up on youtube and listen to his voice….
    I have found our guy!

    Perhaps he is our guy… do not speak of this…. if you do they will find you…. maybe this guy is A. Minker josh’s dad……

    Loook it up!

  27. BineJ says:

    So, where are we with the Gordon Cooper link to the date. November 19, 1962 in Project Blue Book, if i remember correctly, was the three dots of light observation.

    Gordon Cooper (see his wikipedia page) himself claimed that his own 1957, may 3 observation was sent to Project Blue Book, but he never heard anything about it. Does that day maybe mean something ?

  28. Marcelo L says:

    November 19, 1962 was also the date that Castro agreed to the removal of Soviet Missiles from the island of Cuba. Cuban Missile crisis reference ?

  29. Marcelo L says:

    The iMDB post says it’s September 19, 1962, but since we don’t see the beginning of the word, it could be that ,or November 19. Unless someone else has some further insights.

  30. Nick says:

    When the guy is burning the grass with a flame thrower you can see that there is a line in the dirt to the middle left. Do you think he is burning a crop circle?

  31. Marcelo L says:

    last blurb ( for now )….is it me, or does that lower jab look “curiously” similar to the lower jab of the Cloverfield monster ?

  32. Nick says:

    Something else I found is in the teaser (And the new trailer) is that when the train that holds the monster in is about to explode you can see that there is a metal wheel that begin to spin before it gets thrown off. Maybe the monster is metallic? Maybe thats why the lights flicker in what looks like a bar?

  33. Someone check a 1962 calendar!

  34. Cloud says:

    I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed,

    I mean, I’m happy that I’ve got to see the trailer, but disappointed that it looks more like an E.T. type film (that part of the trailer where he’s on the bike and the music in the background), than an alien invasion film.

    I don’t know what to make of it to be honest :/

    I guess we’ll have to wait 😛

    • Cloud says:

      Infact, after seeing some screen shots and finding out it is an Action/Horror/Thriller film, I take all of that back 🙂

    • Ben says:

      To be fair, Abrams did say that he wanted to do a film that evoked that timelessness of the late seventies.
      He’s a Spielberg devotee, so I see this making a ton of sense in emulating an E.T. aesthetic.

  35. Huni says:

    Wow, that last pic really looks like open jaws!

  36. Su8 says:

    Maybe “Scariest thing I ever saw” is the name of the zombie movie the kids are filming…

  37. Super 8 Fan says:

    Does anyone notice at :32 in the trailer where the three kids are standing filming something, the boy on the left looks like a zombie???

  38. Meagan says:

    i think that board, I didnt read the other comments, Has alot of lost flyers, some have ages on them

    • khriz_zpicer says:

      i thinks so to, i remember seeing something like that in the movie “war of the worlds” like a board where people can put flyers of missing children or family members.
      but doesn’t it have to be a huge war or catastrophe for this to happen?

  39. 26062 says:

    here is a good article..JJ reveals a lil about the movie….it’s a good read

  40. Drod8287 says:

    i believe that this movie does still take place in 1972, all the Airmen are wearing Olive drab uniforms and blue berets. that combo of uniform wasnt introduced until 1968…….. and even during the 68′ it was only a very very small group of people that wore it… it wasnt until the 70’s that it was recognized nation wide… something to chew on

  41. missy says:

    Look at the last picture upside down, its a rope attached to something.

  42. Jason says:

    How unusual.. So much information, I don’t know where to start. I think wwe should look at all of the dates weve been given, see if there’s any signifigance.

  43. Alex says:

    I like how all the pictures have the three dots. Interesting

  44. Jenkins says:

    Looks like somethings been taking all the pets.

  45. Alexsnake says:

    Alien revealed!, what do you think?

  46. ariel says:


  47. jessenyhc says:

    could also be NUMBER 19…or MEMBER 19
    gotta be open to all possibilities..

  48. figment says:

    photo shop..
    i checked.

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