For those of you that were worried you'd never receive your Rocket Poppeteers certificate due to where you lived, never fear because people are starting to receive PDF copies of their certificates via e-mail. So hopefully those that haven't yet received a physical copy in the mail will at least get a digital copy to love and cherish. Even people that have received physical copies are also reporting that they have received an email copy as well.

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58 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers Certificates Being E-Mailed As Well”

  1. JohnTheRev says:

    Just got mine today. I’m in the Super Speedflier Fleet.

  2. Carlos says:

    i received mine a few months ago, b4 2011, here in BRAZIL!!!!

  3. Jack says:

    I just got mine via email today but where do I sign in to the Rocket Poppeteers website with my id code? Please Help!!

  4. Chris says:

    I’m trying to log on, but it’s saying I need to use only digits?

  5. Super8alien says:

    Wow… They better get hurry up with the Poppeteers if anything’s gonna make sense when the movie comes out.

    • admin says:

      Honestly, I don’t think Rocket Poppeteers is going to have much to do with the movie. It’s going to be like Slusho was to Cloverfield, just a few easter eggs here and there for fans of the viral to feel like they know something that most people don’t. I don’t think it’s going to play a prominent role in the story at all.

  6. James V. says:

    Horray finally I got mine (in the email) but it still counts!!!!

  7. SITREP says:

    Got my certificate already but e-mail came today. I was really excited and hoped to be the first person to find out 🙂

  8. JazzRogers says:

    Hmmm, I got mine today, my fleet designation is “Sonic Strength Fleet”… cool 😉

  9. Huni says:

    I´ve alrady printed mine 😀 It was a nice surprise.

  10. John31 says:

    I got mine also, I hope Rocket Poppeteers is something big in Super 8 so I can show my friends lol

  11. Mike says:

    just realized, got updated again!!!

  12. Jenkins says:

    I got the email today… I’m in australia, i already got my certificate in the mail.

  13. Ana says:

    I framed mine like a kid being proud of his first A+.

  14. jon says:

    when does the movie stop filming

  15. I received both of them.
    Today by mail and some time ago this one:

  16. Marcelo L says:

    They’re definitely cutting the viral pretty close. I don’t think this got as much close attention as Cloverfield did. If so, we’d already have been into the thick of the viral ARG already, don’t you think ?

    In any event, as an earlier poster said, this, in the end, may only be a small tie-in, and only slightly related.

  17. DemonG says:

    Damn can’t access my emails since last month , have to see hopefully this weekend . I hope this has more to do with the movie then slusho had since I didn’t follow the cloverfield arg.

  18. toto777 says:

    looks like everyone who might have not got one now will 😀

    yet the site is still not open so whatever 😀

  19. DavyPerkins says:

    There are slight differences. See my tweet from MovieViral’s post.

  20. Meagan says:

    Super Speedflier Fleet
    Super Speedflier Fleet is known for its agility and optimism. Once activated, use your Astronaut Name
    and Identification Code at to begin your training, acquire new missions, swap
    Poppeteer secrets, and make your Fleet proud!

  21. Marcelo L says:

    @DavyPerkins : As of this moment, whatever those slight differences are, you still can’t log in using your name, zip and ID. This is getting a little frustrating.

  22. John Telban says:

    This is an unbelievable parody of Lost series finale with LOKO

  23. Edward says:

    I got an e-mail yesterday but there was no certificate. The e-mail’s message was this: “THANK YOU FOR SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION! HELP US GET TO KNOW YOU! ” and I had to answer like 20 weird questions. Does anyone knows if I’m going to recieve a certificate??

    • Rolo says:

      just fill out the questoinaire and answer the questions any way you want. then send off the aplication, and thats it really. you’ll get your certificate after that and then you find out what fleet your in. Simples
      (I hope ive got this right otherwise im going feel like a right lemon.)

  24. Matt says:

    I’m in the Brain Blast Fleet Is any one else?

  25. Queen Bean says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one but did any one else get linkage to some sort of quiz thing?

  26. Aaron says:

    Just Got Mine today! I was starting to think i wasnt gonna get it. Im Brain Blast Fleet!

  27. MicMagellan says:

    quick? Whats the difference, and is their any CLUES to be had???
    Aliens on one side Cattle on the other…
    Oh, has anyone gone through all the training yet? Did you recieve a decoder ring, some OVAteen. Shucks i need to start training soon. Before i miss out on.?!

  28. Troy 'Wings' Jackson says:

    Troy ‘Wings’ Jackson reporting for duty with Brain Blast Fleet!

  29. Marcelo L says:

    Has anyone been able to log into the site itself using your code ??

  30. Simon says:

    I recieved a thank you email for submitting app and it says to click on link below but it wont allow me to click on it. this is what it says

    Click Here someone help please.

  31. Simon says:

    well forget it after posting it worked on this site but not in my email so problem solved.

  32. Meimi132 says:

    I’m in the Brain Blast Fleet, cherry flavour ;D Quite chuffed :3

  33. Rebel Leader says:

    Astronaut Name: Rebel Leader

    Fleet: Sonic Strength

    Flavor: Lime

    Abilities: Stamina + Courage

  34. Edward says:

    I got mine today, but my astronaut name is my e-mail!! WTF? What did I do wrong?

  35. Anyone notice any typos on their certificates? :/
    Like missing letters in words?…

  36. Just saying, I’ve had my certificate for a while now, and I’m getting really impatient waiting for when I finally get to enter the code in the RP website…
    In the meantime, I gonna frame mine since it has literally been collecting dust [twim teamwork fleet ftw]

  37. Sama-El Prime says:

    Just got an e-mail from Rocket Poppeteers, they’ve sent me another questionaire:

    Do your Fleet proud!

    Answer these questions successfully to add points to you and your Fleet’s total and improve your chances of earning the designation: Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut! Fleets with high scores earn extra responsibility within the Poppeteers family. You may even receive special recognition from Captain Cooper himself!

    Maybe a login option it’s on it’s way! I’ll try to send pictures of the page

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