Super 8 Trailer #2

Here it is guys! The new trailer! Check it out and let us know what you find!

Update: The trailer is now up on

Based on the screenshot above, provided by @zort70 on twitter, a new page on the official movie site has popped up as well. (or

And just like before there are a bunch of images hidden in the camera lens at the end. It doesn't appear that they are part of a puzzle at the moment, but thanks to avr1991 at unfiction for these.

trailer 2 hidden images

Is this possibly Josh Minker's father?

josh minkers father

And some more images from the site (thanks to the guys at unfiction):

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199 Responses to “Super 8 Trailer #2”

  1. c9urk says:


  2. JM6687 says:

    OMG I am so excited now. I def am going to the midnight release. Any who, let the race begin to start deciphering the trailer piece by piece. This is going to be fun.

  3. Val says:

    This plumpy boy is so adorable!
    And the trailer itself is epic. Can’t wait.

  4. Danny says:

    wow I just went to that new website and there are alot of clips missing but what the did show was in a word wow.

    • Jackson says:

      I know right! Those rubix cube things bouncing around. Plus theres lots more room on the hooks so you know there will be more. Man I am so siced for this.

  5. Eric says:


  6. spooky says:

    okay, whew! if you pause the trailer when the guy with a deep voice says “Go!” you will see a black man with a bloody face sitting inside a truck pointing a gun at someone or something. The inside of the truck door is yellow, just like the one that crashed into the train! I think we have our driver, and I think he knew what he was doing, not mind controlled!

  7. Huni says:

    Who (or what) was that burnt guy yelling “go!” to the kids? He was creepy!

  8. spooky says:

    okay, the boy whose dad is a deputy is named Joe and their last name is Lamb. Their dog Lucy is missing!

  9. spooky says:

    uh huh, nodding head! BUT the deputy said the local dogs are being found in places that aren’t local!

  10. Danny says:

    On the bulletin board for the lost dogs, to the right of the kid there is a green poster but it is not of a dog but what looks like a girl. I can’t make out what actually the writing says at the top, but I can see that it does not say lost dog!

  11. Eric says:

    I think its Josh dad that sais “GO!”?

    • irvingzapata says:

      totally is Glynn Turman, his voice is unique, it seems he’s is on a truck maybe the truck that cause the train wreck, i think that during the train explosion they found him and try to help him, but he refuses and says “GO!”

  12. Danny says:

    just got a better look at the photo and it is a girl but see is holding a dog, and the caption say have you seen the dogs name so nevermind on that one.

  13. Danny says:

    The guy in the truck is pointing a gun at whoever he is telling to go

    • spooky says:

      and he’s in the yellow truck! and i bet he told them don’t speak of this, if you do they will find you! cause later in the trailer one of the boys says we can’t tell anyone and she says i know

  14. Eric says:

    Stop at 1:38 look through that rocket poster. What is that thing. A UFO? The Monster???

  15. cul8tr says:

    When the kid is sitting at his desk, it looks like he is painting the quasimodo thing.

  16. xano50 says:

    If you go to the it shows film clipings that if you play it it it shows scientists doing experiments it shows some frames from the images from the first trailer but I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it said clips missing.

  17. spooky says:

    one of the missing dog posters says “COOP”

  18. swirly says:

    I see the 3 dots on the gov’t trucks

  19. JohnTheRev says:

    Has anyone gotten a strange email recently? I got one this morning and I was tryig to figure out if its a virus or part of the viral. The only reason I ask is because the name of the sender is blocked and the subject of the email is “RE:FW:RE:FW:superrr, and then the body of the email is a bunch of random letter and numbers. oh and there is also a link that came with the email. Haven’t clicked on the link because, again, not sure if it’s a virus or not.

  20. kdu3142 says:

    isn’t that black guy screaming “GO” the guy on the pictures on STIES?(probably Josh’s father?)

  21. spooky says:

    when Ron Eldard said “I saw it”, I was waiting on him to finish… “It’s a lion. It’s huge.”

  22. Marcelo L says:

    on s8editingroom..if you scroll the film carousel to the right, and stop on the very first loop that’s to the left of where you start….

    Run it until you reach position 41 ( a small sliver towards the middle of the loop ), and slowly step through it, then run it a couple of times, you’ll see a few scientists ( it focuses on a woman seated first, then pans to the right and widens the shot to show more scientists. ). You’ll hear a man’s voice ( presumably the head scientist ) say, “exposing the CRAFT to a barrage of…” and then the clips ends….

    Yup folks…we’re gonna get our aliens on.

    Love it.

  23. MeAgain says:

    I’m so happy lol

  24. MicMagellan says:

    …i f’n knew it. I went to see BattleLA for nothin. Im sooo sleepy, but like Dun’it said in DreamCatcher… We got work to do now. By the way just a stich in time, poor Japan what a way to wake up.

  25. 3kko says:

    I now feel pretty confident that this movie will make my summer =)

  26. RANKINFullStop says:

    If you watch the clip in the editing room showing the scientists talking about “cubes” and their “biological attributes”, you can see a small, white cube on the table flash and jump real quick. Looks to me like it could be the same object that the boy has in the new trailer that shoots up and flies through his space shuttle poster! Perhaps this is the Vitas relic?

  27. Cloud says:

    After watching it, I wasn’t too impressed and I thought that it wasn’t going to be much of an alien movie, more like an E.T type film (not that E.T is a bad film, it’s just not what I expected)

    But watching it a second time, it looks AWESOME!

    Another thing, what is the point in the viral anymore? We’ve been given a trailer and there’s no relation to Josh or his Dad in any of the trailer (other than the man in the car) :/

  28. John says:

    I just wanted to point out that the 3 vertical screenshots the screenshot in the middle it looks like there’s a monster in it you have to look closely kinda on the left side.

  29. Meagan says:

    anyone get a picture of the guy that yells “GO!”

  30. latinlovermetal says:


  31. Pablo says:

    so psyched for this film now! this has def brought us closer to the film than we ever thought, i agree with cloud….i think at this point the only reason why we’re carrying on with this viral is so we get a sneek peak of what the creature looks like before anyone else does but thats not gonna happen.
    still gonna be a bad ass film!

  32. JohnG says:

    Could be Josh’s dad is either trying to kill whatever “it” is or maybe he is trying to save it.

  33. xneonxmaniacx says:

    at 2:21 theres aguy shooting down a dark corridor at somthing greenish blue. it looks like a guy, then changes shape…

  34. DemonG says:

    Ag no man . I can’t go look at the clip . But maybe I can search for it with my fone but the quility will be super low . Damn !

  35. DemonG says:

    Ok so I ran down stairs now , grabbed my headphones , jumped under the covers and went and search for the new clip . Now I’m crying ! F and A . I can’t wait for this movie . Just a pity the clip is so long , kinda like a movie . To bad jj gave in . Loved cloverfields clip more

  36. Babaji says:

    At the end it looks like the train car is fixed and the door lock mechanism is turned and locked, back to normal. Or so it seems

  37. Aaron says:

    That guy shooting at the that body or thing, he is actually a soldier in a bus. u can see the seats on the side its prolly a soldier for the bus where it flipped over

  38. Aaron says:

    Just figured it out! The alien can shape shift or posses people. The frame of the girl looks possesed and that black guy that says go, was prolly possesed

  39. Grohfactor says:

    So I noticed in the editing room videos, the rubix cube looking thing that was spinning… doesnt that look like the cubed item drawn in the note with the water damage?

    Am I the only one who sees it?

  40. James V. says:

    I haven’t posted in a LONG while and the reason is I didn’t feel it was necessary NOW however it IS Heres my full on examination of the trailer and the editing website… Th trailer obviously gives us some new things we knew and didn’t know so nothings really new other than the images and some freeze frames but still KICKASS!!!! no as for the editing website yes the “Rubix” does spin it seems like the point is that the website will gradually and occasionally be updated with new clips added to “the projector” so far we have 41 61 and 62 (the #s of the clips) however theres a gap between 61-62 so idk what that is the clips so far say they were “exposed to a barage of*cut*) the cut of course representing where th clip cuts so thats all Its friday so I’LL be on ALL OF THE VIRAL SITES ALL DAY LITTERALLY so don’t James is on the JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Alex says:

    On 2:17 is an image of the face…of the creature, I guess, you can look his “skin” and an “eye” i guess:

  42. super8investor says:

    The Dogs Are Missing Because Animals Are Always The Frist To Know Just Like The Japan Earthquake Animals Always Know

  43. James V. says:

    ok I FOUND SOMETHING I dont think im the first to find this but at RP theres the section called RP legacy and its open “GREETINGS FROM MINOT NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!”

    • Zappex says:

      Look back on the map, u can see where North Dakota is at! Most likely Josh and whoever he is with are going there to find out about the Poppeteers! Could this mean that the Poppeteers are up to no good like Taguato?

  44. Zappex says:

    Josh is still updating his Hook, Line and Minker site… other than the note pic, nothing changed on STIES, and i havent even tried Rocket Poppeteers. I have a gut wrentching feeling that STIES is going to be updated here fairly shortly…

  45. Hey admin there’s a new Super 8 movie poster at apple trailers 😀

  46. Jenkins says:

    So Much stuff to sort through

  47. latinlovermetal says:


  48. Jenkins says:

    The rocket popateers poster with the chick and the monkey was a real poster, they both are in the legacy speel on the rocker popateers website.

  49. Jimmy says:

    Did anyone see that near the end of the trailer there is a black man sitting in a car holding a gun saying … GO! He looks a lot like the black man on the badges that where posted not to long ago

    Just A Heads Up!!

  50. graham ward says:

    so i was looking through the film on and i have come up with a few things.
    there are letters as you guys have most likely seen in all the videos. they are, from what i can figure out:
    SUBTRVW (the best order i can get) and then other letters: EX. AI P.P. INCD 1912
    if anyone could figure this out well….

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