Super 8 Trailer #2

Here it is guys! The new trailer! Check it out and let us know what you find!

Update: The trailer is now up on

Based on the screenshot above, provided by @zort70 on twitter, a new page on the official movie site has popped up as well. (or

And just like before there are a bunch of images hidden in the camera lens at the end. It doesn't appear that they are part of a puzzle at the moment, but thanks to avr1991 at unfiction for these.

trailer 2 hidden images

Is this possibly Josh Minker's father?

josh minkers father

And some more images from the site (thanks to the guys at unfiction):

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199 Responses to “Super 8 Trailer #2”

  1. Nick says:

    I am ready

  2. MeAgain says:

    It says something in the camera lens at the end
    …looks like, what’s that?

  3. Jimmy says:

    I think his dead mom is the same lady in the video on

    Watch the new trailer and compare her face from her laying on the floor and or pushing him on the swing to the video on

    ….looks the same to me!!!!

  4. cul8tr says:

    I suspect the dots on the map are locations where lost dogs have been found. The dots are all arranged in a circle and are relatively the same dirtance from the town of Lillian.

    Sounds like teleportation to me. Maybe the cube thing can create wormholes.

    • Wes says:

      I live in one of the cities a dog was found 🙂
      I don’t know how well anyone can really read the map, but I now live in Brookville, and used to live in Germantown which looks like a dog may have been found there as well. Honestly the middle of that blank area is a town called New Lebanon Ohio. This movie is really hitting home for me.

  5. irvingzapata says:

    1:56, are the kids entering into a cave?

  6. Cloud says:

    What is this rubix cube thing everybody’s talking about?

  7. Zappex says:

    On the map, right where it says Middletown theres 3 dots that are the same distance from each other.

  8. Zappex says:

    At 1:34 u can see that Josh has the Rubix Cube-thing.

  9. DemonG says:

    Went to see battle la today waited for a clip of super8 , nuuuuuting . Really pissed but hopefully it will / should show here in south africa . Aboot battle la 1 . Can’t wait for the game 2 . Obvious district 9 knock off.

  10. Cloud says:

    I went to see it today aswell, and there was no Super 8 trailer, possibly only in the US.

    It was a pretty bad film aswell – waste of time and money 🙁

  11. CzM says:

    Has anyone been to the RP site lately? I just visited it today. Firstly, there have been changes. Although I’m sure I’m not the only person to have discovered the updates, I will tell you what I experienced.

    1. The site prompted me to download Google Chrome. (Which I did)

    2. The RP Legacy screen is up and running. It gives quite a bit of b.g. info on how RP came to be.

    3. There will soon be a page for us to register our certificate info

    My computer is kind of old so it wasn’t running everything at optimum speed. Not sure if I have missed anything else of significance. Again, everyone else may have already discovered all of these new updates, so my apologies for any redundancy.

    Hi Admin!

  12. Tim in Ohio says:

    The fingers on that hand picture are too long to be human, unless it is mutated. Possibly the creature is able to morph itself to a human shape?

  13. Cloud says:

    The thing hidden in the trailer ‘P.P. 1912 SUBJ INCD TRVW EX. 1A’ I believe are abbreviations.

    P.P. (I’m not sure what that stands for)
    SUBJ (Subject)
    INCD (Incident)
    TRVW (Not sure, possible link with TROGL with the TR)
    EX (Exit/Examine?)

    I know I can’t figure it out very well, but I’m fairly confident with the Subject and Incident parts.

    So we now have

    ‘P.P. 1912 Subject Incident TRVW Examine’
    P.P. may be someone’s initials, possibly one of the scientists?
    1912 may be a date (19/12 or in America 12/19) or it may be a number to represent that specific thing.

    It’s hard to figure this out 😛

  14. latinlovermetal says:

    can yo link the image to other site?

  15. Zappex says:

    ill try gimme a sec…

  16. Zappex says:
    thats the best i can do (i was going to have it on Flickr, but my mom decided to use my email to make her account :P)

  17. ScottS says:

    Tia movie was shot in my home town a little town of Weirton WV. It was so exciting to see that they picked this town. And to watch these old cars being brought out of people garages to be used in the film. Pacers pintos trans ams and Jeep trucks that u haven’t seen in years and years. But thus small town was turned upside down but even us locals didn’t see what the aleins looked like but it was really a cool expereince. Thank you jj Abrahams.

  18. Mr_y says:

    dont know if this is some wierd hoax.
    i typed in September 19 1962 to google and got this.
    dont know if anyone has already seen this but anyway . . .

    • Raquin says:

      It’s a hoax. The train accident happens in the late 70s. That date is probably a title card for the experiments taking place in the film reel. I’m assuming that’s around the time they got a hold of the cubes.

  19. spooky says:

    why are we still calling the boy in the movie Josh? I think it’s pretty clear from the lost dog note he puts on that board that his name is Joe Lamb, and his dad is Deputy Lamb and their dog’s name is Lucy. I don’t think Josh will be in the movie, just part of the viral that leads us to believe he is the son of the man in the truck that derails the train, probably Mr. Minker. Do you guys not agree that this kid’s name is Joe?

  20. Max says:

    EX 1A is simply the video ID

    Dont think too much about it

  21. Danny says:

    If the last part of the Tag is Exhibit 1A, then could the first part P.P.1912 could be its location in a wharehouse. Then all we would need to Figure out is the TRVW

  22. Eric says:

    Hey Admin.

    I am uploading the 1080p version of the new trailer and when its done i give a link. 🙂

  23. Cloud says:

    TRVW may be a shortened down version of the code name for the investigation.

    A bit like on Cloverfield, where it says the investigation/case is called “Cloverfield”.

  24. c9urk says:

    P.P. 1912 SUBJ INCD TRVW EX. 1A’
    could this be used with any commands on sties?

  25. Eric says:

    Delete the first one please!

  26. Zappex says:

    btw the Super 8 Facebook page has a widescreen version of the new trailer up on their page.

  27. Tsangy says:

    If you listen to the voice on the when it shows the Rubix cube thing. it says “these cubes, even more surprising where their biological attributes particularly in the..” then that’s the end of slide 62 and in slide 41 it says “Exposing the crowd to a barrage of…” then it cuts out.

    my theory is that the cubes are a being of them selves and or maybe a alien technology that is biologically engineered and may have its own sort of mind. And that there must of been some sort of Experiment that involved a crowd of either humans or test subjects and they were subject to various elements or tests and that the “thing” in super 8 is one of those test subjects

    Though that is my speculation and my own opinion, if any one else has a theory i would like to hear it might shed sum new light on to things

    • latinlovermetal says:

      i think ,,,the “cube” is a telequinesis weapon for the alien

    • Steelman says:

      It said “exposing the craft to a barrage of-” not crowd.

      • spooky says:

        yeah, i heard “craft” too

        • latinlovermetal says:

          I heard !”exposing the rcraft(aircraft) to belgio” and “the “cubes” even more sorpresing with biological . waith “cubes”?????? wtf
          i think this is a video of a dudes doing “experiments” with a fish

        • Tsangy says:

          yh sorry bowt that

          • Tsangy says:

            i have heard that people are speculating that either the cubes are a power source that can bring things back to life or it is a life force its self and can revive and provide energy.

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      I think the cube you see them experimenting on is the same thing that we see fly through the kid’s wall in the new trailer. Perhaps this is “the Vitas Relic”?

  28. Tsangy says:

    Right the Map in the trailer that is covered with red dots right if you connect all the red dots together they make a unimportant shape but if u open the map on the STIES site with the password ” toadfish112 ” no (“”) marks then if u look at the top if done correctly the black marks lines that spike up should near enough be the same …? coincidence maybe… maybe not also the Three Dots is an organisation that is seen on a red truck the truck may have been seen before the screen apeared as they were on youtube that some one filmed with there camera who was watching the film being made.
    Also if u have ever noticed that during the trailers and the on the water tank in the poster there is a blue light that on the trailers flash across the screen. wanted to know what that was ..? well its not a lighting effect thats for sure it links to that site more so to the LINK 1 at the 1st post on the bottom of the site that leads u to a youtube video named

    0800066 – High-Altitude Nuclear Weapon Effects Part One – Phenomenology – 1963 between 14 and 15 seconds there is a brief moment were it is displayed due to the image on the video so it may be linked to the film too
    or i may just be reading in too much to this lol

  29. Tim in Ohio says:

    Freeze the HD version at 1:51. Alien hands and arms smashing the windshield?

    • Raquin says:

      There’s no way we’re going to get hints of what the creature will look like before the movie. They will edit the images out of the scenes in the commercials like they did with Cloverfield and Watchmen campaigns. The advertising team is building suspense. We’ll be seeing things related to the cube, but we sure won’t see any parts of this creatures body until that movie finally premieres.

  30. Anthony says:

    I uploaded the windshield shots ^

  31. Rolo says:

    Am i only person seeing this? look at the first snap shot seen at the end of the trailer. the girls face.
    it looks ilke the main girl but look at her eyes. im thinking that this alien dude must be able to disguise itself as a human but its eyes remain alien. anyone agree with me?

  32. Zapatashat says:

    Guys and Gals this might be about a mutated or created creature not an alien. We see the scientist at work…creating or testing on someone man or animal??

  33. latinlovermetal says:

    OK …..I was researching this all day, please pay attention Spoilers:
    1.P.P. means “Process Planning”
    2.1912 means ” AIAB” Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil
    (reference if you take the alphabet and each letter gives a number, you get this
    The 1st
    etc ,consecutively)
    3. SUBJ means Subject(maybe the alien or something)

  34. Roberto says:

    i didn’t see anyone post the tune from this third trailer….

    isn’t it from an older movie!?!?

    its definately from an older movie..

    i’m trying to figure out WHICH ONE I HEARD IT FROM!?!?


    • irvingzapata says:

      all the song from the trailer, are from james horner’s COCOON soundtrack, i think the main theme it’s called The Ascencion

  35. Green says:

    This trailer is giving me the feeling that the package on the train was simply the “Cube”. I don’t think we got an official confirmation that we will be seeing an extraterrestrial or a monster. But then again, it wouldn’t make sense for “Dr. Minker” to collide into the train to release a weapon {the “Cube”} unless it was the power source for a UFO. Also it wouldn’t make sense for the military to use tanks and missiles unless this alien was physically imposing or we happen to be dealing with a robot {a la The Iron Giant}. But again, it wouldn’t make sense for anyone to deliberately release a destructive weapon. The train wreck could of been a result of the destroying the contents, however this viral seems to point out “Dr. Minker’s” true intentions. This “thing” seems to have captured the hearts of these kids, it must good, therefore the train wreck was to release something. According to set photos, the bright light seen and soldiers looking up towards the light in the trailer provokes the thought that this “Cube” is returning to a ship which maybe hiding in/near the water tower. Only J.J. knows now. By the way, I think this is an awesome site for what is to be a great film.

  36. Aaron says:

    I read on some blog that there isnt even a monster or alien in the movie. that its a green sunstance (like flubber) that can shapshift and watnot. ehh i dont believe it there has to be an alien. why came out of the train and what pulled that guy in the supermarket? it has to be an alien, i dout that the little white cube did that. the cube probably is like the keyto the spaceship or the creatures hiding place/lair. what do ya think?

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      Did you ever watch LOST? Smoke Monster could’ve done all those things. And if you look at the pint in the trailer where the soldier is firing, i can see a bit of greenish mist.

  37. Cloud says:

    I was just playing around with the TROGL word and the number of the alphabet it is, and came to 62, which I didn’t think meant anything.

    But, I then tried ‘Super’ from the film name (Super 8, obviously :P).
    S – 19
    U – 21
    P – 16
    E – 5
    R – 18

    Which adds to 79, which is the year the film is set. I know it’s not going to help with anything, but it may show that there is more than one reason why the film is called Super 8.

  38. Gez says:

    I’ve just downloaded one of the pics and I can see a face with glowing eyes and mouth and it really looks like the torso of a robot. I think it could be based on the Iron Giant. The cube is the energy source that finds it’s way to the water tower which is in fact the robot. Sounds crap but the creature must be big because people are looking up in the trailer. Things that seem metal in the trailer are also effected.

    The other theory that I have is that the people experimenting on the cube could have been effected by the cube ie DNA and as was stated in a post the boys mother is one of the infected. The DNA theory could be right! The mother could be hiding in the water tower and the others have turned against the world but she hasn’t turned because of her love for her son. It was said that the film is meant to be about family too.

    I could be wrong though! wurd

  39. Gez says:

    This note could be from his infected mother to him and the girl –

    Hopefully this has fallen into the right
    hands. If you two are reading this, it
    means you’ve found each other.
    Wherever I am, I’m grateful to you both
    for your willingness to help and trust me.

    I wish I could be there to explain
    in person. Perhaps someday.

    It’s been five days since we left the
    hospital. I’ll try to leave as many
    breadcrumbs as I can. TROGL and the
    rest. Use them. As of now, the
    vitas relic is safe. Safer in some places
    than others but i’ll have to rely
    on luck to keep it secure until
    absolutely necessary.

  40. Aaron says:

    If this movie is based on the Iron Giant. That would be badass! Its kinda of a coincidence because i recently watched the Iron Giant and i told my brother,”If i could make any remake of a movie it would be the Iron Giant”. but i dout that Super 8 is gonna be like it. I really wanna see a scaryass alien or something thatll scary me

  41. garhett says:

    catch the T.I.E. interceptor and other star wars toys in joe’s room (typical spielberg), confirming the film is set in 79 (sw came out in 77) and not in 62 as someone mentioned earlier.

  42. Nick says:

    The Josh Minker stuff I think is a sub plot for the movie or he could be the kid that is in with the white kid in the car when windshield gets smashed.

  43. Gez says:

    This theory if true could be the biggest upset in cinema history. Just watched E.T and the scientist guy with the keys said “He visited me when I was 10”. This is me totally dreaming but how mad would it be if this was an E.T prequel! hence “It arrives” It would explain the moving objects and the fact the kids are involved etc. The fact people seem to die in this and the dogs seem to be shit scared kind of ruins this theory! however there is so much about E.T that is unexplained. In someways I hope it isn’t but I think that this films mystery is the greatest part. E.T though lol can you imagine the media would shit the bed!

  44. john says:

    have a few queries

    1.why have they used the music from the movie Cocoon in this? is it in anyway linked to that film? cocoon was a movie about friendly aliens who come to earth to retrieve some pods which contains aliens like them and while returning they take back some old folks with them. the events of that film take place in the early 80s while super8 takes place in 1979

    2.why is jj abrams obsessed with phoney looking lens flares? is he trying to create a ‘trademark’ style like spielberg did in his movies with the constant use of flashlights and car headlights?

  45. Nick says:

    I looked at the trailer and 1:56 on the APPLE trailer for this you can see a bloody man and his teeth…..which do not look…..human……more like a vampire’s teeth

  46. Nick says:

    At 1:28 on the Apple trailer for Super 8 I see the door open with a dog that looks like LUCY!? Can the thing control animals or somthin?

  47. Nick says:

    I just keep finding stuff out! On 1:35 (Apple Trailer) when there is a hole in the wall, right in the middle of that hole is the WATER TOWER. The thing must be hiding there and collecting the cubes!

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