First Official Super 8 Poster Revealed

super 8 poster

Despite what you may have seen floating around the internet up until now, this is the first official Super 8 poster released by Paramount.

There was also a synopsis that was released earlier today, but it doesn't reveal anything new so I waited to post it 🙂

"In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined."


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68 Responses to “First Official Super 8 Poster Revealed”

  1. Jimmy says:

    There A Reason It’s Sideways?!?!?! maybe? LOVE IT!!

    • Raquin says:

      I think the reason the poster is sideways is to give an idea about the scope of this film. There’s the kids filming their movie and then a landscape shot with the water tower included, which alludes to the water tower shot in the trailer. So more than likely we already have an idea as to where this ‘thing’ is hiding in town.

      • Rich says:

        I don’t think that the “thing” is hiding in the tower, but i think it comes from that direction.

        • MicMagellan says:

          blueboi alert… From skyline to every other alien flick the color is always blue. I think space has few more colors to offer. Still it would be funny if the fish was sitting up in the tower, but that would be Dreamcatchers delight. What intrest me the most is the kids Red robot toy. Talk of a suit has subsided with the release of the trailers. No more what ifs just a bunch of spec talk. All in all im still in… foil cap and all.


        • Raquin says:

          The thing is hiding in the water tower. They wouldn’t have made a reference to it in the trailer and on the movie poster for no reason. The water tower will be playing a big part in this movie.

          • Jimmy says:

            I’m With You Raquin. It’s In The Water Tower… Case In Point ( THIS IS A BASE TO A WATER TOWER)—-> Anything above the top of this will be CGI. ( THIS IS THE FENCE AROUND THE WATER TOWER )—-> Looks to me like water tower has some kind of magnetism. As a final note.. in the new trailer the main boy is holding a round rock that he is holding that then takes off out of his hand and though the wall… (was it going to the water tower?)

          • MicMagellan says:

            ::The Power Tower::

            Since you really can’t tell where the cube was off to so im going to jump on band wagon with the rest and say it heading was the Tower. NOW, lets back up to prints outs, the snaps shots of film locations hence the base of the Tower by the auto dealer and the search light night scene in which would apply to the theory… It seems in films time frame of events this happen after the crash, but before the round up right??? Cool. Now what of the lil bouncing light before truck and train ever crashes you seen in teaser? Was it going to tower as well?? …and if it is in the tower it most of got into their how???

  2. John31 says:

    I’m in Love with this film! 😀 Can’t wait for the release!

  3. Edward says:

    I liked more the other font, the one they used on the trailers.

  4. Edward says:

    BY THE AY, I got my Rocket Poppeteers Certificates a few days ago, but my astronaut name is my e-mail!! WTF? What did I do wrong? Thank u guys.

  5. Troy says:

    Notice how there’s only FIVE people in the poster. Didn’t Abrams say the story was about SIX people shooting a film?

  6. Zappex says:

    The clouds that are in between the words “Spielberg” and “Super 8″…. don’t they look like eyes to you?

  7. Zappex says:

    Flip the picture upside down the clouds look like a face!

  8. DemonG says:

    Nice negative look to it . But I’ve got a feeling I know what the sheriffs looking for ooooooo.

  9. Jason says:

    Holy crap
    All this work
    Its starting to come together 😀

    One thing we don’t know.
    How the hell does any of this viral tie into the movie? Really, I’m completely lost with that.

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      If you watch the trailer you see the kid with a small object that flies up and through his wall, I have a feeling that it may be the same object the scientist are talking about in the editing room clips

  10. fher says:

    Hi, I know this is not related to the post but in the trailer on between the the second 00:34 and 00:35 right before it appears the name of Steven Spielberg I can see body shapes it’s to quick but after playing it so many times and I keep seeing shapes of people… what do you guys think?

  11. snackman says:

    the reason why the poster is side ways is because that was the side that the super 8 camera fell on the ground in the trailer.

    • Cos Mick says:

      but notice how the camera is standing up in the poster.

    • Raquin says:

      There is no evidence of that. The poster was designed in a way to capture attention, but only hint at what this movie may be about. At least imo. But your opinion on the orientation of the artwork of this poster is subjective, it’s not fact.

  12. Zappex says:

    am i the only one who thinks this is just like the Cloverfield poster? look at the clouds!

  13. Rolo says:

    just wondering, we had a teaser trailer last year, we then had the 30 second spot trailer in the super bowl, and now a new trailer.
    only one trailer left to be released and thats the offical trailer, have i got that right?

  14. […] [Super 8 News via Oh No They Didn't!] Submitted by: UnknownIncorrect source or offensive? Copy & paste this: […]

  15. Judd says:

    Take a look at:

    The Hi-Res images from the trailer are fantastic.

    • will says:


      • Raquin says:

        They’re sun-flares. JJ has been infatuated with them lately. They’re used conventionally in the movie, but for the poster it’s alluding to a supernatural element around the water tower.

  16. jessenyhc says:

    suprised no one has said this
    but the sky looks like the moons surface.
    and the landscape is space.

  17. Zappex says:
    the Water Tower isnt in the poster for some random reason. The rubix cube thing is heading straight for the Water Tower.

  18. Roberto says:

    i didn’t see anyone post the tune from this third trailer….

    isn’t it from an older movie!?!?

    its definately from an older movie..

    i’m trying to figure out WHICH ONE I HEARD IT FROM!?!?


  19. Crawdawg says:

    just saw there will be something about super8 during roast of trump hopefully new

  20. jb777 says:

    There’s also a model water tower on the kids desk (shown right before the object shoots across his room and through the wall…)
    Near the end of the trailer, when things in the street are floating upwards, they’re moving up towards the water tower (you can see its legs in frame).
    Something is def going on with that tower….

  21. Max says:

    Check out this Super 8 video I thought it was pretty cool

  22. jessenyhc says:


  23. Judd says:

    It’s been a week since the last update. Do you think these new breadcrumbs are too cryptic? Or has other world events taken centre stage for now, understandable of course.

    I’m itching for a new clue!

  24. Only a few more months until Super 8 hits theaters. Wow, it was like yesterday I was watching a teaser and printing out articles and now I’m looking at the new Super 8 poster and new trailer. Time really flies.

  25. anon says:

    new clip in editing room
    clip 77 is added but very short
    like 1 second

  26. anon says:

    just realised that steve kidd uploaded it from twitter
    just posted on facebook there

  27. Jack says:

    New Clip!! Shows a bit of an alien? Creepy. Clip # 77

  28. 26062 says:

    im gonna say those are stones from space on that cart..

  29. latinlovermetal says:

    new update on website ADMIN

  30. Bas Johnson says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that this poster kind of looks like the Halo:Reach poster, or at least with the 6 kids standing of to the side (I know reach has 5). I am not saying that it has anything to do with Halo, I am just saying it kind of looks like it

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