New Chat Rendezvous For March 24th

It appears that a new message has been added to the print out on the STIES site. In order to access this printout, move the termina window out of the way and press 'OK' on the Print window. You can either physically print the document or save it as a PDF and view it on your monitor. It looks as though we may have a new meeting in the chat room tomorrow based on the "4D & 5O's last leg" message.

For those of you that are still confused as to how we can determine when the chat will appear or what this code means, let me take a second to explain. "4D & 5O" stands for "4 Down and 5 Over" this message corresponds to the calendar found on Josh Minker's Blog. If you start at the upper left and go down 4 spaces and then over 5 you will land on a date, this date is when the next chat will appear. This is how it's worked in the past so there's no reason to think it will ever change. I've included a screenshot of the calendar below to give you an idea of how it looks.

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11 Responses to “New Chat Rendezvous For March 24th”

  1. Danny says:

    yea, tomorrow and we get more. Can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Oh yeahhh! On my birthday ;D

  3. latinlovermetal says:

    wtf is Josh Minker’s ??

  4. Erikk says:

    Check Minker’s blog. New post saying this:

    “Sorry to hack this but you weren’t paying attention. Check email for credentials. BXTSLWK729. I know you just found where to use this (/explanation).”

    • Rich says:

      That is the exact ammount of characters needed for the ID code for the rocket poppeteers website.

      • cul8tr says:

        Does that mean we will be able to use his login? Maybe in read only mode? IDK. That would be interesting.

        What would his Astronaut Name be? I am guessing toadfish112

  5. Zappex says:

    If this pattern continues the next chat log will be on April 21st.

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