New Chat Log and New Map – March 25th

Just as expected there is a new chat log today. Check out the screenshot below. So despite what some people were thinking before, Sarah and this mysterious man(?) are not the same person. We've also been given another picture (which is in the Photos folder on the desktop of the STIES site, password toadfish112), which is a map of Nevada with what appears to be a drawing of the front of a building and some numbers (75.125 04.2). Take a look and let us know what you find!

The guys over at unfiction seem to think that the drawing of the building resembles that of The Little Ale'Inn (picture below). They went so far as to call the place and nobody there had any idea what they were talking about in regards to the movie, but I must say that the building does look very much like the drawing.

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137 Responses to “New Chat Log and New Map – March 25th”

  1. Danny says:

    on page 2 of the comic in the picture of Capt Coop. Look at the name tag on his space suit, it says Cooper, not Capt Coop like it does through out the rest of the comic

  2. MeAgain says:

    I really don’t think I want to know any more beyond this point…
    except I do…
    but I don’t…
    but do I?…
    do we?…

    Do we?…

    I’d like to say that even though I haven’t seen much more (or less) than 2 and a half minutes of this film…

    There hasn’t been 1 film, ever, that I’ve been as engrossed in as much as this… ever…

    I know people that say that I’m going to be disappointed in this and why?…
    Merely because of it’s mystery.

    It’s mystery.

    This film is going to be beautiful.

    Look at the trailers.

    Look at Abrams’ other movies… there’s, what, two of them?…

    2 of them and they are both awesome.

    When you consider it , this is JJ Abrams’ first JJ Abrams-JJ Abrams’ movie and if MI3 and Star Trek and anything else with his name on are anything to go by then this is going to be something special.

    He’s like M. Night Shyamalan could be if M. Night Shyamalan had a clue.

    He knows how to use action.
    He knows how to use mystery.
    He knows…

    He knows.

    Super 8 is going to be a beautiful thing.

    • admin says:

      I would say that you’re not going to be disappointed with the movie itself, but you may be disappointed as to how all of this viral stuff plays into the movie… meaning that it probably won’t. This viral is a side story to the movie for fans of this kind of stuff. There may be some small easter eggs and glimpses of things that we know from the viral, but the movie will not focus on any information you had to have learned from following the marketing, that would alienate most of the audience. It’ll be just like Cloverfield’s viral, a bit of backstory with some fun information to have before going into the movie, but that information will not directly impact the flow or plot of the movie itself, at least within the context of the movie. It could impact the way you see things in the movie because you do know the backstory or some things that went on elsewhere regarding the subject matter, but it’s just a side piece and won’t be a main point of the film.

      • MicMagellan says:

        …we’ve known the bread crumbs lead to the box office, but still i UNDERSTAND. Perhaps wit the coming cloud systems and spring PDA’s unveiling (tah dahh… its an ORANGE) we might be ready for jj’s next attempt at releasing his lighting in bottle. Soon i feel we will be in the CHOOSE your own adventure point in flicka pictures. a daring new age of stock piling like Hughes… its all in the angles.

        signing off…

      • Zappex says:

        The viral isnt just a side story it has something to do with the main plot in some way shape or form. For example, the viral for Cloverfield. sure, it doesnt show what exactly what is going to happen, but it did showed the events that lead up to the main event. for this viral, the events in the viral is about 32 years after the events in this movie, and has more to do with what the Vitas Relic is and what the scientist were doing during that time before the movie events. Its basically like the Cloverfield viral only in reverse.

        • admin says:

          I was basically just trying to say (in a long drawn out way) that they can’t alienate people that didn’t follow the viral. So for those following the viral, we’ll have a background understanding of some other things that have happened within the world that the movie takes place, but it’s nothing that is going to fill in plot holes and make the movie any more understandable than the information shown on screen will.

  3. Jonny says:

    The Rocket Poppeteers shop is currently shut down. Probably updating content.

  4. Zappex says:

    I have a stupid, stupid question to ask: what comic is TROGL talking about? I havent saw one thing about a comic anywhere.

    • Terminalogic says:

      This may or may not be of importance, but the whole “TROGL” kind of intrigued me. I started going though the chats. He said that his father was a Biospeleologist. That’s a person who studies Cave organisms. All Cave species have the Trogl prefix. …. for reference—–>

  5. Danny says:

    just thinking about the new clip on the Lt. Con. looks alot like William H. Macy. And I believe he is say the assault on technicians. the sound cuts out on tech but his mouth keeps moving to form what looks like nicians.

    The comic that we have seen is the Capt. Cooper sneak preview comic. How he saved Polarland from Comrade Cozmo’s henchman.

  6. Sinamatik says:

    I was scrutinizing more footage of the trailer.. and there is a scene where all the children are looking at a stock pile of film reels at the 1:49 minute mark. And what i’m thinking is that the footage that they found, is the footage we are seeing in the ‘Editing Room’.

    Was is my point you ask? Well, i have no idea… just a possible connection. But who knows for sure?

    70 Days till release!

  7. ariel says:

    i thing the monster is energy.and have power for change forms,and telequinesis powers….

  8. Franko says:

    Hello, @1:21 on the last trailer, there is a bulletin board with missing dogs posted. Center,and right to the boy, you will see a posting for a missing dog named “COOP!”.
    Have you ever heard of a dog that someone has named Coop?? Nor I.
    Perhaps this is connected to the Captain Coop of the Rocket-pops?

  9. ariel says:


  10. potlong says:

    Has anyone clicked on the note and figured out a username and password for the box that opens?

  11. Jack says:

    I need help! I was looking at the map, and noticed a small drawing next to the numbers. When I had a closer look, I saw it was crescent shaped, like a moon. It also had small craters. At this point I was fairly sure it was a moon. I was looking at the rest of the website, and found the thing about the moon chart. Now i know it seems like a long shot, but could the moon drawing and the chart be related?

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