New Chat Log and New Map – March 25th

Just as expected there is a new chat log today. Check out the screenshot below. So despite what some people were thinking before, Sarah and this mysterious man(?) are not the same person. We've also been given another picture (which is in the Photos folder on the desktop of the STIES site, password toadfish112), which is a map of Nevada with what appears to be a drawing of the front of a building and some numbers (75.125 04.2). Take a look and let us know what you find!

The guys over at unfiction seem to think that the drawing of the building resembles that of The Little Ale'Inn (picture below). They went so far as to call the place and nobody there had any idea what they were talking about in regards to the movie, but I must say that the building does look very much like the drawing.

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  1. RANKINFullStop says:

    I looked up Ted Hall and I found a scientist that worked on the Manhattan project and in 1962 attended Cambridge. Same year as the “September” image we got from the trailer.

  2. Chris says:

    I never knew you had to read from bottom to top. Lol.

  3. Damian says:

    Comic? A Rocket Poppeteers comic perhaps?

  4. Rixx says:

    I’m going to take a weekend trip and drive out to the little aleinn

  5. Shaunofdadead says:

    I am alittle new to this but I haven’t noticed anyone mention this yet. If you map out where the Little A’Le’Inn is it matches up almost exact to the cords in the new map pic. So I think the guys at unfiction are right on the money.

  6. latinlovermetal says:

    the coments:
    “they will find you”·
    “donst speak of this!
    “they know it”
    says that the super bowl trailer

  7. esesolo13 says:

    hahaha I just got back from watching Paul!
    LOL and it just seems funny that they crack a joke about where Spielberg got his idea for E.T. Then I kinda thought of this.
    Boy I wonder whats up with the connection between 1979 and today.

  8. John says:

    So I put those numbers into my google maps an it came up as the Greenland sea.

  9. Nick says:

    I found little ale’inn but right next to it is a huge picture of the Kentucky Fried Chicken dude. Do you think it has any thing to do with the movie?

  10. Nick says:

    John,same with me!

  11. Nick says:

    there is a new thing on rocket poppeteers called the Astronaut Program.

  12. John says:

    For some reason I can’t access it tells me I need to download google chrome in order to see it

  13. Peter says:

    Whenever I click on the Super Space Store on RP it brings me back to the home base. this happening to anyone else?

  14. Sinamatik says:

    the drawing definitely refers to the Lil Ale’Inn, the ‘X’ on the map is in the approximate location where the actual building is. still trying to work on the numbers though, i typed them in as coordinates and i found myself staring into the North Norwegian Sea, ha!

  15. irvingzapta says:

    i was checking tagruato’s stations and there’s one station on the greenlande sea, Korei Station, maybe this oil company it’s just an easter egg for cloverfield fans, or maybe cloverfield and super 8, happen in the same universe, i don’t know everything it’s possible.

    heres the map

    • latinlovermetal says:

      i think “the three dots” its the old “tagruato ” slogan,maybe their ” projects in the sea” are genetic experiments with

    • latinlovermetal says:

      i think “the three dots” its the old “tagruato ” slogan,maybe their ” projects in the sea” are genetic experiments with DNA alien or something
      thats way the cloverfield monster

  16. Cloud says:

    I am still a bit confused as to how some bits of the viral set in 2010/11 can help us with the film that’s set in 1979?

    • Peter says:

      Stuff like Hook Line and Minker, and Rocket Poppeteers which are happening today, can link us to stuff that happened back then.

      • Cloud says:

        But my question was how?

        • Peter says:

          Well, Josh Minker is trying to find out stuff about his father. Something with his father has already happened, but if we can figure out stuff with him, then we can find out about his father, who is connected to the film.

          • Cloud says:

            But I just don’t think the years fit in well enough.

            The film is set in 79, yes?
            And Josh’s Dad is in the film.

            It’s now 2011, 32 years after that, and Josh is looking for his Dad.
            1. Why would Josh’s Dad be missing 32 years after 1979?
            2. In the film trailer, Josh’s Dad looks about 40. 32 years on would make him 72.
            Josh is 12/13 I think, so that would make his Dad 60 when Josh was born.
            Now this is not impossible, but it’s highly unlikely.

    • Sinamatik says:

      If you are inferring that Josh is 12/13 in present day, let me throw some facts out there.

      In Josh’s blog he states:
      -He’s had at least 20 years experience with fish.
      -He works at a paper products company.
      -And he drinks alcohol, he pays bills.
      -And may have been involved in a semi-intimate relationship with this Sarah, his supervisor from his job.

      So its possible Josh could have been born in 1979. Maybe thats a reason for his father to have done whatever his did to protect his family and newborn?

      And ultimately it’s quite possible that Josh is a complete 3rd party to the events in the movie. We are seeing these events through his eyes since all these different characters: Sarah and Mysterious Chat Man are contacting him.

    • MovieBuff says:

      Hahahahaha I totally agree. It’s called failed viral marketing. Remember Cloverfield’s viral marketing? What a complete WASTE OF TIME. What we are doing here on this site is we’re deciphering the trailers and trying to get info from people who work on this movie. I really wish I could work for these viral marketing campaigns because they are doing this completely wrong.

      • Cloud says:

        @MovieBuff You agree with me or Sinamatik?

        @Sinamatik I’m pretty sure he’s only about 13. Firstly because I’m sure someone has said it before, and secondly, he speaks as if he is only quite young and afraid of what is going on.

  17. alwayslove2010 says:

    I think that the mystery man is originally from the Soviet Union, due to him saying stuff about the russian spy Ted Hall and saying YOUR GOVERNMENT. Maybe he’s behind the rocketpoppeteers, using it as a code for this ‘resistance that has gone underground’. I really think that this is all coming together now, the rocket poppeteers are now becoming connected to the current timeline things with Josh. I really hope they mention this stuff in the movie, and it’s not like Slusho and just is a picture on someone’s shirt.

  18. Peter says:

    There is no way that Josh is 12/13. He constantly refers to being at work in an office and going out to drinks with his co-workers. also he is trying to buy rare fishes. I want to say that Josh is 20-30 and josh isnt so much trying to find his dad, he is looking for information on him.

  19. ARIEL says:


  20. Alexander says:

    Is the little ale-inn like in on it and they cant disclose anything..idk

  21. latinlovermetal says:

    someone knows when they release a new clip(·/100)?

  22. Sinamatik says:

    [Host] “If we find his vitas relic, we find him.”
    [Guest1] “You want me to go looking for this thing?”

    This mysterio guy may be giving us these pictures in order for us to go on a treasure hunt to these locations and look for a “Vitas Relic”… whatever the hell one of those looks like!

    Pic #1: 3rd floor, Fergus Falls State Hospital, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

    Pic #2: The Little A’le’Inn, Rachel, Nevada

    Has anyone been to either of these places yet?

    Just curious-
    Does anyone know where Josh Minker lives? I’m guessing North-East Region of the US.

    • Cloud says:

      I don’t think they’ll want us to go looking for the stuff, because the viral wouldn’t work if some idiot went to the places, got the stuff and then binned them.

      It’s too high of a risk for the marketing team.

  23. andrew says:

    just let me know if someone already said this, i whent on the rocket poppeteers site and the rocket poppeteers legacy is now open…. so is space freezer ( if any of you figure out what the space freezer does let me know) thats all see for now…

  24. Shayan says:

    I discovered something

  25. Meagan says:

    i didnt read the other comments, do the numbers fit in with latitude and longitude…as in location?

  26. SITREP says:

    I saw an episode of the “Mystery Hunters” show today (you might remember tit), and the girl went to the Ale’Inn and talked to the owners, and they said one time they saw a bright light come through the door and illuminate the gap between the door frame and the door. Then they saw there was no one outside. Spooky, and the Ale’Inn probably is the drawing in the pic.

  27. Grohfactor says:

    anyone call this “Ale Inn” and ask if they have a Vitas Relic?

    • admin says:

      As the post above says, the guys at unfiction did call the place and they have no idea what any of this stuff is, they are definitely not there to relay information for the viral.

  28. Cloud says:

    I plotted the locations of Little Ale’Inn and Fergus Falls State Hospital in Google, and tried to find the middle of them.

    It brought me near to a town called ‘Casper’, one called ‘Evansville’ and one called ‘Vista West’.

    Just thinking there, Vista is an anagram of Vitas and you can also get Relic from the other two towns, but it’s probably just coincidence 😛

  29. Sinamatik says:

    Ok, perhaps I’m seeing things but on the RP Store Page, just to the left of the stickers tab is this: ?>

    Perhaps a glitch in the page?

  30. Sinamatik says:

    Okay, I may be reaching for the stars once more, however, On the bottom of Page 1 on the comic. Under the word: CRUUNCHHH!
    There seems to be 3 very distinct dots underneath each of the H’s. As if someone did this with a felt tip pen, doesn’t seem like the comic mis-printed.


    • Jenkins says:

      Today when i go to the store it gives me the old message that the supply ship is late.
      and yet yesterday i made and account and everything.

      • Peter says:

        The site might just be glitching.

        Heres the direct link

        • Sinamatik says:

          But have you guys seen the comic?? Did you see the three dots??

          • Jenkins says:

            I have read it already, but i need to get on the site again to have a look at what your talking about…. (damn work gets in the road of all the important stuff)

          • Jenkins says:

            Yeah see the dots, but they seem like they are related to the font used.
            however in the little monitor above are three dots (i think i’m clutching at straws now)

  31. Spark says:

    Why do I get the feeling this isn’t gonna end well for Josh at ALL?

  32. Jenkins says:


    • Jenkins says:

      It leads to an archive new york times article, i don’t have a subscription so i cant read the complete article.

  33. Xano50 says:

    I was looking at the comic preview of the rocket poppeteers comic and i found somthing if you look at page one in the panel where the monkey says ” banana” if you look closley on the ships dashboard there’s a monitor that says “BRIEFING OF NEW POPPETEER INITIATIVES” under those words there is a picture of a rock with the three dots symbol thats been on the trucks and the badges i think that that rock could be the vista relic or the author/artist of the comic book is in with whatever the three dots are. So thats what i found

  34. Rolo says:

    Has anyone noticed that on the rocket poppeteers poster there are 5 rockets flying (representing the different flavours) behind Cap, and also on the cardbord cut out of Cap you can see that there are 5 flavours
    But on the e-mail that was posted to people last week it shows that there are only four fleets. Anybody understand what im getting at here? there may be another fleet…

  35. Danny says:

    on the comic strip the very first page just under rockpoppeteers there are two large red eyes. is that Comrade Cozmo or something else?

  36. Peter says:

    Ok, one of the fleets is Capt. Cooper’s fleet which we can not be a part of, and the eyes do represent Red Cosmo, Capt Coops enemy.

  37. Cloud says:

    Does anyone see the circles on the map, one at a place called Ogden I think and another one with the first four letters ‘Carl’ (I can’t make out the rest).

    I looked on Google maps, and the place is called Carlin.

    This Ogden place just looks like loads of mountains and land, but Carlin is a town.

    Feel free to have a look (because I can’t find anything odd) 🙂

  38. pt112 says:

    Relativistic electron

  39. pt112 says:

    Ooops!! I ment the cubes are more than likly Relativistic electron’s.

  40. latinlovermetal says:

    wtf say in revalistic??

  41. pt112 says:

    I think the numbers represent this. When Traveling At A Velocity Of 17.886904761904761904761904761905 Miles Per Second or 75.125/04.2 , then the Relativistic Change Factor = 1.0000000046099557.

    Velocities in ordinary life which to us might seem incredibly fast have only a miniscule relativistic effect. For example, orbital velocity (17.8 miles per second) produces a relativistic factor of change of only 1.000000004565269. 75.125/04.2, Could be the cube’s velocity and energy. If the cube’s velocity and energy decreases over time at a steady rate, you could then calculate the time and distance it could travel. If the cube moved from FFSH at 75 MPS and only had enough energy to travel for 20 sec, that would put it 1530 miles away from FFSH. Rachel, Nevada is 1530 miles SW of FFSH.

  42. Pablo says:

    and what if it was goin at 88mph in a deloreon?

  43. Jonny says:

    I was looking at polarland (It was in the comic) and read a post about Norway. The Polarland was a merchant ship that was sunk by a U-Boat in the second world war. It was sunk near just off Novascocia. If this is actually a clue, and not grasping at straws, could this have something to do with the giant mystery?

  44. Andrew says:

    I logged onto my facebook this afternoon and I saw a new entry from Josh Minker on his facebook.

    It says “I wrote my dad back. I used a fake return address so I think it is safe. I also got an email from someone named Roy. He says that he took care of my father in the Hospital. He has some things that were my dad’s.”

    Hope this reveals some new clues

  45. latinlovermetal says:


  46. Huni says:

    Minker senior is now on!!

    “The subject´s more likely natural”

    Is that some burnt creature´s corpse or just a big rock???

  47. Rich says:

    Lt. Col. Martin L. Abraham is the guys name, but I can not make out what is written underneath his name on the plate.

  48. Sinamatik says:

    He was either gonna say “the assault on Tech Sargent ……”
    or “the assault on Technicians….”

  49. Sinamatik says:

    For some reason, RP site won’t load… perhaps it’s being updated!

    • Sinamatik says:

      It looks like someone wrote a note on top of the cover of the comic and the ink bled through… check Cpt. Coop’s left chest and left arm and hand..

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