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  1. kdu3142 says:

    =) So excited for the movie! i hope i get to see it on IMAX here in Brazil (we don’t have a lot of IMAX’s here, so they choose only SOME movies to go to Imax =P

  2. Bob Kelso says:

    Damnnnnnn…… this movie looks like another Spielberg classic

  3. Jack says:

    Hello, I was watching Cloverfield today and in one scene some people are talking about how a fish was found in Madagascar that was thought to be extinct. The fish is the Coelacanth and i thought that might have something to do with Josh Minker… Just thinking

  4. Cloud says:

    You may want to edit this post, as there’s an advert for a horror movie before the trailer comes on, which probably won’t be suitable for all the readers of the site 🙂

    It gave me a shock when it first came on 😛

    • admin says:

      That’s cause the only clean copy I could find came from dreadcentral.com … if you can find a good HD version on YouTube post a link and I’ll change it.

      • Cloud says:

        It’s a bit odd being on at the Kid’s Choice Awards and then being on a website called dreadcentral haha 😛

        • admin says:

          That just happens to be the site I found a good, clear, embeddable copy of the video. They just pulled it from somewhere else and put it in their own video player, probably because the good version on YouTube didn’t allow embeds.

  5. Nick says:

    Think about it….. This showed during the KCAs so that means it cant be an R rated movie. If it is,that would not make sense.

  6. Super8alien says:

    I don’t really think anyone expected it to be R.

  7. latinlovermetal says:

    jj abrams said that the movie was really about some friends who spent an ordinary day and the train changes their lives forever, no longer reflect that and that will fuck or b

  8. GORDON says:


  9. Franko says:

    We see the kid on the walkie-talkie with a box of Pillsbury Food Sticks. These are the Grandfather of today’s energy bars. (Google and learn)
    They were an off shoot of space food bars made for NASA. I remember them tasting like chocolate covered cardboard.
    Items like this are a nice authentic touch in a major motion picture, and usually goes unnoticed. That said, and with all the other hype and info released, this movie will be a milestone.

    • latinlovermetal says:


      • Franko says:

        1. A stone marker set up on a roadside to indicate the distance in miles from a given point.
        2. An important event, as in a person’s career, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point.

        Uhh, choose # 2

  10. xano50 says:

    hey admin heres the link for the tv spot on youtube


  11. Spark says:

    Josh’s father IS the man driving the truck…i have some theories of my own who mysterio is..maybe the sheriff or one of the kids in the film?

    • Shayan says:

      No Josh’s father isnt the man driving the truck. Read the post thats says “22 minutes of Super8 has been seen”. It talks about who the person in the truck was who derailed the train…

  12. Jenkins says:

    i wonder if there are any clues in all the new posts on revalistic.com….
    it IS part of the viral.
    i think it is stupid to ignore whats happening on that site.

  13. Jason says:


    What channel was this on?

  14. Jono says:


    June 10 however???

    it ain’t out in the uk until august 🙁

  15. tom baldwin says:

    the fat kid looks like jerry o’connel in stand by me.. maybe he’ll turn out to be a stud c-list actor someday too.

  16. snackman says:

    umm… what does those three dots up in the corner of the screen mean?

  17. RANKINFullStop says:

    Any fresh pictures in the projector at the end?

  18. Sinamatik says:

    lollygagging around the STIES site again, and i was checking out the photos, specifically the one labeled “FFSHCom”.. and I noticed that if you double click on it, it asks for a username and password… not sure if anyone found this out yet… but it could be another hidden page with some vital info…

  19. Rixx says:

    I’ve got tinkles.

  20. GORDON says:

    the monster is idem hunckback notre dam…..in the final scene movie,this monster is rescue for mathership,and the children see this…

  21. Rich says:

    If that isn’t Josh’s father then they must be twins. Also, my previous theory seems to pan out that the driver of the truck survived. As you can see before they show his face the kids are standing staring at him and in the bottom of the screen in the reflection of the side view mirror you can see the reflection of his face.

  22. Tim Allen says:

    What an amazing TV Spot. It is so weird that the Super 8 Film will be released on the 9th of June in the U.S and the 18th of August in the rest of Europe (i’m living in The Netherlands). I just cannot wait for another two months!

    Is it just me, or what ever happened to the viral of Super 8? We’re a month away now from the official release and we’re on a dead end. What happened to Josh and the HookLineMinker website? What about the hospital everyone is talking about? With the stairs? What about the DPD-11 or some sort? Ah, this is so frustrating. It takes so long and everything is so slow. What about the comic book?

    Man, i hate this.

  23. xneonxmaniacx says:

    so when is someone gonna post all the new images from this trailer? and where can i find em?

  24. jay8765 says:

    I don’t know if someone has already mentioned this but when I watched the trailer today I heard something interesting. When the train is about to crash near the kids in the trailer, the main boy (i forgot his name) says “Josh watch out” Am I just hearing things or did he really say Josh? Now I don’t know what that means because if Josh was in the movie then it wouldn’t fit with the viral because “our” Josh is from our time. So basically why would they have two Josh’s? Couldn’t they just give one of them a different name? Thoughts?

  25. Cloud says:

    I am really, really starting to think this is going to be a kids film with it being at the Kid’s Choice Awards and some of the scenes in the trailer being like E.T.

    It’s making me irritated actually, because of all the effort some people have put in for the viral thinking we are going to be seeing something like Cloverfield (not necessarily a prequel or sequel), and then it turns out to be a kids film like E.T… I don’t know what to say to be honest :/

    • admin says:

      It’s going to be more like ET than Cloverfield judging by the trailers alone, but I don’t think it’s going to be a “kids film” in the sense that I think you’re thinking. It’s definitely not going to be as “horror” driven as Cloverfield though, that was never the intention of the movie.

    • Peter says:

      Ummmmm, its been clear that this is not a horror movie for some time now.

  26. Nick says:

    somthing really big is going to be revealed soon….I can feel it.

  27. Zam says:

    Has anyone pulled the single shots from the end of the trailer? Any new photos or clips in them?

  28. Huni says:

    Funny, I also heard the little boy screaming “Josh watch out!”, and I thought he was saying that to the kid in the yellow raincoat, who seems to be african american. Maybe Josh is actually featured in the movie for a few moments…

  29. alwayslove2010 says:

    Did anybody else see cars floating for a second in the trailer? Makes me think that the alien is not alone/it’s super intelligent not just a creature.

  30. GORDON says:

    the alien have telequinesis powers

  31. josh says:

    hey admin !!

    at about 43 seconds of this clip, the kids are staring at a cube type thing and the same structure is seen in the old clips where the scientists are running tests etc.

  32. smithman says:

    If you guys go to Super8 editing room, you’ll notice that the black scientist in the last editing clip is the same truck driver in the TV Spot.

    • Cloud says:

      Captain Obvious.

      • Huni says:

        I hate it when comments like this ruin the enthusiasm of people who has just discovered something new, it´s just mean. Those who are always around here (and are obviously proud of their cleverness) should encourage others to check old posts, give them clues to keep up with the viral and well, just have fun; this I-know-it-all attitude just draws people away from the site.
        This comment is not attacking Cloud, I just wanted to say it as I´ve seen a lot of situations like this here.

        I you feel I´m not being respectful admin, please erase the comment.

        • xneonxmaniacx says:

          i understand where your coming from “Huni”, why should we all tell you something you should already know. I think if your gonna post, why not get up to date with it all first, Then post your opinion. i followed for months before actually posting. just sayin…

          • Peter says:

            I agree with xneonxmaniacx

          • Cloud says:

            I was just saying, I think that if you are new to the site, take the time to read all the posts. I spend like 6 hours reading them all when I first found this site 🙂

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause offense. 🙂

          • smithman says:

            Sorry. I probably should have checked around before posting.

  33. Llamaiguana says:

    I’m sure this won’t be at all a monster movie like I thought when I first saw the teaser, but that’s ok. I think this will be the next Goonies/ET.

  34. GORDON says:

    please guys,not fight….peace¡

  35. Franko says:

    Admin: Has anyone mentioned anything about the “happy meal directive”??
    Major motion pictures like this have bazzillions of dollars in negotiations with major fast food chains. A set of drinking glasses with the kids featured, (collect ’em all) or perhaps a “cube” that changes shape,or maybe hats with the logo featured. (The one on the clapboard in your photo section, and the hat and t shirt the one kid was wearing on the red carpet), etc.

    Perhaps some one out there works at BK or Mcd’s. This stuff is for sure already made. It could help to reveal if this indeed will be a movie that rocks or a lame Tinkerbell fantasy.

  36. Craz says:

    Ok, I find it odd that people are saying this will be a family-kid type movie just because it aired as a trailer during the kid choice awards. If I’m not mistaken this movie to be rated PG-13. So that means it is meant for anyone over the age of 13. So realize that a lot of the people watching the Kids Choice awards are in this age demographic. JJ is simply trying to display his film to all possible demographics that might find it interesting.
    Also, for those who are worried that it might be kiddie, the people who were in the audience at Paramount’s presentation about 3 or so weeks ago all said it was scarier and more suspenseful than they had expected. So, I don’t think this is as much of a kids movie as people think, many scary and thrilling movies had centered around kids, and it appears JJ has tried to achieve that with Super 8

    • Cloud says:

      Good point actually, you’ve cheered me up! 🙂

    • Jane Smith says:

      I don’t see a problem with PG.. If you want horror and terror turn on your news station or peruse Family Watchdog one day.

      I want to be taken on a journey myself. Thats what a movie is all about in my crazy head. To have a gambit of emotions and new ideas to seed in your mind take away something to ponder on, maybe change you.

      Remember when everyone thought this movie would be Iron Giant?

      Was that not a damn good movie? and yes..PG

      ~~~Jane goes off to chase bald monkeys

  37. Danny says:

    I haven’t read this anywhere on the posts, so here we go I just hit the print button from the STIES web site and there were two new photos, one has the picture of the 1962 scientists siting at a table and the other is a scrape piece of paper with numbers and a paragraph below hit.

  38. Danny says:

    since I am at work I can’t post the pictures but this is what it on the heavily damage paper


    The boys and I are planning to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the compound this morning. I had more of those visions in the hospital, like it was _ _ _ling to me. Every_ _ _ _ there is it danger. This must be stopped. If tomorrow is a failure, you’ll need _ _ _ _ _ _ the other piece. You’ll need to charge the battery when you find it, it will probably be dead. Use the equation to _ _ _ _ it to the right frequency.

    the spaces are the words that I could not make out.

  39. jayefish10 says:

    hey guys, sorry it might not be at all relevant and i have no idea what it means.. but is it just me or does the boy’s dad join the army?

    at 0:35 and in all the other trailers/tv spots he’s wearing a police uniform and we are lead to believe he’s the local policeman looking out for the locals (confronting the army official etc at 0:39 .)

    but then at 0:50 as he’s hugging the boy you can clearly see he’s wearing what looks like an army uniform? It seems a bit obvious – like Abrams wants us to notice this? Again no idea if it means much in the big scheme of things but just something i thought i’d share. 🙂

  40. jayefish10 says:

    Oh and also what is that thing up in the top right hand corner of the screen at 0:36? I think it’s just a helicopter but i could be wrong..?

  41. juliokenny14 says:

    In the boot image that shows the post, is (in my opinion) the outline of the course “Foreign” as if the top of his head, I welcome your comments, greetings from Argentina.

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