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Thanks Danny for pointing this out. It looks like we have some new information that has been relayed to us through the print out on the STIES site. In order to access this print out, go to the STIES site and move the terminal window out of the way, behind that window is a dialogue box that asks if you want to print a document, press ok and either actually print it or save it as a PDF and open it. If you don't want to do it yourself I've included everything new in this post.

First lets take a look at the group shot that I've posted above. It shows the African American man that we've seen in past pictures as well as 4 other men. This is a little interesting to me because when we were given copies of these scientist/researchers ID badges previously there were only 4 total... Could mean nothing, but still a bit interesting. Other than that I can't really see anything hidden or spectacular about the group photo.

note image

This note was also posted on the print out and appears to be written on the back of the photo itself. I've included a transcript of what I could make out below. I'm not sure what the numbers mean, they could be a lock combination or a password to something, but I'm not quite sure.


The boys and I are planning to infiltrate the compound
in the morning. I had more of those visions in the hospital, like
it was [calling] to me. Everyone there is in danger This must
be stopped. If tomorrow is a failure, you'll need [to find?] the
other piece. You'll need to charge the battery when you find
it, it will probably be dead. Use the equation to set
it to the right frequency.

print out text

And lastly we have some text that was included in the print out itself, which I have also transcribed below. I'm not sure what to make of it. And in case it's confusing to anyone, the group photo was directly below the last line, that's what the person "found". I probably should have included a full screen shot of the print out, but oh well 🙂

I remember that day. I should've helped but I didn't think I could give up my
cover. If I had then, maybe none of this would've happened. But it's good that
you found that, I know you'll be able to help him now when I cannot. You have
to keep searching. I can't hide from the past forever but maybe I can give you a
little more time. I'll try to lose them. If you get a package from me, you won't be
hearing from me again.

I should have known your father would have kept that picture. We were all so young then.

> I know I'm not supposed to post here but I got excited. Look what I found!!

So as always, let us know what you find in the comments!

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97 Responses to “Group Photo and Note Images Appear on STIES Print Out”

  1. ddave says:

    I have been gone for a little while but been trying to get back on track here with some of this stuff kind of had a wild guess just from what I’ve been reading and seeing lately, so tell me what you think.

    I am thinking our mysterious man that is helping josh out is TROGL 58-ORPH-42 amusing this is josh’s father’s picture he wrote down everyone’s badge number except his own and only person that does not have his badge shown in this picture is man standing up which could possibly be his father. Which would explain why he would know the badge number without being able to see it in the picture.

    Now assuming these badges are used as some sort of security device it could take all 5 badges to unlock decode whatever it is they are working on or using. So they would need all five badges either the dots that represent elements (like water or something else) or code that can change frequency in some way.

    just a long shot.

  2. Lustre says:

    I see a face, a face in a helmet, a jellyfish and a dolphin head in the watermarks. I will try to open in Photoshop tomorrow and point out where the stuff is. Never commented here before but I am an old Clovie message board poster from IMDB.

  3. Alex says:

    I agree. I think the “frequency” has something to do with sound.

    By the way, we never quite figured out how the Golden Ratio fit into all of this did we?

    Maybe it has something to do with all this.

  4. Gus says:

    Hi guys,

    Refering to the group pic it looks like to me that the scientist standing to the right side is doing so on purpose and there looks like some thing almost invisable is standing right behind the african american man. You can see some light distortion behind him on top and if you back the pic up you can almost see an outline of shoulders in front of the chalk board. Am i seeing things?

  5. Voja says:

    I see that shadow also… But in the editing room in the video they mention 58-o-42, which is perhaps Mr. Minker. Amd also I think that on the blackboard is some kinde of drawing and a dna with points in it, or some rings with the tree points in it… Here is the modified picture… (by me)

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