First Official Super 8 Image Released

official super 8 images

It doesn't show us anything we haven't already seen before from trailers and clips, but Paramount has released the first official image from "Super 8" today, check it out.

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39 Responses to “First Official Super 8 Image Released”

  1. Peter says:


  2. JohnTheRev says:

    How sure are we that the black guy is Josh’s father?

  3. xneonxmaniacx says:

    looking at this picture in my iphone, the camera lens shows what looks like a house and a big tree, or an alien face. funny how as i zoom in, its the only part of the picture that dosent get all blurry

    • admin says:

      I have a high res version of it and there doesn’t seem to be anything special in the reflection of the lens, at least not as noticeable as some of the other images we’ve found.

  4. Lebowski says:


  5. Jimmy says:

    This pic is taken as they all are standing on a hill looking down at the train crash and the cops/army are going over it.. not one thing new here

  6. jessenyhc says:

    When i first saw this shot, in the trailer, i thought that was a ufo in the back round. Had to do a double take. lol

  7. John says:

    Anyone noticethe helicopter In the background.

  8. ETHAN HUNT says:


  9. ETHAN HUNT says:


  10. Franko says:

    Look at the locket around Elle’s neck BEHIND her pearls. Copy the picture and blow it up. In the official trailer, it is the same locket that Joe Lamb’s mom is wearing in the home movie that Joe is watching, and the same one shown hanging near the red action figure, and the same one she is wearing at the train wreck.
    I am including my earlier post from a few days ago. Any thoughts?? What is in the locket? A relic? and I hope this is not a spoiler.

    Earlier post:
    Hello, the trailer on the official site shows Joe Lamb watching a home movie with his mom pushing him on a swing. He is much younger and the shot clearly shows her wearing a necklace with a locket. This same locket shows after up in his room next to the red figurine. His dad says that “things are different now” but in a tone not like the town is blowing up and people are missing, but perhaps as a dad would speak to his son after the mother has passed away. It would resolve the fact that he now has the locket. What underlines this opinion ( that Mrs. Lamb has died) is the fact that the same locket shows up being worn by Ellie (Joe’s “love” interest) 0.41 in this trailer !!
    If this is indeed true, it makes for a more deeply involved movie and adds “heart” to the film. I’ll trade “heart” for kiddie stuff any day.
    Please forgive me if the mom’s death has been offered before on this site, but I’ll bet a box of Pillsbury food sticks that this is true.

  11. Aaron says:

    The reflection in the camera lens looks like the water tower. the kids we prolly shooting the water tower when the military arrives.

  12. Jenkins says:

    i dont know if all my posts are invisible but there have been multiple updates on the revalistic site since it was originally found to be related to the ARG.

    • admin says:

      I haven’t posted every single post from the revalistic site on here because majority of them don’t seem to be tied into the viral. Sure the site itself is within the world of “Super 8”, but aside from the chat dialogue between Josh and the owner of the site, nothing has pointed us towards anything else. I definitely keep an eye on it and if something does seem like it could help us further along with everything I’ll post it, but the content right now would just flood the homepage of this site. So instead of posting every time there’s an update to revalistic maybe I’ll just tweet it.

      • jessenyhc says:

        The Post yesterday is about an energy source, scientist, 1950’s…..
        and there’s a PDF document with all kinds of crap on it. this has to tie in somehow….

      • Jenkins says:

        tanks admin, i was worried it had been put on the back burner.
        it is unusual that we can leave comments on revalistic.

  13. Sinamatik says:

    NEW Post on Revalistic!

    • Jenkins says:

      YAY…. I’m not seeing things….
      Also i dont know how many of us have tried but i posted a reply on the site, it has been posted along with some others. (mine was Rio)

  14. AlecHurt says:


  15. Cloud says:

    We are not going to find anything new from this picture! We’ve already seen this in trailers!

    There is nothing special about the camera lens, and yes, there’s a helicopter in the background, but that doesn’t tell us anything new.

    The only thing that’s actually telling us something is the bit with the locket and Joe’s dead mother 🙂

  16. Cloud says:

    Also, on the Super 8 website, it says released August 5 everywhere.

    Does that just mean the UK or worldwide?

  17. Gez says:

    The reflection on the lens is the cabin! Well I’ve put the pic in photoshop and increased the shadows/highlights and it is def the cabin as per the map and the pic on this site. It also has some big metalic object behind it!!!

  18. Gez says:

    Check the pic!

  19. Gez says:

    Could be just the train wreck though lol

  20. Andrew says:

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  21. pat says:

    new super 8 editing room clip #23 just revealed today…they must be speeding up the viral marketing..good move on jj abrams part 🙂

  22. Gus says:

    The ceature has no shape or form, that brillant blue light is the creature, so don’t get your hopes up!!

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