How cool is this! A special interactive trailer for "Super 8" can be found in the Portal 2 game that was just released. It basically puts you into the train that crashes in the trailer, allowing you to walk around and look at things. You can't interact with anything, but it's still pretty freakin cool!

I don't have the Portal 2 game so I can't run around and take screenshots, but lucky for me xi_wolf at unfiction did just that. Check them out here.


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62 Responses to “Interactive “Super 8” Trailer in Portal 2”

  1. Toby says:

    Can anybody grab the flash frame at about 3:49?

  2. Gez says:

    Just seen this, it’s pretty cool! There is a folder on the table that says somthing about the relic. The clipboard at the end of the train has a list which lists Cows! can’t make it out (hope someone can). The guy on the speaker phone talks about ice! and to increase pressure on the canisters! SO what ever it is it, it’s controled with temperature. The DNA theory a while back mentioned the humans were controled by ice. wurd!

    • Tim in Ohio says:

      What if the creature in the train is encased in ice? My thought process (even as late as it is) is that the creature/alien lived in a water-based environment based on everything we’ve read. If the water tower ideas are true, that it goes there in the movie, then things come together even better. Rocket Poppeteers popsicles (ice) ties in as well.

      …or I’m just REALLY tired….

  3. Janesmith says:

    Sounds like we got our first sound of the “creature”on that … or err.. something else =)

  4. Gez says:

    There is a full on roar at the end too! plus there is stuff on the table! I know Im a geek but I’m, excited!!!Props to the marketing campaign 🙂

  5. Robert Muldoon says:

    Shoot her! Shooooooot her!

  6. Gez says:

    There is more than 1 cube check out the pics from the interactive trailer here…

  7. Gez says:

    The clipboard says there is 10 Vats of Bat Guano which is bat shit! plus 10 Vats of Zooplankto which is sea plankton! plus the train contains 40 Cows! plus one box contains cubes and I don’t meen rubics lol !!!

  8. james says:

    That roar at the end is wow, beats cloverfields monster roar!

  9. jayefish10 says:

    Wow. seriously excited now, and thankyou Abrams for the cool cool cool way to virally market 🙂
    Hmm one thing i did think though was that to me the ‘roar’ at the end sounds a little bit more like a voice yelling and echoing funny or something? can anyone else hear words? or am i just going nuts :P?

  10. Zenon says:

    Did NOT expect this
    really keen for Super 8
    and will have to get Portal 2 as well

  11. kdu3142 says:

    GREAT marketing idea! but, please don’t hate me, i did not like the roar…it sounds like a horse dying…i didn’t want them to copy the cloverfield roar EXACTLY(because it was freaking awesome!) but that’s roar is wweird…=P

  12. RANKINFullStop says:

    I think that roar means there’s a good chance we can cancel out the “alien is mist” theory

  13. JohnTheRev says:

    Didn’t the smoke monster on Lost roar? I doubt the creature will be mist but I dont think we can cancel anything out when it comes to an Abrams movie. What I want to know is what do cows, plankton and bat poo have in common? Seeing as how people seem to agree that the creature is potentially subterranean and likes water, the closest I can figure is bat guano is found in caves and somes caves have underground springs wich may have plankton of some sort. As for the cows… maybe they were brought along to feed the creature? That or it has a serious calcium deficiency. Also, if the creature is controlled by ice/cold wouldn’t that mean it had to be cold blooded?

  14. Almish says:

    Maybe its a lizard type creature and the cubes are the power source for the freezing tech.

  15. MovieBuff says:

    The interactive trailer concept is fantastic!!

    I have a bad feeling that the concept art we saw a few months ago is actually the alien creature. I’m not sure if this vid is fake or not but have a look

    • admin says:

      Those frames have definitely been “digitally enhanced”… The “concept art” from a few months back had nothing to do with this movie and was made by the same guy who drew up what he thought the Cloverfield monster would look like. I’m 100% confident in saying that the creature/alien is not hidden anywhere in any of the current trailers that we’ve seen.

  16. Kush says:

    I would have to say that from the “creature scream” it would be more of a Cloverfield/biological Alien rather than a “grey”.

  17. youngpaddy1 says:

    There’s a game up on rocketpoppeteers astronaut programme now.

  18. Kaibear says:

    The mapname could be interesting, because it’s the name of the following url:

    But I’ve got no idea what kind of password this could be

  19. Mark says:

    Looks like you can sign in to the site with your certificate password now and play a game.

    • MovieBuff says:

      Can someone post a password or post a vid on youtube of the new content?

      I’m surprised that no one has combined all the new released clips with the editing room and posted it on youtube. I’d do it but I have no new clips.

  20. SITREP says:

    News paper looks like it says something like “cleanup continues”. I love the mystery golden ratio sound we pretty much first found playing in the background.

  21. Tedd says:

    135-f rig is on the news paper, go to google and type that in and you get this site right away.

  22. Mikey96 says:

    Hey Admin, the sound file that is on scariest thing is heard when it starts up, sadly the guy talked over most of it. you can hear it better here! 😀

  23. Pablo says:

    its all picking up now ppl! that roar at the end….wow

  24. Tim in Ohio says:

    Anyone who has this game, can you find any parts of the truck in it? Most notably, the cab?

  25. SITREP says:

    Another thing- The clock says 3 ‘o’ clock, unless it’s a weird clock, and at about 1:30 you hear “there’s something on the tracks!”.

  26. pt112 says:

    I haven’t seen this posted yet, but there’s an orange device on the desk in the train that is making the same sound tones as the audio file from STIES.

  27. V says:

    O_o dude…..

  28. Rich says:

    I need a change of underwear. I’m so excited for this movie. I come on here everyday. This viral is 100 times better than cloverfield’s IMO

  29. Mr. Y.W. says:

    I must say, this is incredibly cool and original! Love all the STIES and RP references!

  30. Andy says:

    Guys, your can hear that noise that played on STIES in the trailer.

  31. marcos says:

    At about the 38 second mark you can hear the original sound file from STIES

    • Franko says:

      Yes, indeed. It is the golden ratio tones that come from the “hair dryer” device that seems to make the cubes dance.

  32. john says:

    if u listen carefully u can hear a roar whn your actually on the train as well as at the end also somewhere during the roar it has the same pitch as the golden ratio. now that i think of it i think what the monster is is either a person mixed with the cube or an animal mixed with the cube kinda like they genetically spilced a human or animal with the cube and they play the golden ratio to kinda keep it alive and kicking.

  33. john says:

    ok so i was able to freeze frame the flash at the end its a screen shot weve seen before its also the screen shot where everyone says u can see the creature. there is no creature in the frame which rules all the videos where people say that the monster was revealed in the trailers are fakes.

  34. Spark says:

    Maybe it’s just me but the creature’s “roar” reminded me of a whale or something.

  35. Tim in Ohio says:

    Nothing major, but am I the only one that can hear the creature pacing around in the train-car? In fact in the one without the guy talking over it, when the person turns and faces the right end of the train-car, I can hear it in my left earbud

  36. just thinking... says:

    I know the September 19, 1962 USSR nuclear test idea was already shared, but I’m thinking now that it has more merit than before, with the new rocket poppeteers game that’s now up.

    here’s why:

    Anything Russia/communism-related used to be labeled as being ‘red’ or part of the ‘red scare’:

    1. date on folder in the trailer is 9/19/62: same date as nuclear testing in USSR (Russia):

    2. the comic-con rocket poppeteers poster mentions ‘Red Cozmo’ in the red area with white writing:

    3.Josh Minker’s fish that passed away was called a ‘Red Oscar’ (October 20th posting, second paragraph, first sentence):

    Maybe the nuclear testing in USSR really had something to do with this alien and/or the relic (the cube that keeps showing up in random images?).

    Playing off fears of the red scare, ‘nuclear testing’ by the USSR might just be the public cover story that was given.

  37. Advent says:

    Some may not agree with me, but I really, REALLY hope this creature’s not humanoid. I’m dying to see a pants-crappingly monstrous alien abomination.

  38. nick says:

    That roar sounds like j.j. abrams fused a t-Rex, and clover togethor… that being said about bat guano, plankton and this creature being a water based life form, I’m theorizing that this alien is probably liquidy, has a bat complex(cough) clover! And with plankton and cows being involved it has teeth both Sharp enough to tear flesh and sharp enough to kill people making it a threat to people(meaning this thing isnt going to care about people who get in its way)

  39. Matt says:

    I don’t know if this has been said in the comments already but if you go to the end just before the alien comes out, and look up and zoom in you can see a circle with 2 diagonal lines and one vertical one down the middle (similar to the blair witch symbol) and a shape that to me looks like a feather.
    What do people think about this?

  40. DemonG says:

    THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!! did you see the device with the sound and the frequencies and the 3 dots an dthe cubes and the everything , AWSOMEEEE!!! I take it the cow were for the creature thats why the dogs disapeared?

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