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  1. Eric says:

    There we have the watertower again (look closely to tne first image)!

  2. DemonG says:

    Been falling behind , just busy with studies and still no internet at my college residence. So I’ve been reading some of the updates I missed , nice work admin , thanks for the site man . Just can’t wait for this movie ,just a few more months YAY!!!! Hope it shows here on time.

  3. xneonxmaniacx says:

    so a while back someone from the set said there was a point in the film where the children run screaming out of a hole in a garage…guessing that second picture is apart of it….

  4. BigO says:

    why is there no new big newss!!?!? I caught up on all this mythology stuff in the last 2 weeks, now i’m fiending for more and there is none. I really hope those additional clips show up and its not just left with like only 10 clips actually there by the time the movie comes out. That would be very very lame, having said that… I’m sure it will happen like that

  5. ROSWELLDAY says:


  6. Just sayin... says:

    New super 8 news out today from wired dot com: movie will be released to work with D-box motion theater seats (like the interactive chairs used on some disney world and univ. studios attractions). If u have one of the theaters w/ the chairs near your house, get ready to be fully immersed in the movie 🙂

  7. Lamarr says:

    Something I should have mentioned when I first commented on these pics- I can’t tell if that’s a water tower or a lookout tower, but that is not OUR water tower. OUR water tower is blue with buildings surrounding it. It is in their downtown section. Going by the size of what’s in the pic, you would see indications of the surrounding town but you don’t. If you pause the trailer when Joe’s cube shoots out of his room you will see lights next to the water tower. These are lights from the store signs. So its definitely not the same tower.

    By the way, not trying to pick a fight but, ROSWELLDAY is right. That’s a poor choice of a name for a family friendly site and for the humane that finds that offensive. Please be courteous enough to keep your personal satanic views to yourself. Again, its not a command, I am not looking for an arguement, it is just a courtesy suggestion. Thank You

    • ROSWELLDAY says:


    • ROSWELLDAY says:


    • Franko says:

      I agree with Lamarr and Roswellday. Of all the names in this world, I am constantly amazed that some feel the need to take the Highest Name and drag it into the lowest verbiage. Here you don’t need a controversial screen name to be noticed. Why not change your screen name and do some Super 8 homework, then people will respond. Till then, I would wager to say you will be ignored.

      Again, this website has a very high degree of decency and decorum; and ALL have said we have a quality Admin.

      D-box motion seats: $8.00 more per ticket and very limited venues. I would enjoy to sample this film in this manner after seeing it traditionally first.

      A model of a water tower is visible on the official trailer, where Joe is sitting at his desk in his room.

      • cul8tr says:

        i agree as well… that was nice to read

        … also wanted to add my thanks to admin (ahem ahh…errr… Tom) for his work on this site. I hope they invite you to the premier.

        Also some folks at unfiction found FT88 and ARGO on the back of the trailer in one of the gallery pics here –>

        Now we have a direct link between revalistic.com and an actual movie prop.

        I really think the soldiers in the movie are part of Task Force 88.

        • RANKINFullStop says:

          Plus, the poster clearly shows the water tower being round. Wat ever is in this pic is tall and cylindrical.

  8. BuzzMan says:

    I agree that this picture does not show the water tower.It is perhaps the electrical transformer that you see in the trailer when Joe is calling for his missing dog,Lucy.
    Hey,do any Weirton residents(or anyone else)know where they shot the “gas station”scene,where the policeman gets attacked outside and the employee gets dragged inside?

  9. ROSWELLDAY says:


  10. MicMagellan says:

    …same stuff different day it seems. What up Admin… I see your still the go to guy. I had to go do some exploring, and i was wondering about a few things. To say that i plastered every stich and pitch they tossed at us (PRINT-OUTS CLUES) on my walls is a understatement. Folks tend to stare mostly at first few images during the teaser. Folks tend to see what i lead them believe to be…

    Are a few of those shots of the creature looking sky ward towards the mouth of tank from the inside, as if the camera was meshed with him some how and he’s swim around.

    What are your plans for a finial unveiling of all the CLUES have you started and updated graphical timeline, had to ask after i spent 70 bucks for software… i hate the term, and the price one pays to jump through hoops. Still it was cool to stroll around the wreck.

    One last thing… the dinner shot with kid and the clone playing rock paper sissors… That whole ET feel all over again.


  11. Zappex says:

    could someone help me figure out how to register into the Forum please?

  12. Cloud says:

    I hope the admin removes the comments from people who are putting inappropriate usernames, it’s not on. Some kids read this blog! (I’m sure there is a user on here that reads the blog with her child, but I can’t remember her name atm).

  13. Lamarr says:

    Hey Cloud her name is Sarah.

    @Franko- you couldn’t have worded it more perfect. When I read his post I was in deep thought but when I saw the name it all just went out the window. It’s hard to take him serious.

    Now, Rolo and ROSWELLDAY, please explain why you believe it is something like a lion. I’ve heard other people say the same thing but I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. I’m thinking that I missed something. But I don’t think “blue can lion” refers to the creature. That sounds like some kind of relic. Idk.

    • ROSWELLDAY says:

      lamarr,mmm…in you tube someone released a video of the trailer,in the end you can see the creature,that’s shaped like a dog.in their eyes has light and something resembling tentacles on your face….search you tube SUPER 8 ALIEN REVEALED.

      • RANKINFullStop says:

        The “Lion” comment refers to the cloverfield viral where we were given a soundclip of a man shouting “I saw it! It’s alive! It’s HUGE!” But “alive” was often misheard as “a lion”. So when someone on here says something about a lion, they’re misquoting the Cloverfield quote.

      • Rolo says:

        maybe this monster is a type of lion, maybe its not. i really dont know.
        if it is a alien lion of sort it may be able to communicate with dogs (hence tham dissapearing in the film)

  14. V says:

    I got on fandango and my location was set to Fergus Falls, MN….o_O

  15. JM6687 says:

    Has anyone managed to log onto RP site yet. I keep trying but its not working for me. I received a certificate in the mail, but when i type the information in it says it doesn’t recognize my astronaut name or email and i keep typing them in correctly.

    Please Help…

    • Jane Smith says:

      A few people have had trouble when logging onto RP, Myself included.

      I found out that they capitalized my J in janesmith@…..

      So I would try capitalizing the first letter in your email.

      Also when putting in your special code.. I would copy it from your Email, and paste it into the field.

      So for anyone who is having trouble getting your PILOT EYES, try case sensitive and pasting codes’

      Click Quick 😉

      • JM6687 says:

        I have tried to enter my astronaut name a couple of different ways but it still doesn’t work. When you say copy and paste the id code you mean one i pass the log in page or as my password on the log in?

        • JM6687 says:

          “Do your Fleet proud!

          Answer these questions successfully to add points to you and your Fleet’s total and improve your chances of earning the designation: Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut! Fleets with high scores earn extra responsibility within the Poppeteers family. You may even receive special recognition from Captain Cooper himself!

          Click Here

          So I just re-checked my email and found this. Remember that random questionnaire that some of us received, I believe that the points being scored by the fleets are based on the correct answers given by members of that group. I remember reading somewhere that on RP there was a game to be played but I know believe that the points come from this. I may be wrong, or even late on this discovery, just posting what I figured out.

        • Jane Smith says:

          JM you should have gotten a Email :

          CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted into the Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Training Program.

          Your Astronaut Name and Identification Code are below

          Name : ME
          Identification Code: #numbers…

          RP. com> Blast off> change wheel to Astronaut Program:

          ****This is where you will use the info from that email:****

          Email address : caps sensitive.. also make sure you’re using the one you sent 😉 and the :Identification Code..

          If not you can always send a email off to info@rp It might take them a couple of days but i’m sure they will respond.

          GL hon I hope it works

  16. JC4Real says:

    Interesting, the post about the kids coming “out of a hole in a garage,! My lines (decided by J.J. Himself) had to do exactly with that! Btw, it doesn’t look like there will be a premier in Weirton or West Virginia at all. The PA I worked with knows nothing about one. Sorry everyone, including me 🙁

  17. ROSWELLDAY says:

    hey guys,you thing about the dogs in this movie???by that escaped????….

  18. AlecHurt says:

    off topic, but how did i get this coverfield picture on here?–>

    • admin says:

      The gravatar (that picture) is whatever you setup with your email address over at gravatar.com . So you must have set that cloverfield picture up back in the cloverfield days and it’s associated with your email address. You can go over that site and change it to whatever you want, but it will show that on every wordpress based site you comment on with that email address.

  19. jjmyhero says:

    theres have been no updates at all sites for a week and a half, it is curious that there has been activity since the Minker josh profile was hacked on facebook

    • admin says:

      The Josh Minker profile on Facebook was never “hacked”, it was always fake. There is no real Josh Minker facebook profile that we know of.

      • AlecHurt says:

        yeah his REAL name is Nick Allen. his xboxlive gamertag is picknick14 hes a really cool dude. weve been talking since he started it.

        • Mr. Y.W. says:

          Hey, that picknick14 guy has posted a few times over on Unfiction. He even tried to convince everyone that the FB page was legit. Now it makes sense why.

  20. admin says:

    Ok guys, if the user names continue to be inappropriate I will have to force you to create a permanent one and login each time you want to comment. That’s the only way I can control what names get approved. I know how much I hate having to login to comment on sites so I figured this was the best way to run this, but seeing how some people aren’t mature enough to handle it, it may be the only option.

    On top of that, from this point on if you use an inappropriate user name to comment you will automatically be banned.

    And also, lets try to keep the comments on topic, it’s hard enough for people to weed through what’s spread around the site as it is.

  21. Crixius says:

    Sweet pics..sometimes I wish I was born in that time frame. Totally stoked about the movie.

  22. Tim in Ohio says:

    Admin and others talking about the water tower in the new offical images:

    The water tower in the new images you’ve posted, while it’s not the same water tower as the trailer clips, it IS the same water tower that is in the kids room in this trailer…


    at 0:28 seconds it is seen blurred out as he is painting, and more clearly at 1:35 No idea how it’s really related, other than maybe being in another town…….and it’s probably nothing, but in the scene with the kids around the dinner table playing rock/paper/scissors if you look closely out the window on the left, you can see something move, just pointing it out because hints are slow right now.

  23. Lamarr says:

    @Tim- I think you’re right about the tower. As far as the the window in the living room, it’s just the kid with the striped shirt’s reflection. I noticed that a while back and went over it a few times.

    Hey admin, I hope you have time to review this for too many links. I was just trying to find something Super 8 related and found this. I don’t know if I’m late and I’m not saying it is true, but it is Super 8 related.


  24. Zappex says:

    hey im not so sure anyone noticed this but i found this on Yahoo!


  25. tyree230 says:

    I read all the speculation with interest, as I did for Cloverfield. I was very excited when I first heard about Super 8, but as more and more comes out, I’m worried. I worry that this movie will turn out to really be a kids movie with the usual mixture of moral lessons like Stand By Me, The Goonies and E.T. So many films are ruined once the focus is on the children, they become kids movies about issues such as “coming of age”, “lessons about friendship” with a someone thought to be scary (the alien), but is misunderstood. In this case, isn’t hostile, just pursued by an evil government bent on experimentation and exploitation. The initial look of the teaser and trailer led me to see the possibility of a great movie about a terrifying and destructive alien loose on Earth, but is starting to hint otherwise. I hope if that is the type of film Super 8 is in the end, that is how they advertise it, otherwise Spielberg and Abrams are being deceitful…

    • Jane Smith says:

      Maybe its one of those thinker movies.. A look at the human animal, how monstrous and strange we must look to the wild chimpanzee how advanced our brains are and vast our technology is..

      Ever hear of the Aquatic ape hypothesis?

      I wonder what we will look like in 1000 or so years…

      ..Jane ponders bald monkeys again….

    • Franko says:


      Perhaps we all agree with your observations. However, this film is rated PG13 as ET and Goonies were not. Being PG13 means that anyone under that age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (This equals more ticket sales,too.) I believe all of us wish this movie not to be “kiddie fun and baby food”.

      • Jane Smith says:

        Well It could be about some creature rampaging the town at nighttime, nice deep sea angler fish teeth jutting out of its mouth. Maybe it has like ray gun powers or beams that emit from its mind..I would not want to come upon it on a dark back road. Would probably scare me to ash..

        That just sounds silly who would make a movie like that?

        MicM..any ideas?

        😉 Jane

        • MicMagellan says:

          …hmm i got a what if. Kad… Bin… nah not really… I guess you have to be 13 now a days. One comment bout his age, and he caps me, so ash hole!!! no speach this year.

          Still its strange wilderness out their full of tales well worth spreading, and Super 8 will always be one for the books.

          ROARRRRR… damn it Nemo you always take the piss out of everything.


          • Jane Smith says:

            you mean like YOUR FREIND ALEXANDER KASLOV…..IOV?..

            I still don’t know what the hell to do with it. and no one seems interested in helping me make the bread, i see too many spirals…

            but i’m trying 😛


  26. I Am Zim says:

    Not sure if anyone has seen it, but the store over on RP is up. If you look at the desk at the bottom of the page, you will see the Comic-Con poster, and if you click it, it brings up an RP comic….

  27. Zappex says:

    can anyone else get to STIES? i cant be able to and i just remember the 4 D’s and 5 O’s.

  28. Gez says:

    Does everyone know that there is more than one cube! I’ve not been on here for a few days and haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet.
    Keep up the good work admin Tom and ban the haters 🙂

  29. [SECRET] says:

    Hey guys, I was browsing the internet when I found this video.I know, its not a real trailer, But watch the end. When the images flash. There is something.


    • just thinking... says:

      3 words: A. MA. ZING.

      Whoever created that video deserves 3 stars and a cookie. -_-

      • just thinking... says:

        And, I saw the Rocket Pop. logo in the scrolling images at the end. But, what is that random flash at the end?

        When I paused it at the flash (about 27 seconds), it looked like a soapy window…???

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