Super 8 TV Spot #8 “Secret 30”

Check out the latest TV Spot for "Super 8", this one's pretty cool. (Thanks Eric)

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Hey everyone, sorry for not posting this sooner it's been a busy day (we bought a house!). It looks like we have some "developments" in the way of "Super 8".

Head on over the Development Room to unlock new clues!! Let us know what you find!

You can also enter the Super 8 Comic Contest, which is apparently related to the 14 page Super 8 comic book. There is a blank page at the end of the comic origin story in which you have to finish the book. Check out for the contest details.

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Super 8 iOS App Updated

The Super 8 iOS app was just updated and it now includes a cool augmented reality feature. Basically it unlocks content by holding the camera up to things related to Super 8. For example, if you bring up an image of the Super 8 poster on  your computer (or have access to the actual poster), the app will see this and start playing the trailer for the movie. I haven't tried any other pictures/media related to the movie, but let us know if you find anything else that makes the app react!

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Super 8 TV Spot #7

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Discovery Made in Scott Hollow Cave

revalistic device scott hollow cave

The revalistic "/explanation" site (use password BXTSLWK729) has been updated with another clue. This time we have an image of some device that Josh cannot figure out how to charge and text left by Josh for the woman behind the site. We also have a response to Josh and it looks like this could be the end of the conversation on this site as it appears that someone has taken the woman Josh has been communicating with and is luring him to Ohio. The guys at unfiction provided a good look at the map from the Portal 2 interactive trailer which shows different marks on the map. It's hard to figure out exactly where these marks are due to the size of the image, but one of those spots is where they have taken her.

portal 2 super 8 map

It has also been determined that Scott Hollow Cave is located in Monroe County, West Virginia. And that's where this device was found. What else do you guys see in this update? (Thanks Mr. Y.W. letting us know of the update)

Sorry I worried you, I didn’t mean to. This one was harder to find than the others – it was buried in Scott Hollow Cave. I hate caves and it was well-hidden, like no one had been down there for centuries. This must be the other piece my dad was talking about. I’m trying to find a way to charge it but nothing yet. No note from him either but, weirdly, I just noticed four more coordinates on my map. In Ohio of all places. They seem to be tied to different days, like whatever they’re marking is constantly moving. Could it finally be my dad? I don’t know if I’m ready for this but I guess I’ve come this far…


You won’t see her again unless you meet me at the southwestern Ohio coordinates now. Bring everything. If anyone follows you, she’s gone.

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