Super 8 iOS App Released

super 8 ios app

We knew it was coming, but it's finally here, the Super 8 iOS app is now in iTunes. The app allows you to shoot, edit and upload your own super 8 style videos. You can add different filters to the video to make it look old and worn out as well.

So if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 2 (although I can't confirm it works with the iPad 2), head on over to the link below to grab the Super 8 app and start shooting your own "super 8-style" videos today!

Super 8 iOS App

Update: Apparently there is are also frames hidden within the app that are apparently only unlocked after you film a bunch of videos. These "frames" will then be added to the clips on ! For a bit more information click here.

super 8 ios app

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25 Responses to “Super 8 iOS App Released”

  1. neil says:

    HOw do i eject the cartidge for editing?

  2. xano50 says:

    Hey admin any secrets in the app.

    • admin says:

      Just updated the post above. Apparently you can unlock clips in s8editingroom by recording videos in the app. I haven’t gotten any unlocked, but apparently it takes a lot of recordings before they are unlocked.

  3. jessenyhc says:

    iPhones are whack.

  4. Ana says:

    This is seriously awesome and such a great viral.
    Can’t wait to try it!

  5. Craz says:

    Does anybody else have the same feeling I do, that the entire super 8 editing room video will be the first 3-4 minutes of the actual movie. I feel like it is the background and seems pertinent to the understanding of the film, it seems to tease the “monster” and explain the cubes. just a feeling with this one, it would get viewers thinking and their mind into the film. seems like the JJ abrams thing to do

    • admin says:

      Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be part of the movie at all. The movie will stand completely on it’s own and this viral stuff will just be easter eggs that those of us that follow will pick up on throughout the movie, but it won’t be necessary in the grand scheme of things.

    • jessenyhc says:

      yeah, i think its gonna be after the train crash, maybe the kids pick up this film and watch it themselves. we’re just getting like a sneek peek.

      the alien has to be friendly/in trouble. seems like the kids are trying to help it, if it was some big scary creature, they would lock themselves in there room, but maybe this film (along with other films, possibly found in the crash) shows the alien being held against it’s will, and they wanna help. idk, just thoughts, either way, the movie gonna be legit.

      a year ago i remember thinking, during the previews of iron man2, i hope some kind of alien film is in the works, then seeing “..area 51..” on the screen, insane, also thinink, “wow, 2011??” but it’s here, one more month!! there should be a special midnight screening in so-cal somewhere for the viral followers out here. lol

  6. MicMagellan says:

    Pretty cool app i wonder if it runs on my n gage???

    …in the beginning JJ & (son; hence team) created, and now we the people will help it grow. I recall someone telling us that most of the stuff unearthed in the viral won’t even make it out of the editing room. Something like a gap info between us and them that would make the entire moving going experience knoll and void. Though the viral is strong, we’re not quite at 100% we rep a great crowd, but we are far from the masses.

    I thinkin bout changing hats though, publishing and gamin is now cross breading with film, and i always felt that bridge to vaudeville tradition had nothing to do with a 3D experience.

    I guess it time to teach my PDA a new trick…

  7. just thinking... says:

    Not sure if anyone saw this, but there may be a cool easter egg at your local theater:

    Anyone seen it? Any new clips?

  8. Ana says:

    I unlocked a frame after 2 short videos. They were a minute each. They’re not on the ‘unlocked’ section of the app yet. Maybe I need to unlock more?
    I don’t know how to post pictures here but if you go on I just added the frame with the #Super8.
    It’s scientists in a lab, and the frame is a few seconds long.

  9. BuzzMan says:

    Before you download the Super 8 App,scroll down to the screenshots of it and move over to the third screenshot.I think the little picture that says “Scene #2” is of Alice(Elle Fanning) in her zombie make-up.
    The fourth screenshot shows action in downdown Lillian:a big fireball and the military pointing their guns up towards where the water tower is.

  10. tom baldwin says:

    typical, hollywood gots no love for the droid

  11. Tim in Ohio says:

    @Admin, this is a shot in the dark, but have you tried with your phone scanning the bar-code on the Super 8 package you received? (the Kodak box itself) Not sure what the app is called on an iPhone, as I don’t own one. Just wondered if it would bring anything up.

    I also agree that the Editing Room stuff won’t be in the movie, in fact I’m not sure it will all be unlocked by then. Perhaps it’s something that will fill in gaps, or help us understand where the creature in the movie comes from, without the time consuming it would take to explain it all in the movie. Considering the amount of information we’ve received in this ARG, everything from physics to atmospheric testing, I find it very unlikely all will be explained in the movie. This would also be a good marketing move as it may get people to come into the theaters a second time once the history of it is explained.

  12. Stan Sitwell says:

    Hey, anyone else on here using it see the suspicious clip that starts each of your clips that you record when you watch them? Its like a little intro with a white/yellowish background and a bunch of letters fly by really quickly. I couldnt make the letters/words out but it most likely is a clue knowing JJ.

  13. James says:

    By the look of this app.

    the hidden videos are already built into the app, meaning the files already exist within the app.

    If you see where im going with this… I will update you if I can update my iPhone 😉

  14. Just thinking says:

    NEW INSIGHT into movie & CREATURE from australia sneak peek:

    • admin says:

      Spoiler warning to anyone that ventures over there to read the article…. Don’t worry, the author warns you of when the spoilers are coming though so you can read a bit.

  15. James says:

    Ok it seem the hidden clips download from a website and when I wnt to it I get access denied 🙁

  16. Franko says:

    Soundtrack release is June 7 according to FYE music store.

  17. Stan Sitwell says:

    Admin, I took screenshots of the letters I see at the start of playback of any clip you record in the app, it flashes by way too fast to catch it all though. Let me know if I can email them to you, I dont have a place to upload photos for everyone to see

  18. Crystal says:

    I’ve used this app and love it but CANNOT upload or share my video. I’ve tried every option in the app (facebook, twitter, youtube, email) and it just will not share my video. Any tips!?!?

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