Another Super 8 TV Spot

A new Super 8 TV Spot aired during Modern Family tonight and since I couldn't find any other good quality video of it I decided to do it myself. I apologize in advance for the quality, you probably won't be able to slow it down and get any good quality images of those frames that flash by, but it'll have to do for now. I'll update this post when I find a better quality rip.

Update: Much better quality video now from Yahoo, thanks to those that let me know.

Update: More new TV Spots after the jump

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128 Responses to “Another Super 8 TV Spot”

  1. Xano50 says:

    Hey everyone rocket poppeteers is getting a moblie site could this be a stepping stone to a rocket poppeteers app?

  2. Earthjig says:

    @jjmyhero: Sorry to dissapoint you, but the poster is a fake.
    If I’m not mistaken, the drawing was made by the conception artist that worked with Abrams on Cloverfield ans Super8.
    The logo has been added afterwards
    This image has been on the net since Cloverfield

    • admin says:

      It’s not even an artist that worked with Abrams, it’s just fan art, but you’re correct, it’s been around since Cloverfield. He’s actually the same artist that made one of the more popular “concept” drawings of the Cloverfield creature, the one that looks sort of like a whale.

  3. Sean Ceasar says:

    i was watching american idol thursday, and suddenly a super 8 commercial came up and it said something like for the next several nights, they’re gonna be showing previews for super 8, i think one comes on at 8 around the time the simpson comes on. idk if it’s true, but i know i did see a commercial advertising super 8 on fox, i remember getting all excited, course my friend didn’t understand, haha. but if anyone can get back to me to confirm this, if not, will be looking out for it tonight.

  4. Cloud says:

    I’m loving the new trailers, and am looking forward to these daily trailers shown on TV in the US.

    Will the daily trailers be uploaded online so UK readers can watch them?

  5. mikey says:

    You can get a good look at creatures claw like hand grabbing guy in bucket truck in tv spot 5 as well as tentacles over right shoulder of clerk breaking through glass, creature may be huge as austrailians have seen b/c that guy was grabbed out of an extended bucket truck 20-30ft high, but I can see the argument of there being a group of them b/c I don’t see how something that big can sneak throughout a quiet neighborhood and catch someone off guard

  6. skychief says:

    Man, these tv spots are really ramping up the excitement for June 10th. They remind me alot of the tv spots when Jaws was originally released, monotone voice, action scenes, etc, which I find pretty cool.
    I live in the town where Super 8 was shot and was lucky enough to view the first several days of shooting and the last night, which was the climactic scene shown in the trailers. Obviously, with the little information I was able to gather, i don’t want to ruin anything but I did notice something that might be a possible link to Josh and might be fun to look for when hitting the theater.

  7. Crawdawg says:

    i think we could all agree, whatever it is, it is beast

  8. Karl says:

    anyone see the trailer during simpsons? i did, its basically the first part of the train scene and each show at 8 this week will finish the train crash scene. i believe their showing a bit much

  9. irvingzapata says:
    someone post the preview on youtube

  10. t says:

    IplayARGs just posted this, from sunday night at 8 on fox.

  11. jessemarcel says:


    • Franko says:

      ………………”find out what happens tomorrow @ 8:00 on Fox.”

      The yellow muscle car is a Buick Skylark.

      I am slowly achieving abnormal mental status as a result of this cinematic event. I have constructed a Tesla coil chapeau and wear it to bed each night. I am also running out of Pillsbury Food Bars. I am looking for “clues” in every-day life. I see “cubes” at the local Wawa, three dots at Home Depot, and I found two un-opened, new, Super 8 film reels in my attic. (really)

      Let’s all agree to critique this film after it comes out. Please stay on this site. Tell your friends. Write your congressman.

      I have an “arrangement” (bribe) to be able to purchase the soundtrack first thing the morning it comes out. (June 7) I believe the soundtrack makes the movie. (Listen to the latest Star Trek for example)

      This will be a major motion picture, and it appears to scream for a sequel.

  12. jjmyhero says:

    new tv spot :part 2 on fox anyone post the video pls!!!

  13. Jason says:

    In the latest one starting with the dude in the gas station listening to blonde “heart of glass” you get to see the monster behind the glass! It’s not clear but IT is there. The way it lands on the ground shows me that this thing can fly

  14. pt112 says:

    Sounds like it needs electricity.

  15. Rich says:

    in the screen grabs Julio has of the “monster” in the trees, I don’t think they are tentacles. The actually look like arms. For example, if you go slowly through them, it looks as if the monster pushes the leaves out of it’s way with an appendage that looks like it has bone structure. Then it looks like what may be, a face! What do you guys think?

  16. Chris says:

    In TV SPOT #5 if you look closely from 16 seconds to 21 seconds behind the cable repair man something comes out behind him but its hard to really see

  17. Chris says:

    Also, the monster has something to do with the watertower

  18. DavidW says:

    If you freeze TV Spot #5 at 12 seconds and look just to the left and down from the gas station attendants right arm you will see the face of the creature. Looks pretty creepy and damn big whatever it is. The rest of the frame is a bit too blurry to make out alot of details and I had to play with the video a bit but it’s there. Appears to have sharp teeth and black eyes. Can’t WAIT to see this film!

  19. mikey says:

    I believe there are two aliens not one, when you hear in clip 5, ‘it has escaped” does not necessarily mean there is one because who has the alien escaped from? army or another alien that is trying to kill or capture it. I say this because in beginning of episode 5 we see where electrical hardware in car is taken out, now by the size of creature in stills that creature would have torn that car apart, but if you freeze it no damage was done to car and hood had to be opened which implies something smaller took the engine parts freeze at 14 sec mark. Those cubes i believe belong to the smaller being who uses telekenesis to gather cubes and these cubes must either help secure the big beast or help build a ship. , check out episode 8 at 24 sec mark, all the cubes come busting out rear of semi truck while army is in firefight with one of the aliens. the cars floating in air, it seems theres another more intelligent creature in the movie besides the beast which may explain electronics being stolen to prepare a ship or homing signal

    The bigger alien may also be some type of watch dog for the smaller alien as well, but all in all i think we are dealin with two seperate aliens

  20. The bigger alien may also be some type of watch dog for the smaller alien as well.

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