FOX Exclusive TV Spots

FOX is airing special tv spots for Super 8, which started Sunday night and supposedly go through Wednesday. If you want to catch one of them yourselves they air at 8/7PM, or just check this post.

Update: These trailers do show a good portion of the train crash scene so if you want to be surprised you may want to skip them.

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80 Responses to “FOX Exclusive TV Spots”

  1. AlecHurt says:

    im setting up my dvr right now

  2. Eric says:


  3. Jane Smith says:

    Dear ARG,

    How have you been? I have not seen or heard from you in a long time.

    I hear your very popular now everyone knows your out there, just don’t forget your friends here that helped you get there.

    Send me a LETTER when you get the time, maybe a picture.

    I’ll be waiting here for you, crafting things out of foil, just like you want me to.


    • Troy says:

      I don’t know if ARG will reply, but I would like to send you the letter “P”. I know it’s not the same, but at least it’s something to help pass the time while you wait. ARG seems to be too busy lately teasing and pissing a lot of us off.

      On a side note, I’m convinced that the creature is not trying to harm people in these scenes, but just after the electronics to help the cubes fashion a ship to go home.

      • JohnTheRev says:

        If it’s not trying to harm people then what’s with the scene where that store clerk is running in terror then being dragged away? could it be that there are two creatures? One smart and trying to find a way off the planet and the other more savage? Or maybe there’s just one and it’s ruthless. I’m not really buying the whole it being friendly thing.

        • Troy says:

          I didn’t say friendly exactly, but I don’t think evil either. We don’t know if the guy gets hurt by “Mr. Big” after that scene. The creature could just take the walkman from him and put him down. Now maybe he puts him down with enough force to bury him half way in the ground.

          I’m just thinking that the creature ultimate goal is to get the elctronics. Humans may just be collateral damage.

    • Shayan says:

      yes, dont forget the people who have been here for you

      • Troy says:

        Missing people are “detained” by the military. Josh’s dad already warned you not to speak of it.

  4. MicMagellan says:

    …who’s ARG, is that dude from HERO’s?

    fashion a ship together like in batteries not included?? That’s what the car parts are for??? Its a darn shame that aliens always take our junk and make the coolest of gadgets. Silent bob took some chicken wire…

    bic dee bam…


  5. Sean Ceasar says:

    already ahead of you on this but thanks for the note lol.

  6. Jane Smith says:

    Hey ARG,

    I thought maybe you left me a message while i was out but i guess not.

    Did I do or say something wrong? Because you can tell me you know.

    Your friends here back at home are starting to say terrible things, that your all Hollywood now and are more viral marketing then ARG.

    You know i still have pictures of you when you were just some little crazy idea.

    Anyways I hope to hear more from you soon.


    • Jenkins says:

      It is weird how there have been no new clues found lately. its like now that every one gets to see te trailers, they must think we dont want to see new updates on josh’s site or any of the other interlinking sites.

  7. johnnyboy says:

    I’m not going to watch these tv spots. it’s too close to the release date to have an entire scene shown I don’t wanna spoil it I feel like the only thing left to see would be the actual monster by the time the movie comes out. (if it even makes it that far until that’s shown too)

  8. ****** ********* says:

    Just saw the new preview on fox a few minutes ago!



    • Exodus says:

      Hmmmm…why do you think that? They’re looking like standard/fine 2010s CGI to me.

      • JESSEMARCELJR. says:

        visual effects are not what i expected…….do not seem very real….i hope i am wrong….

        • Cloud says:

          “They’re looking like standard/fine 2010s CGI to me”

          Are you such an expert that you can tell a year’s difference in CGI?! :S

          • JESSEMARCELJR. says:

            i am tired to discuss whit people that he knows nothing of visual effects.the scene of the train is horrible the cgi,have not been worked to make something realistic……i am surprised people ILM….we will have to see..

          • Cloud says:

            @JESSE Can you please speak in full sentences, I can’t understand what you’re saying.

  10. Lamarr says:

    I just, literally seconds ago, saw a new TV spot. It showed the bald officer outside of the gas station looking up at the alien. Some kind of big container was dragged away or pushed away. Sorry, that’s the only new thing I saw.

    I have never seen so many different TV spots for 1 movie. I’m loving this.

  11. Lamarr says:

    Disregard my last post, admin has had that one up since 05/12/11. Lol, how late am I. But I did notice the commentator say “find out why it’s here”. That makes me think it is not trying to escape our planet but is here by its own free will. Maybe it’s gathering resources for it’s planet. Idk. Anyways, good job admin lol your the best. 🙂

    • Exodus says:

      Nah, doesn’t make sense. Every alien race that is able to build ships that can reach other planets don’t need the resources from these planets.

      • just thinking... says:

        True, unless, they need resources to repair their ship, that either crash landed, or was shot down. Then, they may start poking around, hoping to find items that they can use.

        But, your point is actually pretty deep (even though you may not have even realized how deep)

        Your point highlights the one thing that never makes sense with alien movies.

        If these beings are so advanced physically/physiologically, mentally, and technologically, why would they have anything in common with us?

        Why would they have limbs? Why would they have eyes, ears, tentacles…anything earthbound/earth-related? Why are they even organic beings?

        And, as an extension of that, why would anything we have to throw at them actually have any impact/cause any harm?

        And, why would any item (elemental, atomic, etc.) on the earth be of any interest or use to them?

        Yes, moviemakers include human or animalistic attributes to the aliens to make them relatable for the audience.

        But, if they were being true to form, something ‘alien’ should not only look unlike anything on the earth, but should literally BE like nothing else on the earth.

        I guess as humans, we really can’t imagine beyond ourselves, no matter how hard we try.

        Still can’t wait to see this be-tentacled, organic ‘alien’ creature on June 10th!

        • Franko says:

          This is a very interesting and cultured dissertation that you have composed. Your observations can be only considered, however, if we look at the universe as being truly infinite. And yes, cinema is indeed tailored for the majority of us who think in terms of our surrounding elements and physics. Gravity, light, inertia, and the rest of the periodic table, etc. all play a part of our perception of what an alien would look like. The things that we can observe. As you say, it would coincide with our reference points.

          In the 2001 A Space Odyssey series of books by Arthur C. Clark, we are introduced to a race that “evolved from the confinements of the physical world”. An infinite universe could indeed produce infinite life forms and indeed infinite life forms who are SELF AWARE.

          The hindrance is: Our MINDS are indeed finite. Our only saving grace is that we can think conceptually, and with imagination, but we are still bound by our finite minds.

          Your thinking and perceptions are indeed refreshing.

          June 7, soundtrack. June 10, our questions will be answered.

  12. DemonG says:

    To be honest I’m really avoiding all clips of the film , I want that same feeling I had with cloverfield . So now I’m just gonna wait till the film release

  13. Jane Smith says:

    Hi ARG,

    I just got your messages, although it seemed like there should have been more to it. I got something about Rocketpuppies? Defenses are up?

    Anyways sorry for being so frantic about getting in touch with you but, you remember that nice boy the fishmonger boy…

    Well he left a short time after you. People say he started hunting treasure maps and traveled all over the states. Last we heard he went off to WV to find buried treasure.

    I think he’s kinda obsessed with it like Ahab style, well were all obsessed with things, some people like comics or gagets.. you know me I like hats.

    Anyways no one has heard from him in a while not even his girlfriend. We are all getting worried. There are a lot of monsters in this world sometimes in my sleep I see this red eyed monster it has EXTREMELY RED eyes.

    Well I don’t want to scare you but have you heard anything about that boy in your travels?


  14. jjmyhero says:

    that means ARG

  15. Lamarr says:

    @just thinking- very nice read. True, as a human being its hard to imagine beyond such as imagining a new color. And to add to your excellent point, coming from a different atmosphere we can’t even breathe in without oxygen tanks, how could these aliens breathe in ours? Their respiratory system would have adapted to something completely different.

    But, as I said, the commentator said “find out WHY IT’S here”. IT’S = singular and WHY = good question. Just want to know if anyone has any ideas on the WHY.

  16. Lamarr says:

    @Jane- how old are you sweetheart? Lol
    @Cloud- lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo
    @jjmyhero- try not to be so mean to Jane. Lol

    • Jane Smith says:

      @ Lamarr …ohhh Im in between getting carded on both ends..

      Plans? I dunno but I bet a Morgan would not like it one bit.


  17. Lamarr says:

    @jane- lol. I have to agree with morgan on this one.

    In the trailer 05/12/11, while the kids are running from the military, I believe it is Joe that says “they are coming”. Plus, Mr. Woodward said “do not speak of this or they will kill you and your families”. I wonder if the military is trying to kill the kids and everyone in the town because they know of the alien.

  18. nick says:

    Hopefully, tonight we might get a glimpse of this thing…..fingers crossed

  19. This is my opinion, but I think these tv spots and clips have gone too far. Super 8 was a train contained a monster inside of it. Then it was 30 seconds of wonder and more mysteries at the Super Bowl. Then it was another trailer that looked like something Steven Spielberg would make. Now it’s revealing too much.

  20. Rixx says:

    I just unlocked clip #57, If you go to the Super 8 Movie displays in the theatres and look at the “8” on the side watch the preview of the movie, at the end will be a website to go to so you can unlock each clip!!! The website will contain instructions on how to lock the clips!

    • Jax says:

      What is the website!?

      • Rixx says:

        Website to the viral? =, website on the clip, you have to go to a theatre and look into the Super * Movie Display, on the side will be a number “8” with “top secret” written above it. The website will flash in the lens of the camera at the end of the Super 8 trailer that shows.

    • ****** ********* says:

      Yep, he unlocked clip 57. Check here:
      Nice job, Rick.

  21. Franko says:

    New clips in editing room!. “October 21, 1958”. Closer to the date of Operation Belt Trap.

  22. AlecHurt says:

    there is a flash of letters at the end of Editing Room’s movie… like at the very end of the timeline… i wonder wht that says

    • Rixx says:

      I believe it says “unlock the clip” then flashes the website to go to where you enter your information to unlock the next clip in the editing room. See my posts above, I recorded the whole thing with my iPhone. Ppl were laughing but I knew what I was doing.

  23. Llamaiguana says:

    If this thing really is just gathering electronics to MacGyver up a space ship, I will be disappointed.

  24. Cloud says:

    LOVING IT!!!

    And yes, the “GO!” seems higher pitched.

  25. mikey says:

    @Rohan Jackson

    Is it the scariest thing you ever saw?

  26. AlecHurt says:

    just saw the newest special look thing

  27. Jane Smith says:

    You know this guy might be on to something.


  28. ****** ********* says:

    Found the 4th preview on youtube (not high-quality, but I couldn’t find it), despite the fact that it still hasn’t aired here in the U.S., but it should soon.

  29. Jane Smith says:


  30. Anthony says:

    lol if it was real it probably wuldve been up by now but o well not making any judgements yet

  31. Edward says:

    Gosh! I hate this boy. He’s spoiling the movie, at least the whole monster secret. What a dush!

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