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  1. AlecHurt says:

    wow that was amazing

  2. StanSitwell says:

    right but you aren’t part of the game, Admin is probably sick of people asking if Jane Smith is part of the game, because you feel the need to write all this enigmatic, garbled, pseudo-code language. Taking your over-enthusiasm of this ARG a little too far it seems, because there are multiple posts like this. I’m just as bored with the fact that the film is weeks away and at times I just want more to read about it, but I’m not taking my boredom out on this admin’s site

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment, but let’s just drop the whole thing now… not the place and not worth the time.

    • Deviant says:

      Actually you’re taking your boredom out on individuals here, and on Unfiction. Most of us are only sick of you and your personal attacks Stan. Troll much??

  3. pat says:

    I can’t tell if this movie will be family friendly or a scary science fiction film lol someone help here lol

  4. Lamarr says:

    Hey admin, I didn’t realize there are some Super 8 theater stands without the hole to view the trailer. I just drove by my local theater and went in hoping to unlock a clip. Unfortunately this full size stand was plain. Sorry everyone. 🙁

    By the way, amazing TV spot. Can’t wait to see stills and hear what everyone has discovered by this.

    And quick question admin. Will we be able to get these newer trailers from the editing room like the first 3?

    • Rixx says:

      Yes we went to a couple of theatres as well and there was no hole. One had a hole, playing a trailer but no website at the end.

  5. Nick says:

    Hey Admin-

    Clip 75 on the Editing Room looks very much like a cage of some kind? I do not know I just was looking at it and it sure looks like a some kind of cell.

  6. Lamarr says:

    any thoughts?

  7. Jimmy says:


    Why is no one talking about the monster TOTALLY being shown on his friends shirt in the clip?!?!?!? …you see the whole thing!!

    oval body.. two legs .. many arms.


    Screen Shots??


  8. nick says:

    Now we know what the monster is…..TH E FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTEr

  9. Xano50 says:

    Josh minker must go to the water tower

  10. MatThew says:

    Did anyone notice the door, when it explodes into the air, is glowing red? any thoughts?

  11. cul8tr says:

    i dont know if any brought this up yet but it appears all the tv spots are up on the movies website.

  12. Lamarr says:

    Rixx I agree. I was thinking War of the Worlds, Monsters, and The Mist. However, I am still excited knowing this creature serves an unknown (to us) purpose and has special abilities. If we find a picture of the actual alien I still wont be deterred. I know a lot of people who feel disappointed at the alien’s appearance so far so I remind them that we are not going to see Super 8 the alien but, Super 8 THE MOVIE. I am more concerned with the purpose of the alien than what it looks like. 🙂

    Also, the trailer commentator keeps making it sound like the alien wants to destroy earth.

  13. Jenkins says:

    Note the scene in Russia…

    • Franko says:

      Not Russia. A church. Perhaps Slovic / Greek Orthodox. I actually grew up south of Pittsburgh, “close” to the West Virginia area where the filming takes place. Several churches of this type are in the area.

    • 26062 says:

      that is the Greek Orthodox church in downtown weirton

  14. spooky says:

    @ 22 seconds, look above the store clerk’s head through the window, it looks like a face of some kind with mouth open
    you have to pause it at just the right moment

  15. Jax says:

    New clip up in the editing room! Clip 76! Gives us some new information!

    • ****** ********* says:

      Clips 75-77: “Cage 3 was constructed to reproduce the subject’s most likely natural…”
      It might mean something.

      • RAJdeBoer says:

        telekenisis probably… Would make sense to construct some sort of cage to block that 😛 Not really convenient to feed it otherwise XD

  16. Lamarr says:

    26062- not at all. What happens is they are looking at their footage and stop to discuss something. While they are talking Joe sees something projected on the other kid’s shirt then they turn to the screen and see the alien standing up from out of the train.

  17. nick says:

    side note……I cant see how the roar fits this monster. I was expecting the monster to look like thishttp://s576.photobucket.com/albums/ss210/WebMike8/Dead%20Space/?action=view&current=Brute.jpg&mediafilter=images

    • ****** ********* says:

      The photo album that photo is in says the photo is from “Dead Space” (obviously not the same thing as Super 8.)

  18. Franko says:

    Strange change in the release date of the sound track. It may come out AFTER the movie. (there are conflicting reports)

    However, my contact at the FYE store still has it listed as June 7…….. just more mystery.

    New clip in editing room. “most likely …………..habitat.” (best guess)

  19. Crawdawg says:

    whatever that thing is on the kids shirt, it looks friggin stupid,wow

  20. Lamarr says:

    Nick- The alien does sound like it would look like Brute.

  21. AlecHurt says:

    i dont know what you guys are talking about…. i dont see anything “creature-like” on Charles’s shirt…. all i see is a black blob thing

  22. Lamarr says:

    Haaaaaaaaa… the good Lord wouldn’t let the world end before we get to watch Super 8. 🙂

  23. Franko says:


    Again, why not all of us agree to keep the info and comments flowing on this site AFTER the movie comes out.

    I am sure ALL of us are going to be surprised with the details revealed that we are discussing now.

    One more note: As I have stated earlier, I hope that the cubes are not portrayed as “cute”.

    @ ADMIN: Why not set up a “Paypal” account on this site. I am sure that we all could contribute enough funds for you and your friends for a nice limo ride, Chicago steak dinner, and movie tickets opening night ?

    …..You deserve it.

    • admin says:

      We will absolutely keep the discussion going after the movie comes out, but please keep it to the spoilers section of the forum instead of the open comments here as we don’t want to spoil things for people that have not seen the flick yet. I’ll make sure to keep a better eye on the forum for spam going forward.

      As for setting up a Paypal account, while I appreciate the sentiment, I’m not going to take your money, haha. Sure there are some ads on the site and they make me a few bucks when clicked, but I’m not doing this for the money. You know what though, I’m going to be out of town on the 10th so I’ll probably have to see the movie while on vacation in South Florida. So that means I won’t even be around much right after the movie comes out to discuss it, which is kind of annoying. It’s not like I won’t have computer access (I’ll have my laptop) so I should hopefully be able to get a review up and see how all of you liked it.

      • Joe McAwesome says:

        you dont know how lucky you are Admin, down here in south florida most major theaters have D-Box seats and i don’t know if you’ve seen a movie in D-box but its awesome, not only that, there’s an Imax theater in Fort Lauderdale so if i were you, i’d watch it twice

        • admin says:

          We’re going to be in the Reddington Beach area just south of Tampa. They have a theater near me now that has the D-Box tech, but I’ve yet to check it out.

          • Tim in Ohio says:

            Check out “Bay Walk” in that area admin, they have an amazing theater there, they probably have the D-Box tech there (used to live in that area)

  24. Crawdawg says:

    i found the monster, why do you think it was messing with all those cars

  25. John says:

    As I was watching the tv spot i noticed somthing weird whn the guy working on the electrical lines was taken. So I paused my dvr and I decided to make a YouTube video of what I saw If u want to see it check out my YouTube channel. Just look up Speez1889 I’m gonna call the video super 8 findings. Leave a comment and tell me what u think

  26. Lamarr says:

    John I cant find it anywhere but can you explain it?

  27. John says:

    Here’s is the link idk if you’ll be able to click on it but u should be able to copy it into ur browser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elXqaxdRCY0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • Rich says:

      John, it looks like it uses it’s “arm” to push over the branches and leaves. Then just before he takes the telephone guy, if you look just to the right of his face it looks like a face tilted to the side. Check it out let me know what you think.

    • Ben says:

      I dunno John. I think this is just the illusion of light playing off some leaves being blown by a cannon. I may seem like teeth and whatnot, but, I could see them saving themselves money by gaging the shot.

      Looks cool tho.

  28. John says:

    Leave me a comment I wanna know what people think

  29. Lamarr says:

    John it looks like the mouth and teeth are coming at the guy. Thanks, I wanted to see that slowed down. Sorry I can’t leave a comment on YouTube with no account.

  30. Bob G says:

    A little off topic, but why is there no mention anywhere of the roles or appearances in any of the trailers/TV Spots played by Amanda Michalka or Ron Eldard. I remember some early inferences made that the creature/alien may not actually be what we think and are actually human subjects of experimentation gone wrong or uncontrollable.
    Again, I have searched everywhere and can’t find even a clue as to their characters in the movie. Does anyone know or has anyone heard what their roles/characters are for the movie??

    Any thoughts??

  31. Lamarr says:

    @Bob G- Amanda Michalka is Elle’s older sister from whom she steals the car to drive the boys to the train station (maybe the fathers car?). Ron Eldard is the guy who says ” I saw it, no one believes me” in the trailer. He is also the guy yelling in the car with his head bloody. I think he is Elle’s father because of the way he is holding her when they are looking at the lights in the sky.

    Also, unless the experiments somehow mutated someone, the creature is definitely not human.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  32. t says:

    That’s totally mint, dude!

  33. Lamarr says:

    AlecHurt you’re amazing. Nice screen grabs. Wonder what that shiny thing is on the first pic but the second pic is very clear and creepy. Can’t wait until everyone has a chance to comment on this.

    • AlecHurt says:

      thanks… I think on the 1st picture, the weird orange thing is the head maybe?

      • Rich says:

        If you look on the photo just above the store clerk’s head looks like a head. It looks like the same face/head that is behind the telephone guy in the trailer above that John slowed down above.

  34. John says:

    Didnt the monster in cloverfield have somthing orange on it’s head?

  35. Jack says:

    Will the interview be released soon?

  36. Jake says:

    I think by now it is safe to assume all of the cubes, and metal junk objects flying at the water tower are forming a ship of some kind. I hope that isn’t true because i did not want to find out so early!

  37. Alex says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the boys see on the chubby kid’s shirt. Any thoughts??

  38. Lamarr says:

    Alex, that is the alien. It has long legs, a fat oval shaped body, and tentacles waving around in the air like it’s at a rave.
    Even though I can’t make out the exact shape of the alien outside of the gas station, I can’t connect the shapes of it and what’s on the kid’s shirt at all. Outside the gas station it looks like a deformed… something.

    Reference- AlecHurt’s pic 2.
    1) It looks like a deformed human head on a deformed body to the left of the attendant.
    2) All together it looks like a pirate ship’s wheel with each knob being a different feature of the creature. The leg at the bottom, the human head above, and a tentacle here and there.
    3) The entire left side of the attendant (which #2 thought looked like a pirate ship’s wheel) is a giant hand (the leg being a thumb) and to the right of the attendant is the face of the creature. The face- directly to the right of the attendant’s left shoulder. It looks like a mouth open with a pointy bottom lip on a heart shaped head. Giant creature reaching into the store… though, if this was true, it wouldn’t fit in the train. Smh

    Idk, it’s weird and confusing (sigh)… draining too much brain power… tired… I have to lay… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  39. just thinking... says:


    Whoa…if this is legit and it’s a BIG if…this could be the biggest spoiler pot of gold unearthed thus far for this film: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=32369

    Proceed with caution. I had to ‘look away’ @ one point. Still want to enjoy some mystery with this ^_^

    • cul8tr says:

      its a lose-lose situation.

      If its not legit then you loose because you’ve been given false information..

      If it is legit then you loose because it will ruin the movie experience.

      I am still angry at my friend who told me Darth Vader was Luke’s father.

      • jjmyhero says:

        eehhhh just thinking , that guy is totally kidding , that info is shit-…………..

      • just thinking... says:

        My thoughts exactly…thanks JJ…you’ve officially succeeded in making me feel like a loser, lol ^_^.

        We have an advanced screening coming one state away in very early June.

        If the prices of gas weren’t so high, I’d so be @ it. But, $4.55/gallon is just a bit steep for me…June 10th can’t come soon enough 🙂

  40. Johnny says:

    “I am still angry at my friend who told me Darth Vader was Luke’s father.”

    hahahahahaha thats hilarious

    • cul8tr says:

      thank you thank you… ill be here all week…. ah .. er … actually 3 weeks to be precise.

      … I suppose he thought that waiting in line for 6 hrs on opening day gave him the right … grrrr

      …. but seriously those who seek out these spoilers are only ruining it for themselves.

  41. snackman says:

    If any one does have a chance to see it on opening night, can you seek a little camera into the movie theater to film the scenes with the monster only? You dont have to film anything else just a pic or video of the actual monster so we can finally stop worrying how it would look like. I know I wont be seeing it on openning night because i will be very busy and dont have a day off to see it or on that month. PLZZZZZ?

  42. Trey + says:

    I saw it…no one believes me

  43. just thinking... says:



    Has anyone else seen this? Is this legit? Or, is someone trying to cash in on the movie?

    And, if not, this would be the first viral / ARG where I’ve been asked to pay for an item.

    If it’s real, maybe they assume one person will buy a copy and share the clues and spoilers with everyone else???

    • Mr. Y.W. says:

      Word is that the “Super 8” comic is an insert in many DC comics. I’ve heard the Amazon sale is from a guy who got his hands on some early and is selling them because he can. But I assume this is not the only way to get one, just some person taking advantage of the situation.

      Here’s to hoping it is indeed a DC comics insert. Happy hunting. 🙂

  44. just thinking... says:


    Per the Amazon description and some unfiction posts, there’s a comic book contest related to this thing: http://www.super8comiccontest.com/

    If this thing isn’t real, then Paramount’s legal department may need a quick phone call.

    And, if it is, I can’t believe they’re charging $19.99 for it. And, there’s only 1 available.

    Yep, guess they’re planning on someone buying it and sharing with the rest. Won’t be me, but…someone…^_^

    Reading through site now

  45. teo says:

    everyone keep clicking at 0:11 and you can see monsters arm on the top right of the screen kicking that train door

  46. Julie says:

    The voice over is seriously hot !! XD

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