Super 8 iOS App Updated

The Super 8 iOS app was just updated and it now includes a cool augmented reality feature. Basically it unlocks content by holding the camera up to things related to Super 8. For example, if you bring up an image of the Super 8 poster on  your computer (or have access to the actual poster), the app will see this and start playing the trailer for the movie. I haven't tried any other pictures/media related to the movie, but let us know if you find anything else that makes the app react!

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31 Responses to “Super 8 iOS App Updated”

  1. Lamarr says:

    That stinks. Android users can’t experience this. They should have something exclusively for android to.

  2. JohnTheRev says:

    Do you think it would react to the still from STIES or the rocket poppeteers certificate people got? I dont have an iPhone so i cant try it out…

  3. jjmyhero says:


  4. Simont says:

    I cannot get it to work on my iphone 3gs. I get to the Aurasma screen and it just stays there. HELP!

  5. Simont says:

    Ok type in super 8 poster and on google image search click on the image that says super 8 only and its in the third row the 7th one over use that pic it worked for me.

  6. Lamarr says:

    Hold your head up Tom Baldwin. As a Droid user you should already know that Droid “DOES” way more than iPhone can. I’ve downloaded movie after movie (in theaters) on my Droid. IPhone can’t even get full web capabilities. My friend, who has iphone4, and I have battled repeatedly with the technology of our phones and I have crushed him every time.

    Moto Droid 1 btw. 🙂

  7. Jack says:

    Do any other pictures/videos make it activate?

  8. Mr. Y.W. says:

    Hey all! There is a “Super 8” teaser comic that is rumored to be inserted into select issues of DC comics. I don’t know which ones, but check your local comic book stores.

    There is also a website:

    And Rocket Poppeteers treats are supposed to be coming to 7-Elevens.

  9. Anthony says:

    The only thing that sucks for the rest of the world is that us aussies are gunna see the movie at least 36 hours before the rest of the world, being that the movies always come out thursdays here and fridays in the u.s. and we are already about 12 hours in front of youse lol. Your gunna have to go caveman and have try to blackout all interwebs and media not to be spoiled

    • StanSitwell says:

      its not like avoiding the results of a presidential election… maybe this movie being released is a much more major event in Australia, but people have already seen it and posted their spoilers online, so people who want the spoilers already have access and people who don’t want to know simply just have to avoid looking for them.

      • Anthony says:

        Actually stupidly in a sense it is because if u use youtube and you have looked at anything to do with super 8 it shows videos u may wanna look at and if someone here gets a snap of the monster and posts it there ur guaranteed to see at least a thumbnail i only made that post as a joke as we dont take anything seriously down here just as our last election down here was such a nonevent it didnt count and we have someone we didnt even vote in. I wouldnt worry about an aussie posting a vid up anyway in the sense seeing how the last fast and furious and thor came out here 2 weeks early and u culdnt find a pirate copy anywhere till they came out in the us or mexico

  10. Damian says:

    @Mr. Y.W.
    I hope you’re right about the 7 Eleven treats. I was disappointed when they didn’t do some sort of real life Slusho! slushee promotion for Cloverfield. But sounds cool so I’ll be looking forward to it (if it actually happens).

    • Mr. Y.W. says:

      The announcement is on homepage right now. If it doesn’t show up, try clearing your cache. Starting 6/1, but it says “items” which may or may not include frozen treats, but I’m hopeful it will. 🙂

  11. Randy says:

    New e-mail from Rocket Poppeteers

  12. Troy says:

    I tried images of water towers and got nothing. I haven’t been able to get a really good image of the “three dots”. Anyone else?

  13. MicMagellan says:

    I spy wit my lil eye something…

    I point it @ my wife and it que’d up CLOSE ENCOUNTERS…
    Seriously i wonder if ANY reference to the flick might access a CLUE, perhaps a final TEASER or not…


  14. nits says:

    Go to the Rocket Poppeteers website and go to the freezer. Look at the nutrition facts for Sonic Strength fleet and at the bottom of the ingredients, is has the nectar used in Slusho, Kaitei No Mitsu.

  15. James Clarke says:

    Hi guys

    Empire magazine in the UK have just put a Steven Spielberg/J.J.Abrams video interview online and it’s 13 minutes in duration.


  16. Baconbot says:

    New rocket poppeteers quiz out. Has oddly personal true false questions about other recruits. Anybody know where to figure out who these recruits are in the quiz?

  17. ****** ********* says:

    Hey admin Super 8’s facebook page says “It is now YOUR turn to unlock hidden footage. Experience the Super 8 Development Room” along with this link:
    Can anyone figure out the username and password?

    • Shucks, you posted before me. Admin, you can delete my comment. I don’t like people posting the same information just after someone else does. I apply that to myself as well.


  18. { }

    Facebook: Super 8 has posted a link which allows us to unlock the remaining clips in the newly coined, “Development Room”. Too bad the site requires a password which no one knows yet. I’m sure it’s a technical error, I’ll check back later.

    { }

  19. jjmyhero says: ADMIN PLS WE NEED YOUD HELP,, username and pasword

  20. Dave616 says:

    Hey there, anyone know that that DC Comics made a 14 pages prelude special within the pages of American Vampire #15. It’s actually pretty cool origin story until you get to final panel of the comic which it’s blank for reason that you have to fill it in yourself for a comic contest (to enter it’s on So go check it out!

    • Mr. Y.W. says:

      Yeah, #8 above. 🙂
      And it’s inside a variety of DC Comics: Justice Society of America #51, Brightest Day: Green Arrow #12 & Batman Detective #877 to name a few.

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